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Mine Would Be You by kwil0727
Mine Would Be Youby kwil0727
Valentina Scott is a cynic for love. The epitome of a July thunderstorm, dark and fiery after her one and only relationship left her scarred and alone. After throwing h...
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Meant To Be | DaBaby urban fiction by NenaLashae
Meant To Be | DaBaby urban fictionby Nenaaa
🥇 in #dababy and #fame for a reason 😉 Read what all the fuss is about 😏 and come be apart of our lit ass comment section 🤪 Book 2 coming soon! 📗 **Disclaimer: This...
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Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
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Meant To Be by mama_stiles
Meant To Beby Mama Stiles
Avery, the Hufflepuff. Sebastian, the Slytherin. Both of them have been going to Hogwarts for 5 years without noticing each other, but now things have changed. All it to...
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The story of Tay & Adriana .. ⚡️✨ by Chrisssssy002
The story of Tay & Adriana .. ⚡️✨by Christenn 🥰
You met a cute guy at a party. He's irritating, but he's cute , and you guys had a real connection, but there's so many ups and downs in y'alls "relationship"...
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Every Broken Part (Series) by writerinthedarks
Every Broken Part (Series)by writerinthedarks
"Every broken part of me is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with all the broken parts of you." ~~~~~~~~~~ How would you feel if your entire life you were hi...
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Breaking Zane Blac. //COMPLETED//[But Not Edited ] by dangerouslyblack46
Breaking Zane Blac. //COMPLETED//[ dangerouslyblack46
Zane has his own demons to fight,he doesn't care about anything or anyone ,he lives in a world of his own, and don't believe in love or meant to be , Until,..... He meet...
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Arranged marriage by Tinkerbell0403
Arranged marriageby Tinkerbell0403
Baekhyun and Chanyeol are forced to marry each other by their parents. But will they fall in love?Or will people unwanted get in the way? Who knows read to find out❤️ Th...
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Totally Clueless by JodyAnnBeckford4
Totally Cluelessby Jody Ann Beckford
Chrisy is determined not to be branded as a rich blonde snob, and after her mother dies she is determined to find herself. Like a knight in shining armour Josh walt's in...
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FOREVER - It Starts with YOU and ME(Zanessa FanFiction) by PauZanessa14
FOREVER - It Starts with YOU and Pau Alianza
Remeber, This is a ZANESSA Fanfic. It's all about how they will find their True FOREVER in each other even they went their separate lives for more than 4 years since the...
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Queen Wise Girl [PJO SELECTION AU] by Offical_Writer
Queen Wise Girl [PJO SELECTION AU]by Isabelle Grace
Prince Percy and Annabeth had always stuck together. During Rebel Attacks in the palace, when one of both their parents died, and even when they got shipped off for thei...
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Our Own Way by mavenmarie
Our Own Wayby mavenmarie
"My mom doesn't hate you, Arch. She hates that she's watching herself and tito Brent through us and she's scared that we'd end up the same way as they did." ...
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The Way It Used to Be by sheycole
The Way It Used to Beby Shey Cole
"Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they're even born." -F. Scott Fitzgerald When eight year old Beau Ruby met twelve year old Colto...
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Meant to Be = Klena by TeraMikaelson
Meant to Be = Klenaby TeraMikaelson
Elena Gilbert is a hybrid. A werewolf/vampire. She is meant to be with Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus Mikaelson is the original hybrid. A werewolf/vampire.He is meant to be with...
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Meant To Be by _dracoxhermione_
Meant To Beby Katherine
Even though Ron left her years ago, Hermione Granger is still holding on to the vows they made to each other. But then, a certain guy came and made her doubt what she an...
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I always loved you~  by xTimidSilencex
I always loved you~ by X.Shyness.X🌸
This is based about Ciel and Lizzie's engagement however Ciel has started to fall in love with Lizzie not just for the arranged marriage either.. he loves Lizzie for rea...
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Attraction ~ Sprousehart by Violet1255
Attraction ~ Sprousehartby Violet1255
I tried writing this before but it didn't go so well, so here it is, the second verse. My very first published and successful Sprousehart story! Hope you like it 💝 Cole...
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The Pages We Miss ➳ Louis Tomlinson by ItsLennon
The Pages We Miss ➳ Louis Tomlinsonby l e n n o n
|| HIGHEST RANKING - #1 LOUISTOMLINSONFANFIC || Lacey Baker - The young and famous author of the highly acclaimed novel "If You Knew", a story about first love...
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Mystical Elements: The Lost Journal by rustyesparcia
Mystical Elements: The Lost Journalby 💜Rainbow_Bomber12💜
Unravel the stories of the elements and their adventures from the journal you got from the public library.
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Marked a marichat love story by samiaya06
Marked a marichat love storyby <3
{COMPLETED} Marinette is a kind shy girl. But, what happens when her calm life turns upside down. Can she remember who she is? Or will she loose everything? Find out on:...
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