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The Banshee Teacher // TVD by LovingButHateful
The Banshee Teacher // TVDby LovingButHateful
Brianna Byrne moves to the small town of Mystic Falls, searching for someone who can help her harness her 'abilities.' The intelligent young woman, who finished school y...
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Heartbeat -Teen Wolf (Liam) by Janoskiansloverr1
Heartbeat -Teen Wolf (Liam)by Jano_Teen
Grace Davis a young brown haired teenager who wants a fresh start after livings years in her old city where murders and crimes will monthly be happening which was the re...
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harbinger | klaus mikaelson by MaliaMcGillan
harbinger | klaus mikaelsonby Malia McGillan
harbinger /noun/ a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another. In this case, a harbinger of death. In which Juniper Blake's visions lead her...
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The Other Gilbert by Stormi_faithhope
The Other Gilbertby Faith_Hope
Allison Gilbert had a semi perfect life with her parents and sister, Elena Gilbert, and their younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert. She was the straight A's and B's student a...
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The Positive of The Magnet by janamondc
The Positive of The Magnetby janamondc
Raphaella Rosabella Rothschild. Daughter of Mr. William and Mrs. Charlotte Rothschild. Raphaella grow up in a perfectly normal family that consists a mother, a father an...
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Pure Happiness by lovely_me74
Pure Happinessby Natalie S.
In which, The Original Hybrid falls for a banshee with a big heart. Credit for the plot goes to @sadtears-
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Amnesia ∞ Klaus Mikaelson by footloose_
Amnesia ∞ Klaus Mikaelsonby footloose_
Amelia doesn't know who she is. The only thing she is capable of remembering is the color of her hair. Waking up in a coffin isn't the most fun thing to do. Now, try awa...
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Lunatics {Book One ✔️} by Kennedylee
Lunatics {Book One ✔️}by Kennedy
"You know how they came up with the word Lunatic?" He asked. I shook my head, feeling like I probably didn't want to know the answer. His lips pulled up on on...
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Butterflies -Alec Volturi- by Mature-ish
Butterflies -Alec Volturi-by talia
-Reuploaded- "I don't want to be with the 'bad guy' but when I am with you all I feel is butterflies in my stomach and it's the most amazing feeling in the world.&q...
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She smells like Death (Teen Wolf) by aishaomran1911
She smells like Death (Teen Wolf)by Aomran
"Gasoline. It was like gasoline. A scent that hits you hard after the first whiff,but as soon as it's gone you'd feel that strange desire to have another one. Al...
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Rapunzel ☾ Stiles Stilinski (ON HOLD) by Mischievoustilinski
Rapunzel ☾ Stiles Stilinski (ON Mrs. O'Brien
A girl, with long, glowing hair arrives in Beacon Hills, trying to escape her kidnapper when she comes across a pale boy with moles scattering his neck and a tanned boy...
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Neglected Child (The Originals And Teen Wolf Fanfic) by kcmarie64
Neglected Child (The Originals kcmarie64
Hazel Mikaelson, daughter of Haley Marshall and Klaus Mikaelson and twin sister to Hope Mikaelson. She was forgotten and negleted. She would normally fend for herself. S...
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laura.          teen wolf     ✔️ (completed) by -iamvicTORIous
laura. teen wolf ✔️ ( tori.
In which Laura Kinney escapes from the Calavaras in the back of a jeep ? and end up in a place called Beacon Hills. "Stiles, why is there a girl in the back of your...
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Scream ~ Stefan Salvatore Love Story by its_fanfic_books_101
Scream ~ Stefan Salvatore Love British_tea_079
Lydia Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's twin sister but they are not identical. When the Salvatore's come to mystic Falls it causes Lydia's banshee side to start to show. When...
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A Vampire In Beacon Hills by Gerlithequeen
A Vampire In Beacon Hillsby Gerli
Book 1 Corina Argent is the twin sister of Alison Argent. They moved from San Francisco to Beacon Hills. But what happened exactly with her in SF that was changing Corin...
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The Little McCall? by 8643-Biles
The Little McCall?by 8643
Scott's little sister comes home from boarding school to surprise Scott but, now she is a beautiful teen and Scott is now more overprotective then ever. Will this cause...
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Blood Moon | A Teen Wolf Fanfiction by banne_2003
Blood Moon | A Teen Wolf Fanfictionby B. Anne
"Life can't be all bad or all good. Eventually, everything has to come back to the middle." These were the famous words spoken by a true alpha named Scott McC...
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Myths Meet (PJO/HoO/TW) SLOW UPDATES  by awkwardMendesfan
Myths Meet (PJO/HoO/TW) SLOW awkwardMendesfan
*SLOW UPDATES/HIATUS* Under major editing right now Stiles Stilinski is not the weak human who runs with the wolves, banshee, fox and huntress. Some may say that he is s...
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Peter And Derek Hale Imagines X Reader (Teen Wolf) by Maria_Mars_Traveller
Peter And Derek Hale Imagines X Mars Girl
Just a bunch of imagines of Peter and Derek Hale. I accept requests and will be happy to do what you want for an imagine. Hope you enjoy reading!
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Mikaelsons Lost Baby (Teen Wolf/The Originals) SLOW UPDATES! by FantasyFinatic2003
Mikaelsons Lost Baby (Teen Wolf/ TeenTrouble13
The Mikaelsons sent baby Hope away for protection. They sent her away to a family who didn't want her and put her in the foster system. She got adopted by the Martin fa...
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