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Being with You by ErzaKurosaki
Being with Youby Erza-Chan
Rukia and Ichigo have known each other for so long, but their true feelings for each other are just beginning to blossom! Follow the events that occur in their funny re...
Glow by RukiaMaka
Glowby Chloe Waters
Ichigo and Rukia finally fall in love and get married and start a family ichiruki and ishihime. Sorry I'm bad a summaries. Disclaimer: I do not own Bleac...
Paint: An IchiRuki Oneshot Collection by mystxriotaku
Paint: An IchiRuki Oneshot Collect...by Cara
Rukia's scowl deepened to the point of rivalling Ichigo's trademark facial expression. "I'm going to ace Art class and then you'll be sorry!" She pointed her p...
Right To My Heart (IchiRuki oneshots) by Chappyluver
Right To My Heart (IchiRuki onesho...by Chappyluver♥
Hey there! I am a big IchiRuki fan so here is a collection of IchiRuki oneshots. A few will be written by me to and for the rest REQUESTS ARE OPEN feel free message me a...
When I See You Again (IchiRuki) by xXShadowWarriorXx
When I See You Again (IchiRuki)by Fandom Trash
In the final battle against Aizen, Ichigo is fatally wounded and dies not long after Aizen does. Unknown to a depressed Rukia, Ichigo goes to Soul Society and attends th...
The Black Sun and the White Moon by russiansushi
The Black Sun and the White Moonby Alexis
Bleach Ichiruki one shots (I don't own anything, copy right stuff)
Secret Within by Average_Goddess
Secret Withinby •Average~Goddess•
The Kurosaki family has been keeping many secrets that only a few know. What if the Kurosaki family needed to reveal all of them to save everyone they love and cared for...
The real meaning of love by naruhinaforever134
The real meaning of loveby Naruhinaforever
Ichigo has been feeling some strange feeling towards rukia and doesn't know what it is ? Rukia has given up on ichigo loving her and letting orihime have him !Will ichig...
Cold ass Cuddles by quoksyaga
Cold ass Cuddlesby Quoks.
really, really, stooooopid, and really cheesy, but ay, it's got cuddles
Bleach Doujinshi/Comics by enyahsft
Bleach Doujinshi/Comicsby Shayne Essex
Assorted Bleach comics and doujins that have been translated into English. As a warning, most of these will probably be Ichiruki comics, with other pairings in the back...
Ichiruki Proof by Orihime_Inoue4
Ichiruki Proofby Orihime Inoue
This story is about ichiruki. Proof that it might be canon, I did a lot of research so I just wanted to make this a ichiruki proof story. I really love ichiruki and I sh...
Longing- The Feeling Of Wanting, Only To Be Left With Nothing by Petra4President
Longing- The Feeling Of Wanting, O...by Petra4President
Five years passed since the Winter War. The Soul Society had won and everything went seeming back to normal. Although Ichigo misses Rukia dearly and finally gets to see...
Insanity of Betrayal by Fangirlhime
Insanity of Betrayalby Fangirlhime
"You think five years isn't enough time to change your personality? Well think again. It just takes something small, and then the very people you helped climb the...
Death & The Strawberry [Currently Being Edited] by Ichigo015
Death & The Strawberry [Currently...by Destiny Boothe
Ichigo feels like he has lost part of himself since Rukia has been gone. After the appearance of a frightening Hollow, and Ichigo's utter defeat, what fate may befall hi...
When Ichigo shows no interest to Shinji's lures of joining the Vizard, the group of ex-Shinigami end up taking to slightly extreme measures. Ichigo is now being held aga...
Ichigo x Rukia by AJ_Peace
Ichigo x Rukiaby IchiRuki FTW
IchiRuki Fanfiction. One-Shots. Each chapter's a different story. ☆☆ (Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Bleach)
One... interesting cruise (Hitsukarin) by MrsTsukishimaKei
One... interesting cruise (Hitsuka...by Mrs. Tsukishima Kei
HitsuKarin. Fluff, Romance. The Kurosaki family is going on a cruise, only rule. They have to bring a date. Who will the Kurosaki siblings bring? ...
Ulquiorra returns by LoveNeverDies13
Ulquiorra returnsby LoveNeverDies13
"I'm longing to be with Ulquiorra again. What is wrong with me? When I was there with him, all I wanted was to get away from Hueco Mundo and back home where I belon...