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Lottie's Brother by tosanfransico28
Lottie's Brotherby tosanfransico28
Harry Styles is best friends with Lottie Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Harry always had a bit of a crush on Lottie's older brother Louis but it was just a chil...
remember my name. by danielpawelthelarry
remember my danielthelarry
Larry stylinson AU. His hands grips around the boys neck, soft dimple smile, and electric blue eyes bring them back to the moments they shared all those years ago.
Yes Daddy - Larry Stylinson by larrytrash07
Yes Daddy - Larry Stylinsonby larrytrash07
Harry decides to tease Louis throughout an interview and after going home Louis punishes him and shows him how good of a daddy he is.
Up Too Late (Larry Stylinson) by always3forever
Up Too Late (Larry Stylinson)by •AM•
Louis and Harry stayed up quite late. Not long after Louis fell asleep, Harry heard him grinding against the mattress and breathing heavily. So... he went over to check...
White Rose by LS_Stories
White Roseby Ash
(Larry) (Completed) Harry was an innocent boy. He loved life, loved school, loved his girlfriend, and loved himself. Louis changed that. Warning: language, drugs, alcoho...
Forbidden Love by stylezandtommo
Forbidden Loveby Larry Stylinson
"I wanted Harry back, I want to see him happy again...and I could tell he wanted the same thing." - - The love they had for each other was inevitable. No matte...
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson  by WallsIsAboutHarry
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson by dont_eat_yellow_snow
Since a lot of people don't like a/b/o stories (I also didn't read it for a long time) I decided to create another extra book for these stories. It's just smut again Som...
Short Story (Larry Stylinson) by louisxharryoveragain
Short Story (Larry Stylinson)by larryxoveragain
Basically Louis gives Harry a handjob under the covers with the boys next to them. Sorry if this is terrible.. ive never written anything before but i had this idea in m...
LURE  ✧ l.s. ✧ by highlikeharry
LURE ✧ l.s. ✧by 𓆏
Harry Styles is the owner of a very popular strip club called LURE and he happens to need a new stripper. When he spots a perfect brown-haired boy in the mall and over h...
strawberry shampoo one shots  by Larrys_left_shoe
strawberry shampoo one shots by Larrys_left_shoe
highly requested because y'all seem to be very horny ahaha
Ballerina Boy by curly_and_lou
Ballerina Boyby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) This is a story where a ballerina meets a fucked up quarterback. Rated R: language, drugs, violence, and sexual content Enjoy...
Hate sex  by kfkfkvkkfk
Hate sex by Realeyesrealiselarry
Louis and Harry love each other very, very much. The only problem is Louis really likes sex and Harry, well he hates it he doesn't know why but everything about it makes...
ლური / Lure  l.s (ქართულად) by larrysbraves28
ლური / Lure l.s (ქართულად)by STRAIGHT ?!
ჰარი სტაილსი არის ძალიან პოპულარული სტრიპტიზ კლუბის მფლობელი, სახელწოდებით LURE და მას ახალი სტრიპტიზიორი სჭირდება. როდესაც ის სავაჭრო ცენტრში სრულყოფილ ყავისფერ თმიან ბ...
Daddy's Little Gold Digger by Daddypayno93
Daddy's Little Gold Diggerby payno
Louis Tomlinson,17 years old. Harry Styles, 24 years old. To Harry age is nothing but a number to Louis the only numbers he cares about is Harry's credit card number.
i think i'm ready to dance again. by larryy28bluegreen
i think i'm ready to dance larry.28.bluegreen
" Louis smiled one of his signature smiles where his eyes were almost closed from how happy he was. He slowly raised himself onto his toes so he was more level w...
mr tomlinson ;; larry stylinson by louisaesth
mr tomlinson ;; larry stylinsonby haylee
your basic story about about a twink who finds love
LarrySmutOS by fangirlattack18
LarrySmutOSby marie.
Larry Smut Oneshots. No explanation needed.
Larry smut by 1direction132
Larry smutby 1direction132
Bottom Harry. Top Louis A lot of smut