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WILDEST 3: Beyond The Lens by XijjOfficial
WILDEST 3: Beyond The Lensby X-Xijj
Ares Ayala, a tall and muscular man with pale white skin and a striking resemblance to a fashion model, was known for his captivating good looks and chiseled features, i...
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HIS CHILD (Mpreg) by Gluuutton
HIS CHILD (Mpreg)by Gutom sa Letra
A story of a gay named Ranier Blythe Gomez who is hurt and played by the Campus playboy and only son of Mr.Villarde, Knight Devon Villarde. What Ranier thinks of Knight...
In This Lifetime [BOYXBOY] by imJanKenneth
In This Lifetime [BOYXBOY]by imJanKenneth
Jaiden was not going to take Keith as his client that night, especially since it was raining heavily. But because he needed money, he accepted his offer. It was all smoo...
TAYNEW short stories compilation by lovefool99
TAYNEW short stories compilationby X
short stories compilation for TAYNEW. MOSTLY WRITTEN IN TAGALOG.
Regrets  by Mr_Talunan
Regrets by Mr. Nobody
Sabi nila walang masamang sumubok pero hanggang kailan? Hanggang kailan kailangan sumubok para lang malaman kung may magbabago ba?
Crystal Eclipse: The Enchanters of Elements  by Reddsdd
Crystal Eclipse: The Enchanters of...by Reddsdd
In a world ravaged by a catastrophic asteroid impact, magic crystals emerge from the depths of the Earth, granting extraordinary powers to those who touch them. Argus, a...
Too Good To Be True by papelapis
Too Good To Be Trueby Nansen
Your everyday dosage of one-shots that will surely feed your imaginations with hope and love.
Prologue  by Trevorbabes
Prologue by Trevorbabes
Hi. Im jayvee Galves 3rd year college and Im madly deeply inlove to Dave licauco.
Advance Bravely (Shi Bu Ke Dang)  by Azeheart
Advance Bravely (Shi Bu Ke Dang) by Marco
Taglish translation of Advance Bravely or Shi Bu De Kang by miss Chai Jidan.
POETRY: Mind's Eye by RoeLOVE_08
POETRY: Mind's Eyeby Roelan Capuyan
Human is like an open book. Everyone can see it's appearance from the outside but look closely in the inside, you will know the real story by using the mind's eye. Poetr...
Love Letter for Jupiter by GalliumBoronWrites
Love Letter for Jupiterby GalliumBoron
Nostalgia memoir swept over someone way back in Notre Dame Academy. A high school dare money-trapped smart guy Galexio Mendoza agrees to help the high school charm rich...
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[ON HOLD] Baby, You Are All That I Need (boyxboy) by RyanTime01
[ON HOLD] Baby, You Are All That I...by RyanTime
Si Riju, gwapo ngunit dakilang lampa. Hired bilang dakilang executive secretary ng may sa bipolar niyang Boss na si Geremy Zapanta. Sa kabila ng pagsusungit nito, hindi...
He never came back by Knight_Sora
He never came backby Sora
A love story between a soldier and a teacher Basilio Agapito is a soldier on vacation in the town where Agustin Dela Cruz lives. Warning & Notes - Typo and grammatical e...
The Unexpected Love by itpuda_
The Unexpected Loveby Mik
A love that cannot be accepted, a love that cannot be shown, a love that is hidden behind the curtain. A love that is weak and afraid to be rejected. But, will you still...
My Pixel Heart (BxB) by banurensu
My Pixel Heart (BxB)by VK
Unleash the fiery gamer within and embark on an exhilarating journey through the realm of esports with My Pixel Heart. Follow Dan and King as they venture on a breathtak...
This story is like the story i had written in my other wattpad account that i cant use anymore because the facebook ive used to open that wattpad account had been hacked...