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Winter's Hearts by nekoamamori
Winter's Heartsby nekoamamori
You're a half-Jotun Valkyrie who has to live with the Avengers after helping them during a battle. Then Thor brings Loki to join the team. Can either of you thaw your fr...
Loki/Imagines -RANDOM by xxibhiddleston
Loki/Imagines -RANDOMby S. Hiddleston
All the special days with Loki as a lover written just for you. Includes the loving fluffs, heartbreaks and spice ;) . Let him know that he is loved and that you'll alwa...
The Verdant Prince by Geeks4Squeaks
The Verdant Princeby Mitchy
Asgard- home of the beautiful. Home of the gods and goddesses of the Norse Tales. Buildings built in gold and quartz, the wealthy wearing lavish robes with silver and go...
A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity War by GeneralOfLoki
A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity Warby Behind The Screen
"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT IGNORANCE IS BLISS." Naomi Swanson is fresh out of college, working as an assistant in a small paper supply company and inhaling coffe...
Loki and the Witchling by nekoamamori
Loki and the Witchlingby nekoamamori
You are a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team! Previous #1 in Fanfiction
The Monster Within - Loki x Reader by OnYourLeft1177
The Monster Within - Loki x Readerby OnYourLeft1177
You are a shapeshifter that works for S.H.I.E.LD. You don't know where you came from or who you truly are. When Earth encounters a threat you are called to be part of a...
Not Your Anything by kensy_lane
Not Your Anythingby Kensy
You and Loki have been arguing since first meeting one another, but despite seeming to hate each other, there's an awful lot of sexual tension between you two. He never...
Exam Day by nekoamamori
Exam Dayby nekoamamori
Imagine Loki walking you home after a long school day.
Unbroken  by loki__fanfic
Unbroken by loki__fanfic
What would the life of laufeys son be like if Odin had never adopted him? This story will tell of the life of the jotun prince as he was raised by laufey, and it will te...
Powerlessness  ( Loki x Reader ) by PoeticMindsEye
Powerlessness ( Loki x Reader )by Lotus.
"You could destroy me, destroy Thor, my father; all of Asgard! With the snap of your fingers..... Yet you carry yourself, a fly with no wings. Why?" "Bec...
taken [loki laufeyson] by reverieloki
taken [loki laufeyson]by ⛓🕯🖤
❝for now, you are my prisoner. And i am your king.❞ ⋆ status: writing, unfinished. editing soon. a loki fanfiction. may be mature for some audiences. all characters...
Gifted by nekoamamori
Giftedby nekoamamori
Direct Sequel to Giftless. Loki x Reader. Kat has powers now and Loki has left. He promised to return to her, but will he be able to keep his word?
Heart of lies - Loki x Reader  by LokiTheCinnamonRoll
Heart of lies - Loki x Reader by LokiTheCinnamonRoll
He was alone, you felt a need to help him. Ik I'm not very good at descriptions, but anyway this is just a Loki x Reader, I hope you guys like it. It's the first x Reade...
 Loki x Reader Oneshots  by Lokisqueen3000
Loki x Reader Oneshots by Sigyn
Just a collection of Loki x Reader oneshots! Requests are open! I'll do anything but smut. Comment or pm me if you have a request!
365 Days with You by avengers_queen
365 Days with Youby avengers_queen
What happens when the one and only Loki Laufeyson threatens you into becoming his accomplice? What happens when you're sentenced to one year in prison with the god of li...
A Maiden in Battle Armour by Green0arrow
A Maiden in Battle Armourby Midnight Cries
Serlida is the last of her kind, her planet being destroyed by the mad Titan Thanos. He took her to his ship as a child and has been there for 17 years, fighting alongsi...
Being Yours (A Loki Fanfic) by imaginesloki
Being Yours (A Loki Fanfic)by Loki
loki fanfiction... YN-- your name. You are Heimdall's daughter and are in a relationship with Loki. Can you go through everything that is thrown towards your way? Will y...
Stolen Relic ~ A Loki Fanfic by ssjmsjm
Stolen Relic ~ A Loki Fanficby SJM
Kenna is one of the last Light Elves in existence, the daughter of their fallen king. She is taken to Asgard by King Odin, with the promise that he would look after her...
Parce Mihi  || Loki x Sigyn | by AshShepard
Parce Mihi || Loki x Sigyn |by Ash Crimson
||Weekly Publications|| Loki, prince of Asgard, a constant shadow of his brother. Even back then, way before Thanos, he is unable to believe that anyone will ever choose...
Same And Different (Loki x reader) by spiderbug106
Same And Different (Loki x reader)by Loki
As far as all Asgardians know (Y/N) is a simple Asgardian villager and Loki is a simple Asgardian Prince. It seems they come from different worlds and it seems that they...