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My Hero by Ummkayy2
My Heroby Umm kayy
Sam is bullied and beaten he's alone then he meets Colby... Will Colby find a way to help the broken boy or will he leave him in pieces alone. (Fyi the first few chapter...
My Distraction {Completed} by xplrrsolby
My Distraction {Completed}by Solby
Sam crossdresses and he gets bullied for it he soon got kicked out and he moves into an apartment. He also has a secret which is he's a little he can hide it pretty well...
euphoria // c.b by kingpottorff
euphoria // c.bby d
"tell me how you really feel," "euphoric" ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ in which colby and harlow are brought together by a pack of cigarettes and a bit...
Trap House Imagines (COMPLETED) by theilguna
Trap House Imagines (COMPLETED)by theilguna
Everyone & more on the cover is included in this. Do not steal and repost my work on any platform. These imagines are off of my tumblr account @ilguna
Ride Buddies (Y/N x Colby Brock fanfiction) by sam41181
Ride Buddies (Y/N x Colby Brock fa...by Sam
Y/N and her best friend Tessa go to an amusement park. As normal Y/N is third wheeling with Tessa and Noah. As they go to ride the biggest ride in the park, Y/N finally...
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕓𝕪 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕔𝕜 𝔾𝕚𝕗 𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤 by emo_coibs
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕓𝕪 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕔𝕜 𝔾𝕚𝕗 𝕀𝕞𝕒...by <3
Small gif imagines of Colby Brock (sometimes other boys if requested)
Honey // Solby by gorgeousgolbachh
Honey // Solbyby ✖️
Sam is a little in hiding, afraid to tell anybody and anyone. He lives alone with his best friend Colby, who he starts catching feelings for. Will they figure it all out...
colby brock imagines by arqxntfire
colby brock imaginesby :)
just some imagines about a boy i can't have
forget about my past / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
forget about my past / solbyby ✖️
"please, forget about my past, sam." "i don't know if i can."
EXPLORE ~ A colby Brock x Reader story by -x-Eclipse-x-
EXPLORE ~ A colby Brock x Reader s...by .-xGRIFFx-.
~~I felt a hand grab my shoulder and turn me around.~~ You were inspired by them. Sam and Colby were your idols. - This story is written whilst the trap boys were still...
𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 ☾ 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚢𝚜 by -moonlightxo
𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢�...by ‎₊˚✧·˚࿐ྂ
traphouse imagines based off of their exploring and haunted videos :) highest: #2 in webber
Never Letting Go / Solby by gorgeousgolbachh
Never Letting Go / Solbyby ✖️
colby brock is the school's typical bad boy, his trusted sidekick being the one and only brennen taylor. but this all changes when brock meets a certain blonde boy, who...
broken / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
broken / solbyby ✖️
"stop telling me you're fine."
i think i love you / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
i think i love you / solbyby ✖️
"i.. i think i love you." "i think i love you too."
baby / solby  by gorgeousgolbachh
baby / solby by ✖️
"come here, baby." "yeah?" "you're mine."
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ill Stay,, colby brock x reader (completed) by strawberry_brains
ill Stay,, colby brock x reader (c...by Kitty 👅
your just an emo~ish girl who grew up in the small town seaside, Oregon but when you turned 16 you left and moved to LA on your own with no place to live on your way the...
Colby Brock imagines ❤️. by raneemxxo
Colby Brock imagines ❤️.by raneemxxo
i guess the title says it all ;) requests are open!💜
Meet And Greet by xplrrsolby
Meet And Greetby Solby
Sam's best friend, Devyn gets tickets to go to a meet and greet all the way in LA and forces Sam to go.
 Shanghai Tunnels // Sam And Colby by abigail_faith57
Shanghai Tunnels // Sam And Colbyby Abigail
Y/N and her best friend rose to decide to go skate boarding in an abandoned building. they meet four strangers who quickly become friends. Y/n joins them on a trip and c...