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In Another Life by Jessie_SnC97
In Another Lifeby SamnColby_Solby
this story does contain mature scenes. sex, violence, language, drug use, etc. please do not read if you are sensitive to this If you've been reading my work, you alread...
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Eternity- Colby Brock by WebbersBaby
Eternity- Colby Brockby Mallory Garrard
She's a vampire. So is he. But they have no idea about each other's secrets. Co-written by @A_Hemmings check her out!
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Little Things - Colby Brock by colbybrockswolf
Little Things - Colby Brockby Colby Brock's Wolf
"Bella..." "Yeah..." I turn on my heel to face him. His eyes were a spectacular shade under the warm light above us. "Let me change your mind...
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Always by Jessie_SnC97
Alwaysby SamnColby_Solby
MATURE DO NOT READ IF SENSITIVE I don't have a clue yet. Colby and Y/N are engaged! I know that much...and they're going camping with the group...I know that too. I don'...
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Addicted by Jessie_SnC97
Addictedby SamnColby_Solby
MATURE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE Honestly, no idea, as usual but this is what I'm going for.... Chloe moves to LA, California to try and discovered as a writer. H...
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Cobb Estate- colby brock  by annatypes
Cobb Estate- colby brock by Anna
held hostage in the ritual tunnels until one group of people find you...
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Our Little Secret by Nubivagxnt_
Our Little Secretby 𝕟𝕦𝕓𝕚𝕧𝕒𝕘𝕒𝕟𝕥
Colby and Ophelia have to hide their relationship not only from their fans but from Ophelia's brother and Colby's best friend.
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Abandoned by carrie_keys
Abandonedby HeyItsCarrie
I screamed as I felt a bullet pierce my left leg. Is this where it finally ends for me? Alone, injured, stuck. This can't be happening. "She's over there!" I h...
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Adopted by Elton Castee  by LonelyTeenager13
Adopted by Elton Castee by Lonely Teenager
A 15 year old girl hoping to get saved from the hell that she has called home since she was 7. This story will have abuse and self harm in it so please if you are sensit...
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Trapboys {smut//ones} by _sxlby_
Trapboys {smut//ones}by Emersyn
This is gonna get dirty. Prepare yourselves. Is this book Sam basically gets fucked by everyone listed below. Sam-Bottom Corey-Top Colby-Top Jake-Top Reggie-Top Brenn...
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Colby brock/ imagines by bitchyKun
Colby brock/ imaginesby Bitch lasanga
Smuts are in
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the tide | colby brock by dreamysnc
the tide | colby brockby h
the beach had always been sophie's safe haven- the sounds from the tide pulling her out of any bad spot. but after an unlikely series of events, she finds safety within...
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Trapped// Colby Brock ⚠️ UNDER EDITING ⚠️ by musicluver58
Trapped// Colby Brock ⚠️ UNDER EDI...by XPLR
While 18 year old Briar Marshall is exploring an abandoned hospital, she runs into a group of guys. One catches here eye. What she doesn't know is that she catches his e...
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The Beacon // Colby Brock by Deeg02
The Beacon // Colby Brockby Deeg02
Finding their way back to the Queen Mary this group of Youtubers have an encounter with someone that changes their perspective on the paranormal.
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Colby Brock by bburk2019
Colby Brockby bburk2019
What happens when Loni gets stranded at suicide bridge?? She meets people that will change her life forever! And they are not homeless or demons. ~~~ Chapter goal : 30
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prove it ; colby brock by emmary88
prove it ; colby brockby emmary88
"you're like my antidote. you counteract the poison." colby said, making me smile at him. in which a privileged, innocent girl meets a hot, bad boy.
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colby brock imagines by emmary88
colby brock imaginesby emmary88
colby brock imagines and one shots :)
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sin city by _wdwbrock
sin cityby casey
sin city wasn't made for you, angels like you. when mya andrews meets the infamous colby brock, her world turns upside down as she enters a new way of life that she neve...
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Colby Brock Smut by AJ-Dolan
Colby Brock Smutby AJ-Dolan
Colby Brock smut, cuz who wouldn't want that? 👍 These are from my dt smut book, just changed to colbys name cuz I'm in love with him. lmao enjoy 😘
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Sam and Colby: The Penitentiary by traphousereturns
Sam and Colby: The Penitentiaryby dani
They didn't expect everything to go perfectly on their new series trip to a Tennessee abandoned prison. But what they did expect is to be able to leave if they needed to...
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