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XZ1005- YIBO'S POSSESSION  by maxine_jung
XZ1005- YIBO'S POSSESSION by Miss Wei Ying
In Which Wang Yibo, the Genius Gender Confused Robotic Technician and Genetic Engineer invented his drop dead handsome robot named XZ1005 for his silly- love needs.
My Finest Creation (Male! Wednesday Addams x Mad Scientist Reader) by StolenNightmare
My Finest Creation (Male! StolenNightmare
The Addamses aren't the only creepy and kooky family on the block. Meet the Creatures! A family full of creation, madness and a passion for pain and misery. Especially...
The Boy in the Gray Hoodie by DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
The Boy in the Gray Hoodieby DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda
I was never meant to leave that room. I had spent my whole life in there, imagining what it was like on the outside. I looked forward to the day when I would finally be...
So what if I'm fucking crazy {Alastor x mad scientist!reader} {COMPLETED} by Ziildsvzw
So what if I'm fucking crazy { Ziild
(Y/n), a person who's always been different. She studied science in school, constantly being ridiculed for it. But she would show them. She was going to summon the most...
Dr. Stone X Reader(Fem) by 321Olivia
Dr. Stone X Reader(Fem)by ~Olivia~
Telekinesis, the power, or rather the curse that a certain girl had. Being called a monster, a devil, and countless other nicknames when little, doesn't stop her from wa...
I'm an orphaned (SP) mad scientist who talks to animals and has a werewolf mate by claryxjace1234
I'm an orphaned (SP) mad claryxjace1234
Tinker Thompson has been an orphan all her life. Her mother gave up on the minute she was born and her father remained unknown. She's lived the orphanage and the closer...
Girl who Speaks to Birds by Nerd-Bird
Girl who Speaks to Birdsby Just your friendly neighborho...
I never expected this to happen. But it did. Who knew that rescuing a broken winged canary would lead to me being able to transform? It would seem like a blessing to mos...
Save (Gusion x Lesley) by AngAuthorNaUlyanin
Save (Gusion x Lesley)by AngAuthorNaUlyanin
SAber-VEnom ©AngAuthorNaUlyanin Started: May 29, 2019 Finished: September 13, 2020
The Wolf with the Iron Jaw (Elysium #1) by inkwellheart
The Wolf with the Iron Jaw ( Karin Winter
Nothing goes better with tea and crumpets than corpses and monsters. ************ When seventeen-year-old Trinket escapes from Elysium Asylum, her plans for suicide are...
White Lies by Ashanly_daisy
White Liesby Three souls
There is one girl who loves everyone in their hometown but something unexpected happened that will change her life. White Lies. Started: April 3, 2021 Ended:
How to Pass Villain School [ONC 2021] by BloodR0se17
How to Pass Villain School [ONC Emily Christine P
Blendyn tried to defend himself, but Grissom cut him short. "You didn't take the test?" "Not yet." "But you killed him?" "Y...
Wired Love || Lashton ✔️ by lame_lashton
Wired Love || Lashton ✔️by ♡ Alex ♡
Ashton's stepdad has a strange occupation. He's a mad scientist to be specific, though he kept it secret, making sure to lock his lab all the time. Ashton couldn't help...
Alpha Initiative by lithlithe
Alpha Initiativeby Lindsey
The Alpha Initiative is a very secret, very illegal, experimental project headed by a dangerous scientist who is far more than just a "little" mad. Forced bree...
Science Beyond Insanity by Rosa_falicity
Science Beyond Insanityby Rosa_falicity
Violet Josephine is an ordinary nineteen year old girl. On her way to work, she is kidnapped by a group of scientists lead by a man named Walter Phillips. Walter's missi...
Im Coming by Invader_Jim45
Im Comingby Invader Jim
It had been a few years after the Florpus incident. Dib becomes a scientist but goes completley mad due to the working conditions and rarely ever sleeps. Zim spent most...
The Aquarius Code by Survey81022
The Aquarius Codeby Survey
The life of Katsuki Sakurai was simple enough, add to that the possibility of a date with the girl he admires, things were almost perfect. But his crush is not as sweet...
Monika x reader oneshots by meme_trash_5
Monika x reader oneshotsby i regret making this
i am not at all a good writer, i am simply in love with Monika and there aren't that many x readers of her. most of these oneshots will be gender neutral
Junkenstein X Reader: Right Hand Man by smoll-ratt
Junkenstein X Reader: Right Hand smoll-ratt
(Female reader) You were simply a maid that stayed in the background, away and disconnected from everybody else. You followed what you were told and kept every emotion h...
The Relegator || ONC2021 by SIDeScribe
The Relegator || ONC2021by SIDescribe
Hector Crom has one purpose in life: to become a certified Alchemist. When he fails yet again due to war looming on the horizon, Hector inadvertently stumbles upon a new...
The Undetermined (boyxboy) by TheNewBoys
The Undetermined (boyxboy)by TNB
Undetermined is a story of a teenager whose name is Skylar who has no permanent gender. He and his father trying to out run the mad scientist who is looking for Skylar...