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It's Okay to Be Sad Sometimes (Moxiety) by Unikitty9274
It's Okay to Be Sad Sometimes (Mox...by Unikitty9274
Patton is sad. He's been sad for a long time now. Luckily, none of the others know about this. Except one Virgil Sanders sides Warnings: angst, sad Patton, some fluff, s...
Piggy Characters x Reader One Shots (It Has Lemon In It) by Mickaelasanches
Piggy Characters x Reader One Shot...by Mickaelasanches
This book contains lemon🍋💦 So if you ok whit lemons read this sinners 🍋💦🍋💦🍋💦🍋💦💦🍋💦🍋💦🍋💦🍋💦🍋💦 Lol
CURSED MHA SHIPS by handcrusherrs
CURSED MHA SHIPSby handcrusherrs
nOt NiCe ( YaNdErE sUgAwArA x ReAdEr ) by Longayday
nOt NiCe ( YaNdErE sUgAwArA x ReAd...by Longayday
Mel sans x Reader (POSSIBLE LEMON)(on Hiatus) by Catastrophic_Life
Mel sans x Reader (POSSIBLE LEMON)...by Karma Okami
this was asked for by a reader, may have some lemon being possible y/n, an ordinary human, walks around her town, monsters were free, which makes her wonder, will she fi...
shrekxreader  by pissbaby12326
shrekxreader by fuck
this is for everyone who wants shrek to be their sugar daddy
Don't Ask by Jeidfanwhokills
Don't Askby Jeidfanwhokills
this some crap I wanted to write, I will probably post daily on this but not really really since I have other stories.. hope you reid and chanje😏😏 your mind😏. (only t...
The Fight That Brought Us Together by Unikitty9274
The Fight That Brought Us Togetherby Unikitty9274
Sanders sides Highschool human AU! Logan gets bullied because he's a nerd. Virgil gets bullied because he's an emo 'freak'. While Logan is stuck with the bullying at sch...
Kitsune Izuku by cinnamonrollmonday
Kitsune Izukuby Kokichi is baby.
Izuku was put in an orphanage that's all I'm saying.
apex legends shitpost 3 by Loba_Wolfie
apex legends shitpost 3by Loba Andrade
aha this is the third one, W H Y M U S T I S U F F E R Have a nice time reading uwu
Regular Memes, Cursed Images, and Bnha Memes So I Don't Lose Them by anime_fic_writer
Regular Memes, Cursed Images, and...by Maze
What the title says. No consistent upload schedule because I'm more making this for myself.
Wilbursoot x reader by lmaohatemylife
Wilbursoot x readerby lmaohatemylife
There may contain smut depends what the readers want! I'm gonna try and upload this when I can depends how popular it gets tbf💓I'll try and read all of your recommendat...
My Life: The Little Things by morpau1
My Life: The Little Thingsby Morpaul
This has basically just became me ranting about life, or talking about it enjoy me ranting for 16 chapters
Random Stuff Really by Cycreator
Random Stuff Reallyby Sighrus
this book is just basically photos I have on my phone or stuff I do and post here or if I tagged or something. keep in mind that most of the things I post are just thing...
meet the author! blog/diary ✰ by hannahwithcare
meet the author! blog/diary ✰by 𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢𝘩 ೄ ・゚ˎ
hi! my name is Hannah, and this is a little thing for the people who aren't ghost readers and want to get to know me, haha! I'm going to use this story to vent in and te...
strangers. [joji & also max, but not as a ship] by ubereatmyass
strangers. [joji & also max, but n...by ubereatmyass
AU where Joji lives in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn, Max is a high class drug dealer from Battery Park City, and Ian is... Ian. Our protagonist is an 18 year old girl l...