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Are You Nobody Too? (A Sterek Story) by Sterekstories
Are You Nobody Too? (A Sterek Sterek 2.0
Stiles has been alone for a while now and has turned to several different coping mechanism. No one is ever around, he's all alone, and worst of all in love with Derek. W...
Unsteady | Sterek by Bekka911
Unsteady | Sterekby Bekka
He isn't okay. Then again, he hasn't been okay for a very long time || COMPLETED ||
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Payment (revised) by KC1013
Payment (revised)by KC1013
He was beautiful. His demeanor demanded respect. His visible scars showed he was a force to be reckoned with. Power rolled off him in tendrils of electricity, and his co...
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Baseball Bats and Sour Wolves by erind4
Baseball Bats and Sour Wolvesby Erin
Derek is cursed with some sort of spell, and for some reason only responds to Stiles as a result. He tries to attack everyone else, even his Alpha, he's also acting supe...
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For the Love of Chaos by Halevetica
For the Love of Chaosby Halevetica
When a triskelion appears on Stiles' skin one day, he's perplexed to find out that it means he's destined to be an emissary, but not just any emissary, the emissary of t...
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I'm fine. |stiles stilinski• by fandomstcries
I'm fine. |stiles stilinski•by fandomstcries
"Scott... I, I- I have cancer." I say, shutting my eyes, waiting nervously for his reaction. "What?" He asks, in disbelief. "Yeah, I have-"...
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As Pack Mom, I Need Everyone To Laugh At My Jokes by Hufflepuff909
As Pack Mom, I Need Everyone To Radical
Stiles didn't ask for this, but that didn't mean he didn't want it. He loved the Pack with all his heart, but Derek, not so much. He was an asshole, he may have a good r...
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I Would Fake Forever With You(Sterek) by Halevetica
I Would Fake Forever With You( Halevetica
Derek Hale is the black sheep of the family, always has been. That's why he moved to Seattle. Now he's got a job he loves, a nice apartment with an incredibly hot and en...
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Little red and the big bad wolf by XXBR13441XX
Little red and the big bad wolfby Be the Derek to my Stiles x
Stiles climbs a fence to the woods just past midnight in Beacon Hills just wanting to forget his worries, but when things turn for the worst... Who the hell saved him?!
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Tears Don't Fall - Sterek by rainbow_hersh
Tears Don't Fall - Sterekby Court x
'So tell me how do you know? How do you know if you're still dreaming?'
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miecyzlaw gemini toretto by st6rrynightsx
miecyzlaw gemini torettoby r a v e n
after the pack---mainly scott kicks him out of the pack because of the hatred he had towards the brittle boy, stiles goes to LA to his real family. the pack somehow conv...
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A Little Too Much Stiles? by erind4
A Little Too Much Stiles?by Erin
Derek becomes feral and is super protective over Stiles. He won't let anyone come near either of them, Scott's learned his lesson once. Stiles doesn't know how to feel a...
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Stiles Stilinski + Derek Hale by OfficialKingOfHell
Stiles Stilinski + Derek Haleby Crowley,King of Hell
A compilation of Sterek one shots written by myself.
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Beginners guide to love a nutjob by HellYeah_13
Beginners guide to love a nutjobby HellYeah_13
Derek thought that would be it. He'd sit next to a really weird guy for a couple of hours a week and the rest of his life would be as plain and normal as always. He was...
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Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU- by HPTF2Love
Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU-by Mommy [IA]
What if Stiles was bitten that night, not Scott? What if his life changed course the way Scott's did but with all more...Stiles-ness and Sourwolf? My AU of Werewolf!Sti...
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Goner by queen_siyera
Gonerby Bear
You're alone. He wasn't sure if he was trying to convince himself that the Nogistune was no longer with him. Or if he was letting himself know, without a doubt, that he...
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Unexpected by Fandom_Happiness
Unexpectedby Gigi
One night, just one and now Stiles and Derek must deal with the consequences. Stiles ends up becoming pregnant and they both decide it's best kept a secret until Stiles...
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Little Prince & Daddy // Sterek by avancer-
Little Prince & Daddy // Sterekby Idk
A collection of sterek ageplay fics written by me
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I'm (Not) Giving Up On You by tyrannicalCruelty
I'm (Not) Giving Up On Youby Author
Derek's been hanging around Deputy Parrish more than he has with Stiles--his boyfriend of nearly a year. After a while, Stiles just can't take it anymore and asks Derek...
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"Help me stay awake" Sterek fanfic by the_many_phandoms
"Help me stay awake" Sterek fanficby Llama
"How am I supposed to tell if I'm dreaming this or not?" Even though it has been months since Kira and Scott had killed the Void, Stiles is still struggling to...
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