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Washed Away by Protobabe
Washed Awayby Protobabe
Young students decide to go chill out on a boat in the middle of the ocean. After a big storm, our main character washes up on a strange island and meets some odd robots...
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Sonic was transported to Den Tech City by a unknown virus. As yee was here, he met a human named Lan Hikari and his net Navi's. Sonic is now having a all new adventure...
MegaMan Robot Master x Reader Oneshots by Geminoir
MegaMan Robot Master x Reader ...
Oneshots from the classic MegaMan game. I do not take any more requests.
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Super Smash Bros. Oneshots Character X Reader by -lesbegirls
Super Smash Bros. Oneshots ꜱ.
You are finally accepted into ssb4 will you find love?
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Issei the Undecimo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn X DxD) by Naisu9
Issei the Undecimo (Katekyo Naisu
Issei after the defeat of Trihexa he had a decent life for a while till his friend chose to just ignore him even the faction themselves Issei at one point saw his harem...
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Megaman one shots  by ShadowVenus
Megaman one shots by ShadowVenus
Various Megaman characters X reader no lemons
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Mega Man X: Legacy by Fireheartsage
Mega Man X: Legacyby Fireheartsage
Set in an AU... X must team up with ancient allies to stop ancient enemies
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Megaman  one shots by user14992466
Megaman one shotsby
Here is one shots from the video game of Megaman 11 for the Nintendo switch and from the other games. I hope that you will like it and i might make a story with a charac...
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Some Random X Readers And Lemons  by dreamingfoxy
Some Random X Readers And Lemons by dreamingfoxy
*NOT TAKING REQUESTS* Some random x reader fanfictions I've created. There are many different characters x reader fanfictions in this book, you may suggest some x reader...
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Mega Man: A Second Chance by TwilightDragon5
Mega Man: A Second Chanceby TwilightDragon5
In the year 20xx, Megaman has stopped Wily from his schemes many times. Peace is among the humans again, but the young robot starts to feel guilty for all the innocent r...
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Protoman x Reader by Geminimangos
Protoman x Readerby BLuES cluEs
Just a bunch of one shots dedicated to my fictional crush! I know a lot of people seem to love Protoman too so hopefully yall can enjoy!? These will mostly contain some...
System Crash  by LucasLulumize
System Crash by RoboTricks
The time had finally come, the stages were set and Megaman had battled Dr. Wily's Robot Masters....Some of them. The light Bot's first wave of attack has taken its toll...
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City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete] [#Ooorahs2017] by AbbyBabble
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete] Abby
START HERE. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ Trillions of minds are knitted toget...
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Male Vile Reader X RWBY by TheoddSpaceMarine
Male Vile Reader X RWBYby TheoddSpaceMarine
(I don't own RWBY or the Megaman or Megaman X series or any of the art or fanart in this story)
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Robot Master Oneshots and Short Stories (Megaman) *Precarious Updates* by LucasLulumize
Robot Master Oneshots and Short RoboTricks
EDIT (3/20/17): Updates will happen unexpectedly from now on. This is because I work on these little stories whenever I get the feeling to, which is every now and then...
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Mega Memes by purp_lewolf20XX
Mega Memesby Starlaya the wolf
Memes I found on Google....
Megaman X Randomness 2 by CrossMayhem
Megaman X Randomness 2by Swanno
More randomness with the Megaman X crew! :D
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Mega Man X Reader Oneshots by DWN-NekoKitty
Mega Man X Reader Oneshotsby I potato everytiem
Hello NekoFans!!! Here's a Mega Man X Reader book, mostly oneshots, but I'll occasionally do two or three added parts to a story. Oh and also, feel free to request! :3
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Final Destination by AlienSodaKing
Final Destinationby CAT
[Various!SSB x Reader] Two voices call out to [Y/n] in a dream. One a bright and warm voice talking of nothing but a world of shining light! How dazzling that world must...
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