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my sunshine (completed) by Samskruthikrishna
my sunshine (completed)by Samskruthikrishna
this is a story of a broken boy who is broken and shattered because of one incident but got true love and meaning of his life after few hours of that incident... let's p...
My Run Away Groom by TaeJun-ah
My Run Away Groomby TaeJun-ah
Its my day... Actually our day But he didnt come... He left me without nothing. No reason.. or damn explanation. Highest ranking #1 - hwasa #1 - fx #1 - Solar #2 - Mama...
Until Forever😘😘 by itzmeAgnes
Until Forever😘😘by Minnzz ✨🦋
This story starts from Neil choose Juhi and Mishti over Avni. There will be certain changes. Peep into story to know more Cover and banner credit: @MaitreyiTiwari
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPLETED by joellecaroline
Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction EXO KAI KIM JONG IN
Aria was sent to Seoul, South Korea together with her bestfriend, Ella as exchange students. They're big fans of Exo which surprisingly had an opportunity to meet them...
BTOB 8th Member by SpooningTwice
*Not a real person* Started: 2021-10-23 Universe 2 (No COVID) : SNSD, TVXQ, Big Bang, BTS, Wanna One, GOT8, BTOB, TXT, Sistar, SuJu
Contracted With Exo Members (Exo Ambw) by Tearsonlyknow
Contracted With Exo Members (Exo Bree
Imagine what it would be like to be the girlfriend of all twelve Exo member's girlfriend? but it was a contract where you have five rules to follow but you love all of...
THE HEIRS by eggenes
THE HEIRSby eggenes
Kim Aera, twin sister of Kim Tan, story. What do you do when you meet the boy whom you swore to love and grow with together after four years? Had the feelings stayed the...
Nari Hwang/ soloist au  by alexa_eclipse
Nari Hwang/ soloist au by Zelo
Nari Hwang also know as Kim Jinyeol is sister of BTS Kim Remi and solo artist, she used to be a YouTuber but Source Music saw her potential and gave her an offer no one...
LOVENEMIES [END] by dindareginaa
Remake dari novel china Rock Sugar and Pear Stew. Aku suka banget sama novel ini, jadi aku memutuskan untuk meremakenya dengan tokoh khayalanku sendiri. Tulisan ini sama...
Constant and Changing by Kryber_heart
Constant and Changingby kryber_heart
A Kryber love story based on true events. Following f(x)'s "Red Light" promtions, life for Krystal takes a turn for the worst. Sulli goes on hiatus, Jessica is...
SASSY KIDDY - Chanyeol X Wendy [END] by nuheshine
SASSY KIDDY - Chanyeol X Wendy [ 👼🏻 Sehunnie 💛
[Rom-Com] Kumpulan anak-anak FSRD resek yang hobinya cuma have fun! Chanyeol: gausah tanya berapa IQ-nya Wendy buat tau kemampuan intelektualnya, liat cara dia napas aja...
The Last fight | kaisoo by seoulchonew
The Last fight | kaisooby cal
"After 4 years, Kim Jongin begs one of the best lawyers out there, his ex Do Kyungsoo to fight for his wife, Krystal's case." --- © seoulchonew...
eternal love between us ✔ by seannelyze
eternal love between us ✔by D
[Beberapa chapter mengandung unsur DEWASA. Bijaklah dalam membaca. Anak di bawah umur, tolong urungkan niatnya untuk membaca, karena sudah diperingatkan mengandung unsur...
Ripper's Journey II: The Son Of Ripper by Evastarunit73
Ripper's Journey II: The Son Of josh
After the death of the ultimasaurus ripper blue delta echo and charlie are now free to roam the world and one day they come across owen's house Owen is happy to see his...
My 12  Caring Brothers (Discontinue) by ZoobBTS
My 12 Caring Brothers ( Zubiya Masood
What happen when Y/N finds out that she have 12 brothers. 5 cousins and 7 real brothers. Now she can't get any boyfriend or any crush. Finds out what is her life with h...
University Love Book 1 by Mackaress
University Love Book 1by Leela Turanga
I just graduated highschool in my ever so loving alma mater called St. Therese of Avila high school. Follow me on my journey to the third chapter of my life in &quo...
Idol Love by Minnie_61
Idol Loveby Krystal Jung
kha zan atang khan ka ta ini hrelo der angin om mah la i thinlung lh ngaihtuahna ah cuan ka tan a i inhlan zan kha ala awm reng tih ka hria....Krystal Jung
1st LISA (BLACKPINK LOVE STORY)by - so_say -
Kenyataan bahwa kekasihnya memiliki kisah masa lalu dengan sahabatnya, membuat Lisa memilih untuk mundur