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A WRITER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotalone by VioletDaylight
A WRITER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotaloneby Violet Daylight
What every writer knows ... Life as a writer is hard. A constant struggle against your own thoughts and ideas. Trying to catch what you know lives inside you. Create the...
Dark Shift by psstitsmepotato
Dark Shiftby Know-it-All
A team of marine researchers working for an offshore science-led company were faced with catastrophe when a mysterious tidal wave hit the bottom trench of the ocean; lea...
Short Stories & Poetry by -Taffie-
Short Stories & Poetryby Taffeta
A collection of my poems and short stories. I write and publish them spontaneously- whenever the inspiration hits! Join my Discord:
Words Have No Limit by Forever_sheemie
Words Have No Limitby C. Wilson
These are just a series of oneshots that I created to enter contests. Enjoy!
Oeuvres by Xnthelion
Oeuvresby Nad
Microstory, one-shot, flash fiction... Whatever you call these snacks in a box is exactly what you'll find in this book. It is my hope that these will spark ideas for yo...
Undivulged by BlueSkies30
Undivulgedby BlueSkies30
A one-shot story for the "And then contest". Written in English.
Lost at Sea( And Then Collab) by BroodingHyena
Lost at Sea( And Then Collab)by Liz
Hi!!This is a one shot for the LGBTQ's And Then Collaboration. Hope you like :)
Short Stories  by SnFusion
Short Stories by LifeTraveller(Suzy)
This is a book dedicated to some short stories.... Hope y'all like it 😉
NEW WORLD (collection) by authorastridc
NEW WORLD (collection)by Astrid ฅ/ᐠ. ̫ .ᐟ\ฅ
One Weird Day by JackieBeeStories
One Weird Dayby Jackie Bee
One Weird Day is a collection of my short stories. The genres are horror, sci-fi, magic realism, slipstream - in short, the weird stuff! Some of the stories have previ...
Contest Entries [One Shot Anthology] by senpai_kanjee
Contest Entries [One Shot misogynic 🍁
1. The Calling Contest 2. Into the Land of Magic Contest (✔) 3. Songfiction Challenge 4. Letter to my Ex Challenge 5. Coffee Shops Brew Stories 6. Rewind the Classics (...
Head Under Water by imadwarf3
Head Under Waterby Delilah
This story is my official entry for Wattpad Anthologies And Then writing contest. Written: 10/16/20 Written Language: English Word Count: 299 Status: Complete
Shortz by GandalfofspaceAnli
Shortzby GandalfofspaceAnli
A collection of short prompts, poems, flash fiction etc. written for contests.
Our Different Worlds  by skysoo0112
Our Different Worlds by Skysoo Kim
Lisa lives in upside down world but she is really curious about the other world above her. So out of curiosity she go to the tallest building near them to have a closes...
Venus Underwater by trinitylynn25
Venus Underwaterby Trinity
Erath destroyed? Underwater we go!
And Then by girlchoi
And Thenby MC2987
This is for the And Then contest. Please don't copy.
Immortality Existence by figiniy
Immortality Existenceby F. K. Yonas
Unnatural Life by ChemmyCherry
Unnatural Lifeby MellaQ
People were happily living together with androids who were their maids, helpers, assistants, friends, and much more. The world developed a lot with the help of living ma...
The Gadrian Chronicles | "And Then..." by JustNicole0001
The Gadrian Chronicles | "And JustNicole0001
A teen from the 30th century is exiled into a forbidden star as punishment for a crime committed with his mother in his childhood city. The sole mercy for an exile in Ga...
Rhydian's Revelation (AndThen Submission) by Jaimenxavier
Rhydian's Revelation (AndThen Jaimenxavier
An 18-year-old boy, forced to hide his face, must now come to terms with being royalty and has to retake his stolen kingdom, save his father, make his enemies his allies...