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Destined You & I (Completed) by Notmyday999
Destined You & I (Completed)by Lana
What if it's not love at first sight? How many times do you have to meet to fall in love? Let's find out with Kongpob and Arthit. I only guarantee a happy ending. ❤️ Sta...
The Princes and the Paupers (Completed) by prabinajogi
The Princes and the Paupers ( prabinajogi
When childhood best friends New, Singto, and Gun from a poor society get selected for a full-ride scholarship to the city's most talked-about school for the elites their...
Faces Of Love : The Trinity   by Cris_Peraya
Faces Of Love : The Trinity by Cris Peraya
Fame. Friendship. Pressure. Love. What will they do to achieve the last? In the chaotic world of showbiz, how will these three couple find their way to each other's arm...
Tin is canned'  (TinCan) ✔ by Wannasamuel
Tin is canned' (TinCan) ✔by Sam
Tin and Can hated each other since their very first encounter. Can swore to the God, that he'd never ever see the disturbingly handsome face of the atitude freak, Mr.T...
A boy that is under a curse. A ghost that will do what he needs to do in order to fullfill his mission. An actor that is left by his lover and is now in the middle of a...
One More Chance by KS2216
One More Chanceby KS2216
Ex-boyfriends Arthit and Kongpop meet again after 20 years in a college reunion. Now in their early 40s and both having completely different lives, will they ever have a...
Ship Sailed by ArienSolaris
Ship Sailedby ArienFiore
Imagine KristSingto, TayNew, OffGun with their Children In a Neighborhood. Chaos and Stories will Unfold. follow their journey on how they handle their Children and how...
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Never Let Go (Complete) by draganosta
Never Let Go (Complete)by Äļķâ
Another KongArt oneshot.. **Characters belongs to Bittersweet. Thou the plot is mine
Bittersweet memories by daisyveeni
Bittersweet memoriesby daisyveeni
Some moments from KongArt's life, SOTUS canon. Characters and story are not mine, only the fanfiction is mine.
A Second Chance by JaeSK29
A Second Chanceby JaeSK29
Author's note: story contains male pregnancy content, sensitive issues, cursing and the like. ~~~~~~~~~ Singto is one of the famous director in Asia and Krist is one of...
Medical Students by tayangnew
Medical Studentsby tayangnew
New Thitipoom dan gengnya (Gun Atthapan, Krist Perawat, Toptap Jirakit) sama-sama diterima masuk ke Fakultas Kedokteran di salah satu kampus ternama di Bandung. Mereka s...
The Psychotherapist's Innocent Sun by peraya_yeah
The Psychotherapist's Innocent Sunby peraya_yeah
Kongpob Sutthiluck, a man of 27 years, Bangkok's most sought after psychotherapist. Well known for his success rate, he is called upon to treat a special patient, Arthit...
Welcome Home by MadlyninBliss
Welcome Homeby MadlyninBliss
'Strange' would be a mild word to describe the relationship between Kongpob and Arthit. Normally, people fall in love, marry, move in and then raise kids. For Kongpob a...
After | Instagram Series #1 by HopelessWings
After | Instagram Series #1by ᴄᴇᴇᴊᴀʏ
"After we broke up, I made a promise to have you back." --- A love story where Singto Prachaya broke up with his boyfriend as he choose his career. After break...
Piggy Bank 🟢 by saItedpeaches
Piggy Bank 🟢by Lynn
High School AU: Quiet loner Arthit works at his family's grilled pork cart every day after school, trying to make some pocket money. Popular rich kid Kongpob comes acros...
Faces Of Love Book 2 : The Pillars by Cris_Peraya
Faces Of Love Book 2 : The Pillarsby Cris Peraya
The Holy Trinity plus a couple of newbies, they earned another title.. The Royal couples, the four pillars of GNN. GNNtv's rising stars threatens the seat of the three l...
Krist sighed and lifted up his face to have a good look on Singto. "P'....You're mocking me, aren't you?" "Mocking you?" "I know that I'm short...
Sold to the gangster by YellowieSwan734
Sold to the gangsterby YellowieSwan734
<zawgyi> [Singto-Krist ficအေနနဲ႔ေတာ့ swanရဲ႕ 1st ficေလးပါ... စိတ္ကူးယဥ္သက္သက္ျဖစ္ၿပီး characterလည္း ကြဲျပားပါတယ္...] ☆☆☆?Translationမဟုတ္ပါ...?☆☆☆ <Unicode> ...
The Prince and The Thief by KS2216
The Prince and The Thiefby KS2216
A Kongpob-Arthit fanfiction. What has fate in store for Kongpob, a thief, and Arthit, a prince, who meet in the most unexpected circumstances?