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Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki Byakuya x Oc x A bit of Various) by amaya9801
Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki Byaku...by アマヤ
[Previously titled "Cherry Blossom Illusion"] Yamamoto Asa, the granddaughter of Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, is one of Soul Society's prodigies. Besides bei...
Hurt (Byakuya x Reader) by Miyuki_Aisuna
Hurt (Byakuya x Reader)by Miyuki_Aisuna
"You'll never compare to Hisana" those five words that came out of him HURT like hell like knives stabbing me again and again. I knew it I was second infact I...
Lost (Byakuya Kuchiki) by MinSugaSwag1993
Lost (Byakuya Kuchiki)by Kumori Love
The princess of Soul Society's greatest ally has returned! That should be great, shouldn't it? There's just one problem. She doesn't remember anything. The Roiyaru Kage...
Shinigamis karaoke party (Ichigo x Rukia fanfic) by Imafreakingavenger
Shinigamis karaoke party (Ichigo x...by T.RØMÁÑÔV
The shinigamis go to the karaoke to celebrate aizen's defeat. Matsumoto is planning to do something during the party. Paring Ichigo x rukia byakuya x renji ukitake x un...
Fighting Over Me (Ulquiorra x Orihime x Ichigo) by JoshuaHyuuga
Fighting Over Me (Ulquiorra x Orih...by Joshua Ja
This story is going to be written in Orihime's perspective. Sometimes I'll write it in others' perspective, but mostly Orihime's~~~:D Inoue Orihime, an ordinary girl wh...
Outlaws of Love by XxSei-chanxX
Outlaws of Loveby Gio D. Adityarahman
'Everywhere we go we're looking for the sun Nowhere to grow old, we're always on the run They say we'll rot in Hell, but I don't think we will They've branded us enough...
The Dark Legacy: Full Moon | BLEACH; IR {Book 2} by Morning_Eagle
The Dark Legacy: Full Moon | BLEAC...by Morning Eagle
[In-progress] Bleach fanfiction. Ichiruki. Buku kedua dari seri The Dark Legacy. Setelah menemukan jati dirinya sebagai penerus dari winter fairy, Rukia dihadapkan pada...
IF  by azureknight16
IF by azureknight16
what would happen had someone other than matsumoto found hitsugaya . how will this shape his future . Okay I don't own bleach or any of its characters , if did then tosh...
The Reflections of Byakuya Kuchiki by adverbslut
The Reflections of Byakuya Kuchikiby adverb slut
Drabbles regarding how Byakuya Kuchiki deals with the numerous peasants (read: non-Kuchikis) that somehow make their way into his daily life. Also known as "Byakuya...
You Don't Believe in Ghosts? {RenBya} by wintergenesis
You Don't Believe in Ghosts? {RenB...by Luka
Renji was never a superstitious guy, unlike a couple of his closer friends. Neither was Byakuya. That was, until they were thrown together in an old Edo-era compound. Se...
Noble Clans (Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader) (HIATUS) by Paper_candy_
Noble Clans (Byakuya Kuchiki X Rea...by anonymous
[Byakuya Kuchiki x reader] [HIATUS TIME BISHES] #7 in bleachfanfiction #6 in bleachfanfiction ( 6th July 2018) #1 in bleachfanfiction (8th July 2018) #6 in bleach (11 Ju...
Captain, My Captain (Bleach Fanpoems) by yemihikari
Captain, My Captain (Bleach Fanpoe...by Yemi Hikari
This set of poems is themed around the captains of the Gotei Thirteen. Disclaimer - I don't own Bleach. (Written for the Bleach: Diversity Writing challenge... c-3)
Byakuya's diary: notes to Hisana by CroftManor21
Byakuya's diary: notes to Hisanaby CroftManor21
Just as Byakuya Kuchiki talks to his late wife Hisana's photograph, he writes to her... moments of peace and calm, which feels much the same to him as conversing with th...
Neige et glace❄️ by LadyTomioka
Neige et glace❄️by Lady AP
Se han preguntado alguna vez, si el frío capitán del 10° escuadrón se interesó en alguien más aparte de Momo Hinamori. ¿Ser rechazado fue una ventaja o desventaja para d...
One hot day (bleach crack fanfiction) by Imafreakingavenger
One hot day (bleach crack fanficti...by T.RØMÁÑÔV
On this unusually hot day, the captains and lieutenants were forced to sit through the long boring meeting. What do they do when they get frustrated because of the heat...
Kurosaki Ichigo the matchmaker ? by Yuuki-chan07
Kurosaki Ichigo the matchmaker ?by Yuuki-chan07
Ichigo agreed to a bet with ikkaku and renji to find a perfect date for BYAKUYA? He meet a woman who look similar to certain person for Byakuya. What will happened? Hisa...
Calligraphy and sunsets by Soldelata
Calligraphy and sunsetsby Soldelata
In order to improve his handwriting, Capt commander orders Kenpachi Zaraki to improve his goddamn handwriting in one on one calligraphy sessions with the world's number...
I Want Candy (Bleach Fanfic) by yemihikari
I Want Candy (Bleach Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Byakuya is bothered by an unwanted guest. Story written for the Bleach: Diversity Writing Challenge. The story for a.79 is to write a story 500 words or less that is G r...
I Fell For A Shinigami by BVBArmyGurl17
I Fell For A Shinigamiby Jiminie’s_PRINCESS
This is basically me falling in love with Ichigo and going with him (and friends) on missions even though I'm not a substitute soulreaper. But, later on in the story, I...
Rivals in Love (Bleach: Kuchiki Byakuya/OC) by DreamsDoComeTrue
Rivals in Love (Bleach: Kuchiki By...by Arissa 💫
In which Byakuya's previous fiancé returns to kick his ass. First, for treating his adoptive sister so coldly. Second, and most importantly, for being an asshole in gene...