The Verdant Prince
By Geeks4Squeaks
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Asgard- home of the beautiful. Home of the gods and goddesses of the Norse Tales. Buildings built in gold and quartz, the wealthy wearing lavish robes with silver and gold embroidery. It's the home you grew up in, the home in which you served under The Allfather himself. Trained since the tender age of 15, you are part of an elite squad of soldiers. It just so happens you were trained with both Princes of Asgard: Thor and Loki along with the names of many young legends. No matter the royalty of the princes, Prince Loki seems to press all of your buttons simply for fun. As much as you hated it, you began to fall for the Prince of Mischief, rather than the mighty Thor himself. Years later people hold high respect for your name, your small family rising from the slums. That was until barbarians seized the gates, raining chaos and Hell at their fingertips sending the elite squad after them in a fury. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The beautiful image DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! I simply got it off of google all credits go to the artist and if you find who it belongs to let me know so I can credit them through their name, URLs, etc!

Chapter 1: Beginnings

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The Verda...
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