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My Lil Bomber Boy {MegaMan X/Reader} by _TMCTC_
My Lil Bomber Boy {MegaMan X/ ❤ZeroX es puro💙
"My mission is to keep the world a safe and peaceful place that us reploids and humanity can enjoy" "She's... amazing. I'll do anything to keep her safe f...
Reunited once more by Tinaykris707
Reunited once moreby Kristina Delarosa
Prog:After the war and the defeat of the formal commander of The Maverick Hunters sigma, peace have returned between the reploids and the humans.The planet it's was comp...
Mega Man X: Legacy by Fireheartsage
Mega Man X: Legacyby Fireheartsage
Set in an AU... X must team up with ancient allies to stop ancient enemies
dc super-hero girls: The Blue Light Of Metropolis by Awakened_Z3R0
dc super-hero girls: The Blue Awakened Z3R0
You are a hero from silicon city known as megaman x you fight for the greater good alongside with rock light known as mega man and alongside with your team "the meg...
Megaman X Randomness by CrossMayhem
Megaman X Randomnessby Swanno
Just some random Megaman X shiz! ^^; *note: has a bit (or a lot) of Hetalia too ^^;
Megaman X x Reader One Shot! by Lunafoxgirl132
Megaman X x Reader One Shot!by Lunafoxgirl
hello this going to be one of my story for you reader, I hope you like it my lovely foxes *hugs you*
Mega Man Oneshots  (requests open July 2020!) by JustTheRandomReader
Mega Man Oneshots (requests JustTheRandomReader
I'm kinda bad with updates but I'll try!!!
Male Vile Reader X RWBY by TheoddSpaceMarine
Male Vile Reader X RWBYby TheoddSpaceMarine
(I don't own RWBY or the Megaman or Megaman X series or any of the art or fanart in this story)
My Fandom Oc book by SeikoSeikogirl
My Fandom Oc bookby Seikoseikogirl
This books holds all of my fandom characters that I have created. There is another book in the works that will hold all of my original characters in.
Megaman X Randomness 2 by CrossMayhem
Megaman X Randomness 2by Swanno
More randomness with the Megaman X crew! :D
Mega Man Head Cannons by JustTheRandomReader
Mega Man Head Cannonsby JustTheRandomReader
Will mostly be the X series and a lot of Smash Bros..... but whatever! 🤣
With or Without a Heart (Megaman X Fanfiction) by Proximina
With or Without a Heart (Megaman Vicky-Toria
Once she was Human Seen as different, she was pushed away. But lived in an Era where the peace between Humans and Reploids was much more delicate than she could ever im...
Zero X Reader (Mega Man X) by Robo-Kawaii-Chan
Zero X Reader (Mega Man X)by Robo-Chan
The two maverick hunters find out there is a Maverick outbreak going on in the city, there they meet a new and unlikely ally.
Megaman one-shots by SeikoSeikogirl
Megaman one-shotsby Seikoseikogirl
I am trying my hand Megaman one-shots. Mainly the X series, but if anyone wants to suggest anything, then they can do so. (There will be slow updates)
Megaman X: Modern Hunters by xxdisneyfan99xx
Megaman X: Modern Huntersby Comanche99
When Sigma gets smart and puts almost every virus that the Maverick Hunters have encountered in an innocent looking file, two people will stand up and prove to everyone...
Marvel Disk Wars: The Muslim Avenger by Goldina1998
Marvel Disk Wars: The Muslim Goldina1998
Hi everyone! My name is Israa and I'm 20 years old! I have been always a fan of the Avengers. However, today I will be a part of the team! Join me in my journey and my l...
Megaman X Stratos by JoestarGhoulZ
Megaman X Stratosby Aaron Gutierrez Villa
X en una batalla feroz por los universos usa todo su poder contra el enimgo que causo una explicion que creian que el junto con el enemigo murireron pero en una dimensio...
Controlling the past by NiGHTSintoDepression
Controlling the pastby yes
4 female reploids come from a destroyed future, the year 25XX. And come back to 21XX to try and save it
Adventure of Mario & Sonic: Robotic Chaos by FateGrand-overseer
Adventure of Mario & Sonic: Dazai-kun
Mario ,Sonic,Tails,luigi and Megaman set off to save the world from the evil clutches of Dr.Eggman and Wily . But this time things are completely different from what th...