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I Feel It Running Through My Veins by Aimsome
I Feel It Running Through My Veinsby Aimsome
Stiles gets hit by a curse from a witch and changes drastically, but maybe it was a good thing in the end. I mean everything happens for a reason, right?
roscoe ( stiles stilinski ) by -hollandrodens
roscoe ( stiles stilinski )by hannah
where stiles stilinski accidentally transforms his jeep into a girl. [au ... magic!stiles] [oc x stiles]
Stiles the teenage witch by Birdie_Mikealson
Stiles the teenage witchby Birdie
When Matylda was seven her mum 'died' than she had a spell put on her for her protection and she came back to beacon hills as stiles. Ten years later things change a lot...
Kicked Out by Rileyelaine
Kicked Outby Riley
Derek kicks stiles out of the pack. Will he fall into a pit of despair or will unexpected friends show him the path to revenge, his true potential and maybe just maybe h...
The Beginning To An End by RadioHead69420
The Beginning To An Endby RadioHead69420
Title says most. Tvd/tw crossover Unfortunately Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries does not belong to me nor do the characters I only own the plot and possible future ch...
The Witch's Son -StilesStilinski by homestuck13211
The Witch's Son -StilesStilinskiby Gabrielle.E
I'm sure you have heard of old scriptures dating back thousands of years, stories you tell your friends at campfires in the middle of the night, books we e...
Bid My Blood to Run by rightsidethru
Bid My Blood to Runby rightsidethru
Samhain--All Hallow's Eve--still remained the day where the veil between the living and the dead lay thinnest. It went without saying that Stiles ended up taking advanta...
It's snow not my fault! by CarterRogers02
It's snow not my fault!by CarterRogers02
In hindsight they wouldn't have messed with magic they didn't understand, in two hours ago sight how cool would a talking snowman be?!?! I'd like to state that this star...
bad luck wolf by iglooaus
bad luck wolfby iglooaus
Beacon Hills was unknowingly in trouble when 16 year old Derek Hale first met the Chaos god Stiles. When that finished things got bad for Derek. now after years things a...
Forever // Sterek Fanfic // Teen Wolf by RandomAlias12345
Forever // Sterek Fanfic // Teen RandomAlias12345
Supernatural creatures were nothing new to Beacon Hills, as soon as they entered the town the pack had already formulated a plan to get rid of them. What would happen th...
Puppy Love by 0megaWolf
Puppy Loveby Tory
A witch has come to town. No big deal, huh? Not until the entire pack, humans and all, are changed into a litter of puppies. So what do they do? Derek lead's the march o...
A Wish Granted (Sterek) by devwriting
A Wish Granted (Sterek)by devwriting
I don't have it fully worked out yet, kind of just a half thought out project. Stiles almost died it his mother's womb. Was almost never born. But Claudia had an old fri...
Two-Toned Whiskey-Colored Eyes (Teen Wolf | Sterek) by LuliaRayaGrace
Two-Toned Whiskey-Colored Eyes ( Lulia Raya Grace
Noah Stilinski was the top advising strategist to Queen Talia Hale. Noah lived in the castle but what no one else knew was that he had a beautiful wife and a handsome yo...
DayDreamer by CascadingLights142
DayDreamerby CascadingLights142
Stiles becomes a new being his old life shattered when his life was taken... Will he adjust or will his newly reopened wounds and haunting past be too much for him?