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Poseidon's daughter by Toxicdeadfandom
Poseidon's daughterby Jezy
Imagine if Percy Jackson had a sister named Valentine James. Now imagine that his sister was an 15 year old master mind and started killing monsters age 6 . Yea that's t...
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The Titan Slayer (Attack on Titan X God Of War Male Reader by Cryptic_Nightfall
The Titan Slayer (Attack on Titan...by Cryptic_Nightfall
Your the son of Kratos. Although not aware of your true heritage you can hold your own marking close to Kratos himself. However one day you are attacked by a stranger qu...
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Raging Love - Book 1 by Kai1208
Raging Love - Book 1by Kai
"NO! ANNABETH! NO!" Percy screamed, agony and raw anger laced with his voice. Annabeth looked at the battlefield and made eye contact with Percy. The monsters...
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Son of Chaos || Percy Jackson by rosxpxtals
Son of Chaos || Percy Jacksonby ♕ᴹᵃʳˢʰᵐᵃˡˡᵒʷ ♕
*EDITING* Perseus Achilles Jackson; Savior of Olympus, one of the Seven, and the most loyal demigod you will ever meet. Has a price over his head? After the betrayal of...
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Percabeth One Shots by pjo12fan
Percabeth One Shotsby PJO12FAN
Occasional fight scenes, some romance, and lots of heartfelt kisses. Bunch of one shots and short stories, all about Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase. (And some of their...
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Alone in Solitude; Percy Jackson by Smokey117
Alone in Solitude; Percy Jacksonby Smokey117
Percy is forced into godhood. They try to send him to Tartarus for being ungrateful but their forced gift saves him. He take off alone never wanting part of his past ag...
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Percico  by HeidiMonroe13
Percico by Nightcrawler13
After the war with Gaea ended, Annabeth couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't just stay the same. She had to change...something. So she told Percy she just needed her sp...
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Meet Percabeth One Shots by bookfanawesomeness
Meet Percabeth One Shotsby Fangirl
A series of people meeting Percabeth moments, when they have kids, when they're in high school, or when they're at camp. Thank you for reading and I know they're really...
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Betrothed to the Moon by MasterOvGravity
Betrothed to the Moonby MasterGrav
Sometimes, you can't save everyone and sometimes, to save everything, something still has to be lost. To the Olympians, it was the god of heroes. To Apollo, it was his b...
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Mortals meet percabeth by BlackWhiteAngel_UwU
Mortals meet percabethby Wai Yiu Tsang, Yoyo
This idea is reused. I'm finding names on the internet so I'm sorry if some of you have used it. I just hope you guys enjoy. I'll be updating, no matter how slow my upda...
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A Gift from the Gods by AJWilliams0494
A Gift from the Godsby AJWilliams0494
A princess born before her time. A warrior in search of immortality. Both humbled by circumstance. *Structured around the 2004 film's sense of romance and dynamic chara...
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The Child of the Dead Sea (a Percy Jackson fanfic) by hsk2601
The Child of the Dead Sea (a Percy...by Kingsley
After a quest in California, Percy and Annabeth take a train back to Camp Half-Blood. But they meet someone who changes their lives. When they, along with the rest of t...
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I'm a God, not a demigod (percy Jackson x reader) by Frozen_Freak07
I'm a God, not a demigod (percy Ja...by Fandom freak
One day, one seemingly normal day, a certain God of Olympus, not saying who, decides to test the fellow gods and goddesses powers. He, yes he, proposes to see if all of...
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The God's mate  by Marine1346
The God's mate by Marine1346
Gaël is a god. And by god I don't mean that he looks like one. He is one. One day, while he was bored in Olympia, the land of Gods, he decided to go and take a look at t...
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What can I be? (Solangelo) by clawer70
What can I be? (Solangelo)by clawer70
Leaves off after the end of the last war. Nico did it. The camps did it. Gaea is asleep again. The world's been saved. Words call out to him. The world is spinning. Bla...
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Fate by Eleonora1756
Fateby Eleonora1756
❝Does Fate always play this game?" "Yes, yes she does. And she likes it.❞ __________ One day Zeus came by. Lucky me! And asked - more like commanded - me to wa...
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HALF BLOOD || BTS!demigod au by Min_yg_Genius
HALF BLOOD || BTS!demigod auby Scarlet Williams
Y/n always thought that she was abandoned in an orphanage by her parents due to her weird behavior when in fact, she was being hidden in the dark with other children who...
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punks and problems- a diary of clarisse la rue by hightfright
punks and problems- a diary of cla...by Thalia lieutenant of Artemis
the story of clarisse, before, at and after camp. slow updates
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Mortals & Gods by nicole_mcleod
Mortals & Godsby Nicole🌗
In a dystopian near future, where myth is now fact, Greek Gods and Goddess walk among mortals on earth-but not as one of them. No. They rule the earth in empires built f...
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Abusive House, Burned Ties by BlackandBlueMascara
Abusive House, Burned Tiesby Faye Buckner
'I stepped out the window and onto the fire escape. I turned back towards my old room, "Goodbye Hell." I turned back towards the open world, "And hello fr...
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