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model call || h.s by TaurusLovesYou
model call || h.sby Em
Nora Dodson is a "fast-talking, F-bomb-dropping, born-and-bred New Yorker". Harry Styles is no longer a member of One Direction. He's lovely, kind and a very...
DELLA by -kyavhill
highest rank: #1 in Clean & Elegant Della Andrews. Rosy cheeks and a voice softer than silk. When her father is forced to work overseas, he arranges for her to stay w...
The Daughter of Poseidon by Joys_Writing
The Daughter of Poseidonby Joy :)
Years ago her mother died in a plane crash, she lived her whole life with her aunt and cousins, but when she gets a mysterous letter from her mother on her fifteenth bir...
Introvert || Dean Portman {1} ✅ *UNDER EDITING* by 80s90swriting
Introvert || Dean Portman {1} ✅ * 💖𝕊𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥𝕤💖
❝...Think about something that makes you happy ❞ ~In which an introvertive girl meets an extrovertive guy~ ✿ Imogen is a quiet and shy introvert and has trouble making f...
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The Match by Yin-Mika
The Matchby AYO
Her life is like a blank sheet of paper and she has unanswered questions about it. When she gets tangled in the RACERS' GAMES, she starts finding answers. But is she rea...
He may not know what he feels for the Lodge girl but he knows whatever it is he's addicted to it, her touch, her voice, everything. - [reggie mantle x oc] [season two]
Under Your Warm Embrace - Eli Goldsworthy *Being Edited* by melstarlight
Under Your Warm Embrace - Eli Melstarlight
Skylar Munro, the trouble maker, the misfit and the imperfect daughter. That's how Skylar has always been known until her life changes drastically when she transfers to...
Lost Love by phoebegardens
Lost Loveby Phoebe
They thought their love was infinite, but what if only one of them can remember their past? Imogen Howard has woken up from a head injury suffering from retrograde amnes...
His Sapphire Eyes by shortfilipino
His Sapphire Eyesby Brenbrendun
Cordelia, an odd young woman, growing up she took spice like any other child would, but her eyes did not become the sapphire it was suppose to be. It became a periwinkle...
The Debt (Now on Radish) by JaneKiley713
The Debt (Now on Radish)by DoctorWho
Imogen O'Boyle is the daughter of a poor, Irish shoemaker. Upon her father's death, she learns that he had made a deal with the current Duke of Suffolk to deal with his...
Four Years Later (A "The False Prince" Fanfic) by seagall843
Four Years Later (A "The False seagall843
Jaron is suffering. Memories and nightmares haunt him. But life is perfect. He and Imogen are married now, and he has been the King of Carthya for four years. But he mis...
The Last Human by nothingsgonnachange
The Last Humanby N.G. Change
Victorian era - Hundreds of years ago, human race became extinct after the battle against vampires, until one day a human child was found in the streets of the capitol...
Hide And Seek by YoCoco
Hide And Seekby megan
Hi, My names Katya my father if the Alpha of 'The Red Moon Pack' and this is my first year at The Wolf Mate Games. I'm Hoping to find my mate this year so that I don'...
Girls Return [Girls Talk #2] [LGBTQ+] ✓ by tennasmith
Girls Return [Girls Talk #2] [ Nia
It has been over a decade since Kate and Victoria got married, and they now have their own daughter, Annie Greene-Lace, who is coming to terms with not only fitting into...
Eli Hearts Serena by VintageLex
Eli Hearts Serenaby Lex
Sequel to Eli Goldsworthy Moving On. Serena and Eli are living the good life, the life of love. They are happy living together, school's great, a few Claire problems her...
Pieces Of My Life (Waterloo Road) by elizmturner
Pieces Of My Life (Waterloo Road)by Elizabeth Turner
Charlotte recently moves to Waterloo Road school and quickly becomes friends with her neighbor Denzil Kelly. How will Charlotte react when she realizes Denzil has brough...
The Invisible Boy by SwirlingColours
The Invisible Boyby Megan
There's something very strange about the boy Imogen meets on a lonely park bench in the middle of the night. Maybe it's his bright blue eyes that observe everything. Or...
THE FALSE PRINCE fan fiction: Spy by GinnyMollyWeasley2
THE FALSE PRINCE fan fiction: Spyby Writer Girl
Imogen is involved in a plot far beyond her control Jaron doesn't know what to think about the oddities that have been happening at the castle.
Imogen Astrid: ESPAÑOLA by reissyyy
Imogen Astrid: ESPAÑOLAby Peachy
Española Series #1 Imogen Astrid known as the black sheep family of Española, when you say black sheep she's the rule breaker among of them. "I'm still young and m...