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Kore || A Hades and Persephone Retelling by madisonkunzler
Kore || A Hades and Persephone Ret...by Madison McClay
In a time where monsters raged and immortals reigned, two star-crossed lovers fight every obstacle to be together. Persephone and Hades find themselves buried in godly d...
Hades & Persephone by fluttercordgirl
Hades & Persephoneby August P.
This is a re-Imagining of the classic tale of the abduction of Persephone.(Heavily inspired by other media) _____ Persephone, goddess of spring and nature. Blessed with...
Persephone by A_M_Giovanni
Persephoneby Aaron M. Giovanni
Bringer of destruction. That was what her name meant. She was wild, untameable, wilful and stubborn. They tried to bring her back up to Olympus but she stayed put. She...
Lore Olympus OC Headcannons by lqmon-icqcvbe
Lore Olympus OC Headcannonsby bombaclxt
My Loresonas for me to keep track of but you're welcome to draw/take inspiration 🫶🏾 (tag me if u do)
Halves by StarkAsphodels
Halvesby StarkAsphodels
Isolation can be devastating. But love...can destroy everything around you. For Persephone, isolation is being kept under the suffocating gaze of her mother, treated l...
Pretty Poison ━━ Percy Jackson by frivolouse
Pretty Poison ━━ Percy Jacksonby finnick odair's girlfriend
If there is a life after this, he told her, let me meet you in it. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ PJO / Percy Jackson 2022 © frivolouse COVER B...
Deviant or Divine |  Hades and Persephone by floraonfire
Deviant or Divine | Hades and Per...by hunter kay
FULL STORY NOW ON KINDLE UNLIMITED New Olympus: a secret haven where Greek mythology comes to life and mortals possess godly powers. Leila is the city's newest resident...
Sundown by inkmypaper
Sundownby inkmypaper
As Persephone lay in the cool grass the shade offered her, a chill crept across her body. She wondered if invoking his name would really bring her estranged husband to h...
The Myth Untold | eunhyuk by eun_hyukjae
The Myth Untold | eunhyukby gelll
lee hyukjae as the greek god of the dead, hades. 💎 After a series of unfortunate events that started when she went on a field trip at Parthenon in Athens with her best...
When The Clock Turns Left by Lazy_Bacon112
When The Clock Turns Leftby Miri Zanico
I don't own any of the pictures, nor Greek mythology itself, as well as any mentioned movies, books, etc. that have to do with Greek Myth as well. " I will only...
Hades and Persephone by guesswot
Hades and Persephoneby guesswot
In the past two months since I discovered her, I had 'visited' her four times. Of course, she didn't know I was visiting. Some might call it stocking, but to be perfectl...
Nevertheless by user510607e
Neverthelessby nabi🦋
Sanat okulunda tanıştığı hem çapkın hem de yakışıklı sınıf arkadaşı, aşka inanmayan bir kadını sadece seks partneri oldukları bir ilişkinin içine çeker. Kim Nabi & Oika...
Lore Khepri (Worm x Lore Olympus) by KriegSchnee
Lore Khepri (Worm x Lore Olympus)by KriegSchnee
Reborn as the goddess Khepri, Taylor Hebert visits Mount Olympus as part of the Egyptian entourage.
The Keys To Freedom  by kkcutielive
The Keys To Freedom by Alyssa D. Jones
An opening to a world where bad guys aren't like what people depict. With Greek mythology thrown in the mix
Kore'yi Tanıyoruz (DÜZENLENİYOR) by DoAria
Kore'yi Tanıyoruz (DÜZENLENİYOR)by Goddess Of Night
Annyeonghaseyo! 안녕하세요! ♧ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ♧ Korece, Kore tarihi ve kültürü öğrenmeye hazır mısınız? Peki ya k-pop ve k-drama? Kore filmleri de olmazsa olmaz diyorsanız hem...
A CAST OF PAIN   (Closed For Editing) by OdediranTaiwo
A CAST OF PAIN (Closed For Editi...by Odediran Taiwo Oluwakemi
25 years go down the drain when series of dreams, supposedly forgotten parts of her life, memories spring up. They're painful but by implication, consequential. What do...
Gru x Jihyo: A Forbidden Love Story by cultforseokjin
Gru x Jihyo: A Forbidden Love Storyby cultforseokjin
Gru is madly in love with Jihyo... but life has other plans for the couple. Jax, Kim, Sophie, and other all come along to stop Gru from being with his love. Next thing y...
In The Eyes Of The Laws by absolutescoundrel
In The Eyes Of The Lawsby nunya
What if Zeus decided to take Kores act of wrath to Hades court of law?
. by Dodoyana
.by Dodoyana Dodoyana
Bambaşka bir evrende iki krallık arasındaki savaş dünyaya taşınsaydı ne olurdu? (Smut ve şiddet sahneleri içerir.)