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Chasing Shadows by curly_and_lou
Chasing Shadowsby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) Harry's deadly and Louis really doesn't seem to give a shit. Rated R: language, mild drinking, mild use of drugs, sexual content, and...
Things I Can || Larry Stylinson by plzdaddy
Things I Can || Larry Stylinsonby ellie’s gf 🏹
"I don't know why I'm like this." - Gay, dainty, cross dressing Louis Tomlinson meets a 'straight' asshole named Harry Styles when Harry has to go pick up his...
Larry's Christmas [Larry Stylinson] by Its_JustGeorgia
Larry's Christmas [Larry Stylinson]by Georgia
What do Larry do on the run up to christmas? THIS BOOK CONTAINS A LOT OF SMUT, DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy) by n0tzoe
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy)by ♡ zöe ♡
Louis had been dating his girlfriend, Cali, for about 3 months now. Louis finally goes to his girlfriends house to have dinner and is introduced to Cali's "bad boy...
Ballerina Boy by curly_and_lou
Ballerina Boyby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) This is a story where a ballerina meets a fucked up quarterback. Rated R: language, drugs, violence, and sexual content Enjoy...
Up Too Late (Larry Stylinson) by always3forever
Up Too Late (Larry Stylinson)by •AM•
Louis and Harry stayed up quite late. Not long after Louis fell asleep, Harry heard him grinding against the mattress and breathing heavily. So... he went over to check...
Orphans | Larry by marriedlarry
Orphans | Larryby marriedlarry
au - Where Harry and Louis meet at an Orphanage. - [LARRY STYLINSON AU] [mature] rankings: #1 in larrystylinson #1 in larryfanfic #1 in larryisreal #1 in liam #2 in st...
The Family Reunion (Larry Stylinson) by larryxland
The Family Reunion (Larry Haylee
Harry meets his cousin, Louis, and gives him some Christmas spirit.
growing up. by larryfuckedindallas
growing larryfuckedindallas
harry and louis have grown up together. ever since harry was a baby, louis and him have been best friends. the boys grow up together, getting closer every day, but what...
fanboy [larry] by tragicbands
fanboy [larry]by ej
Louis Tomlinson, the most well known solo artist in the music industry. He has always been intrigued with the phenomenon his fans call 'fandom', he doesn't really get it...
One Of Her Students. by HolyCraicHoran
One Of Her HolyCraicHoran
Everything changes when one day Louis decides to visit the school that his girlfriend, Eleanor, works at. Out of everything that he could notice in the school, he notice...
Forbidden Love by stylezandtommo
Forbidden Loveby Larry Stylinson
"I wanted Harry back, I want to see him happy again...and I could tell he wanted the same thing." - - The love they had for each other was inevitable. No matte...
Yes Daddy - Larry Stylinson by larrytrash07
Yes Daddy - Larry Stylinsonby larrytrash07
Harry decides to tease Louis throughout an interview and after going home Louis punishes him and shows him how good of a daddy he is.
Him! || Larry (boyxboy)  by honeybunchlou
Him! || Larry (boyxboy) by Nicole
Louis is dating 'EleAnOr mE giRlFriENd'. He loves her very much and so does she. Or maybe that's what they both think. One day Eleanor takes him home to meet her family...
Expose - Larry Dirty Fanfic by Jellystyles
Expose - Larry Dirty Fanficby Jelly
Dirty Fanfic Should Larry be exposed? Should Management stop hiding it?
Glad I stared [larry smut] by LarrySuperhuman
Glad I stared [larry smut]by larry almighty
The smut is written in Harry's pov. If there's any mistakes I'm really sorry but English is not my language. Enjoy xx
sugardaddy // l s by -softjiminie
sugardaddy // l sby chantal
Harry's hot breath ghosts over Louis' smaller lips, making the twink shiver in anticipation. "Are you even able to repay me?" he asks, voice rough, filled wit...
Because of You by LarryStudies
Because of Youby Liz
Hiding a secret can be hard, telling everyone my secret can be harder. He hurt me, everyone trusted him, how can I tell everyone I was raped?
Larry Stylinson Texts by Lozzombae
Larry Stylinson Textsby L
The title says it all.