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Bestfriends -benjey💓 by benjey101
Bestfriends -benjey💓by Mimi🥀
Jorge and benji have been best friends for years, since they were born, their parents are close friends from highschool. Everything was going well, until they turned 7...
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Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq) by notbackingdown
Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq)by T. Gray
Venom finds his mate in the last place imaginable. Hell's Pit. A place many men enter and never leave alive. A place Venom once enjoyed; the violence and blood thick in...
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Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️ by granolabel
Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️by bel
[ Featured on Wattpad's Official LGBT+ account! ] Ashley James has tried to hide in the closet for months when she mistakingly kissed her best friend at a party - and t...
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Smut? by iamheretho
Smut?by iamheretho
Just smut, maybe one shot or more. My second story. Yes its my story :) Tell me what you think about it, thankss *English not my first language, so sorry for the bad Eng...
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His Baby | Teen Wolf by walkingtumblrposts
His Baby | Teen Wolfby ρꫀꪖᥴꫝꫀડ
He was his baby, till they got stuck in a pentagon. BOOK ONE IN THE [HIS] SERIES // #7 in isaaclahey \\ // #27 in scottmccall \\
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✔️GODS & MONSTERS by igetsleep
✔️GODS & MONSTERSby igetsleep
"Death doesn't discriminate between sinners and saints. Death is a lover, and like old poets and sad people he is empty" "Fear death" they said &quo...
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Love Like This by AlexisCook820
Love Like Thisby Love is Love
A royal omega and a royal alpha, forced to wed and mate by their families. But maybe they get along? Maybe not? Their pasts will come back to bite them, but will they fa...
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I'm in love with a monster (Camren) by artwxrks
I'm in love with a monster (Camren)by artwxrks
Camila Cabello was in love with anything vintage or creepy, that's why she was drawn to a particular house. It was old and full of ancient furniture but, once spending a...
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My Girlfriend (PLL) by oceans8isgay
My Girlfriend (PLL)by im that person
2 girls with feelings for one girl. Shay Mitchell is the girl Ashley Benson, and Sasha Pieterse fall for. But one day, Ashley invites Lindsey, Shay, Sasha, Lucy and Troi...
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I kissed a girl wearing a cross (Camren) by artwxrks
I kissed a girl wearing a cross ( artwxrks
Religious but rebellious was how everyone knew Lauren. Smoking, drinking, partying, sneaking out... she did it all. Camila Cabello ends up in her life and they instantly...
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Littlespace guide ? by Kpopfanluna
Littlespace guide ?by Luna
welcome to my somewhat agere/cglre little space guide since I have been reading a ton of little space books so yeah. SFW stuff only and this is written by a underage age...
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Half of a Whole by igetsleep
Half of a Wholeby igetsleep
"It's not that I don't believe in love. Love doesn't believe in me" ⚜️⚜️⚜️ According to Greek mythology, humans were original...
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Changing The Future (Rewriting) ✔ by BlackRosePlayz
Changing The Future (Rewriting) ✔by BlackRosePlayz
What makes a person a hero? A good hero can be hard to find. A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person and someone gets the undivided attention of all of us and caus...
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Bnha shit posts by Ihaveabnha_addiction
Bnha shit postsby Miliie jones
this is cringe ; - ;
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Road Trip with the Enemy by demisdirtydiary
Road Trip with the Enemyby Brit
Roslyn wins a trip with Demi Lovato! But she happened to HATE Demi but was forced to go by her best friend for the "Experience" Will Roslyn still hate Demi by...
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Baby Talk (harplyn) by immaroadie
Baby Talk (harplyn)by baz❥
*completed* Its simple really, almost like baby talk, there are only five rules Brooklyn needs to follow: 1) Treat him with respect 2) Be grateful for what he gives you ...
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Regrets | Starker  °HIATUS° by Fujo4Lyfe
Regrets | Starker °HIATUS°by Luna
After a falling out with his fiancee, Tony breaks up with Pepper and realizes his love for a certain spider loving kid. Also this is before infinity war I own nothing bu...
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Life as a Secret *lesbian Story* by demisdirtydiary
Life as a Secret *lesbian Story*by Brit
Spencer Lowe, just another girl on the streets. Demi Lovato, just another popstar on a stage. Demi has a secret no one but her family and Joe Jonas know, Spencer has a...
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Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 1 by UnknownWriter1308
Yuri!!! On Ice Picture Book 1by TripleU
This is a book made from all the Yuri on Ice pictures that has been stealing space from my memory card. Hope you like it!!!♡ This mostly contains Victuri. I DON'T OWN AN...
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More than sister's (Maddie / Mackenzie Ziegler) by suckit223
More than sister's (Maddie / Alison Johnson
Sister love,mature things. How maddie and Mackenzie date and have sex and keep it a secret from everyone even there mom Melissa.
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