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Her Brother's Best Friend - Aching Hearts Series #2 by TheWritingWolf1
Her Brother's Best Friend - Aching...by Artemis Wolf
If asked, baby Emily Robinson would have gleefully said that, her life revolved around two cornerstones: volleyball, Riley. Volleyball was the passion that gave her li...
Not Everythings Alright. (jinxbts) by WWH_JINNIIIEEE
Not Everythings Alright. (jinxbts)by WWH_JINNIIEE
Jin, the eldest of seven members always took care of the rest of them. He made them food and when troubled gave them a shoulder to cry on but when jin is not fine or is...
Is Love Measured On This ? 💔❤️ by KavyaKa2800
Is Love Measured On This ? 💔❤️by KavyaKa2800
Have a look at a different life story of Samaina. Is love really measured on ... Read and find out.
The One And Only Alpha by chocolate4789
The One And Only Alphaby chocolate4789
Erika is ....... unique. Her father is a werewolf , her mother is a vampire, and to top it off her mother's family had a long line of werecats. It gets even better. At...
Drifting Far, Far Away (A KnB Fanfiction) by nalutogetherforever
Drifting Far, Far Away (A KnB Fanf...by Lenny
Lately, Kuroko has been feeling lonely and estranged. The reason? The Generation of Miracles have started to change. After being the victor of so many games, they have s...
The Sin by kiaorion17
The Sinby Idowu Kehinde
Dan had lived a miserable life. With no proper education or prospect, the only place that would hire him was Elaine's Bookshop. A chronic smoke addict-although not obvio...
Saving Raven by temporaryrosie
Saving Ravenby Rose
Victoria Raven Santana was an outgoing, naive, kindhearted fourteen-year-old girl. Raven adored life, she had loyal friends, practically excellent grades, and her big fa...
The Night We Met. by _Angel_With_A_Cause
The Night We Met.by _Angel_With_A_Cause
Maybe that was the night when I stumbled upon this feeling called 'love'. Maybe it was written in the stars. Or maybe we were just lonely, if that was the case it was be...
The Last Witch by PauletteMaxwell4
The Last Witchby Paulette Maxwell
Zavi Mathews, basically labled as the nerd at school, she is super smart but super self-consious but despite this she was happy. Then one day everything turned upside do...
Never am I good enough by jimin_jimochi
Never am I good enoughby jimin_jimochi
Park Jimin was studying the third year of high school. Born in a typical, moderately rich family, he was the first son of strict, disciplinarian parents. But since he wa...
Tomboy? Why not by BubbleSyncnical
Tomboy? Why notby Bubble Syncnical
A girl named, Kisaki Sakura. Lived a tragic life. Died a tragic death. Started over as a baby and the same person. What would she change in the future? Read to find out.
The Masked Shinobi by EmilyViolet17
The Masked Shinobiby EmilyViolet17
Kakashi Hatake is dead. He died at the young age of ten to save his team, Obito and Rin from the boulders in the collapsing cave near Kannabi Bridge. There was no body t...
Money Ain't A Thing💕💸💵💸💎 by Carolina4240
Money Ain't A Thing💕💸💵💸💎by Carolina424
Janiya got an server trust issues since her and her mother got out of the abusive relationship and moved to the affordable homes. D'Angelo Mitchell is an 17 years old bo...
Beautiful | Han Jisung by Rebecamehall775
Beautiful | Han Jisungby Rebecca
The idol world is harsh, much harsher then it needs to be. Hwang Hyunjin along with many others have already been crushed under the heavy eyes of the public, will Han Ji...
Big Girls Need Love Too😍😍💙♋ by Carolina4240
Big Girls Need Love Too😍😍💙♋by Carolina424
Gwaine is the 21 years old girl from Atlanta that has an low self-esteem because of her weights. Todd Blake is the 22 years old man from Memphis, TN who fixed things dur...
There once was two by Saturnthe_3rd
There once was twoby Saturnthe_3rd
Y/N is a very kind and nice girl and has been best friends with Alex since they were little kids. One day something really bad happened to Alex and everything changed. W...
WEAKNESS by Basmala_Gamal
WEAKNESSby Basmala Gamal
Amelia Collins is a senior in Ravenwood High. She is 17 years old and a very competitive Ballet dancer. She lives a happy life with her 2 bestfriends, a younger sister a...
Because You Broke Me  by Mac_and_Shit
Because You Broke Me by Q⃠U⃠E⃠E⃠N⃠
A variety of poems about a girl who's been through several heartaches - fought too many battles and cried a lot of tears but she's still here.
Count Down- Cameron Boyce (Slowly Publishing) ✅ by just_keep_smiling269
Count Down- Cameron Boyce (Slowly...by sparkles 269
My sanity. My dignity. My pride. They all will soon be flushed down the drain. It is only a matter of time. And I will Count Down the days slowly. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥...
DAMIRAE: The Beginning  by BlackHeartSeven18
DAMIRAE: The Beginning by Clover Quinn
Raven is having a hard time. First, Damian disappears out of existence, then some guy had the nerve enough to call her ugly before getting attack by his desperate "...