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Slash and Axl's Rocket Queen by alexandrar0se
Slash and Axl's Rocket Queenby alexandra rose
Michelle is trying her best to live life since her parents died. She likes to party a lot, to take drugs almost every day, seducing men is the most exiting part for her...
Sweet Child O Mine - Reader X Slash by slytheriinbiitch
Sweet Child O Mine - Reader X Slashby 😈𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖝😈
*Complete*I'm too lazy to write a description so try it. Take my word on it. I wrote this book by myself...if it seems like any other you have read please let me know. e...
Russian Roulette // Axl Rose by Lolabelly
Russian Roulette // Axl Roseby Lola
"Something in him was so magnetically attractive, maybe his voice, or the way he looked at me, or his manner of speech.. He was this kind of human beings with such...
Buttered Popcorn by slickskillet
Buttered Popcornby Your Local Skunk
A new L.A. girl takes her time learning the ways of the Sunset Strip, but one night when she gets into a sticky situation, she meets a few new guys. Specifically, an up...
live fast,Die young  SLASH FAN-FICTION by slashsgfreal
live fast,Die young SLASH slashsgfreal
will she get her dream fairytale with the rockstar? or is she already to far down the rabbit hole? I guess you'll just have to read and find out Slash fanfic
Axl Rose Imagines by _Rocket_Queen_
Axl Rose Imaginesby _Rocket_Queen_
Imagines about the one and only Axl Rose.
wrapped in silk ☠ izzy stradlin by alongcameanightmare
wrapped in silk ☠ izzy stradlinby killer queen
A young tattoo artist who had recently moved to Los Angeles had begun to make a name for herself in the tattooing industry. Her newly opened shop attracted quite a bit o...
Love Bites by loveandsqualor
Love Bitesby loveandsqualor
HR: #1 in Guns N' Roses (21 Oct 2019), #1 in Axl, #1 in Groupie, #1 in Hard Rock Charlotte has always been a pro in looking for trouble - being arrested, losing all her...
The best of us by TombstoneXY
The best of usby Ashe
A relationship between Reploid and Human. It is something special to say the least for this Rookie Maverick Hunter. How will this relationship go? What will happen to th...
Make Me Smile || Kurt Cobain by rocklover69
Make Me Smile || Kurt Cobainby Tori Martinez
Set in the summer of 1992, Nirvana is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and are at the height of their fame when they decide to make a little addition to their ban...
Guns N' Roses - Imagines/Preferences by 1yourdaddy
Guns N' Roses - Imagines/ slash's pp 🎸
Prefrences + one shots about the boys, requests are always open :) 🤘 I wrote this when i was younger isn't always good, or the spelling doesn't make sence but enjoy ❤️
Patience by itssoizzyy
Patienceby veruca salt
Taylor Isbell, the twin sister of Guns N' Roses guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, is in town. The green eyed, vodka loving, punk rock, bass player falls head over heels for the...
Guns N' Roses Imagines  by death_by_stereo
Guns N' Roses Imagines by Aiyana Bella
....... read the motherfucking title.
Guns N Roses Imagines  by RocketQueenl
Guns N Roses Imagines by RocketQueenl
Imagines of Guns N Roses , this contains some smut,fluff, and even angst. This also can contain self harm, drug use and some strong language. I do not own the Guns or t...
Dc super-hero girls x Male Reader: the blue light of metropolis(REMAKE) by Awakened_Z3R0
Dc super-hero girls x Male Awakened Z3R0
This is a remake of my first story so please bare with me =∆=
Anastasia by wtfthisisdumb
Anastasiaby wtfthisisdumb
Slash was young and she was the light in all the madness. But all lights stop shining and years age our youth.
drapetomania | gnr by -w1nston
drapetomania | gnrby layne
⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ Book one in a series about a band from the strip, slowly rising to fame while accidentally dragging jackie turner up with them. I waited for something. A...
The Maverick Hunter And The Half-Genie Heroine  by FanboyReader10100
The Maverick Hunter And The ShadowEternity999
When X destroyed Sigma's Dimension Portal, it transported X into another world! Then he meets a Half-Genie Hero named Shantae. Now they team up to stop trouble, and with...
We've Got Fun and Games by axlslittlebitch
We've Got Fun and Gamesby axlslittlebitch
Slash has just joined GnR. Axl isn't so sure about him and but he's definitely sure about his sexuality, which he tries to hide. Not that Slash is of any help. Games ens...
Ninjas vs Nexo Knights by Master-of-Chaos
Ninjas vs Nexo Knightsby Master-of-Chaos
The Ninjas arrive in the Realm of the Nexo Knights to rescue their (Y/N) only to discover she's living happily with the Knights. Tempers flare and insults are thrown as...