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Open To Me by babydaddykeith
Open To Meby babydaddykeith
What a sexy body he possessed and I wanted it to be mine. After all this time and now I was finally noticing. I wanted to kick myself for being so stupid and oblivous. H...
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Love Bite | Stiles Stilinski by ChristinaRosario24
Love Bite | Stiles Stilinskiby Christina Rosario
ranked #1 in #stilinski (OOOMMMGGG<3333) ranked #1 in #stilesstilinski ( love ya'll soooooo much! ) Christina Mcall is Scotts younger sister. Who has a huge crush on...
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Dylan O'Brien Smut Fluff And Buildups by ShadyLahey
Dylan O'Brien Smut Fluff And Shan
It can be sweet, romantic or rough and hard, any type of smut is in this fanfic. I know my friends are gonna see this but I don't care, I take requests for smut or one s...
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Blinded (Stydia Reversed Roles) by ChelseyS
Blinded (Stydia Reversed Roles)by ChelseyS
Lydia Martin. The biggest nerd in school who has the biggest crush on Stiles Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski, the boy every girl at Beacon Hills wishes to date. So how could...
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The Sweet Hot Sarcastic Boy by amytherese2
The Sweet Hot Sarcastic Boyby Amy-Therese
Stiles Stilinski is your best friend. Allison Argent is your best friend. Scott McCall is your best friend. When you are having trouble with your grades or don't know wh...
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Fated Mates by MaggieLolen
Fated Matesby Maggie Lolen
Being in high school was hard enough for Stiles, add Derek Hale declaring them to be mates and life just got that much more complicated. Everyone had finding their mate...
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All In by logancola
All Inby Logan
Amelia Stilinksi hasn't had such an amazing time in life. When she was young her mother died, her father couldn't handle taking care of her and her twin brother at the s...
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Saved by LittleRiverWarrior
Savedby LittleRiverWarrior
Stiles' boyfriend had never been the nicest guy. Not in high school. Not in college. And certainly not now as he's landed stiles in the hospital, leaving him with a very...
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Teen Wolf Imagines (Stiles, Isaac and Derek) ((Slow Updates)) by mini_padfoot_
Teen Wolf Imagines (Stiles, Shelby
These are my first Imagines. I do Stiles, Derek and Isaac imagines. Mine are different from what you would usually read in other imagines. Mine start from where they mee...
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The Other Alpha by addieandaaru
The Other Alphaby addieandaaru
This is fiction is post season 3A.. Derek and Cora never left and Jackson is back! Also the motive of this fiction is to give stiles the happiness he deserves but can't...
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The truth comes out by HaileighLowell
The truth comes outby Haileigh Lowell
Derek Hale&amp;nbsp;and Stiles Stillinski become helpless on the floor in the police station in the truth comes out. A Sterek fan fiction.
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Beside You || Stisaac [Teen Wolf] by shippedmadness
Beside You || Stisaac [Teen Wolf]by Braeden
Isaac has a nightmare and Stiles comforts him. This is an OLD Stisaac fanfiction I originally posted on archive of our own. I wrote this for a friend of mine.
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S.T.I.L.E.S [Editing] by thegay100
S.T.I.L.E.S [Editing]by Me
The year is 3103 Derek is a soldier with The Wolves and has been partnered up with an AI know as S.T.I.L.E.S to fight an alien race trying to take over the world. Will...
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The Wolf Within (Teen Wolf & Stiles Stilinski Fan Fic) (ON HOLD!!) by allboysimagines
The Wolf Within (Teen Wolf & Bloody Inspired
Peyton McCall was an average teenage girl. She had great friends, amazing looks and even popularity. Her life seemed so normal But what happens when her twin brother and...
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Strange ▶ Stiles Stilinski  [1] by xxSecretlyUnknownxx
Strange ▶ Stiles Stilinski [1]by xQueenOfChaos
"Have you ever had a feeling that Stiles and Scott are hiding something from us?" There's no life that can compare to what Mia was bout to figure out between t...
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You've Changed by FanFicChic
You've Changedby FanFicChic
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
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Sterica: Will you be my girlfriend? by AddieGarcia
Sterica: Will you be my girlfriend?by Addie
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And a Romance Bloomed from Despair by RyanHagerty
And a Romance Bloomed from Despairby Ryan Hagerty
Stiles is struggling in so many ways after the events of the Nogitsune. Derek ends up being the one to help him when he realizes that things are about to get a whole lot...
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A Derek Hale Love Story by TheAlphaPack
A Derek Hale Love Storyby TheAlphaPack
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