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One cold night (Shrek x Obama smut🍋🍋)  by ash_092800
One cold night (Shrek x Obama Ash
🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 Shrek-Chan has always liked Obama-senpai It's it was shrek-Chans 2nd year. Obama was a 3rd year, this could be the last year shrek-chan ever sees Obam...
oli london × shrek (shroli)  by byersadoptedchild
oli london × shrek (shroli) by boob swallower
cold boss oli london is hopeless in finding love. then he met shrek.
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life by frecklez12
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Lifeby Bailey
Shrek is love, and Shrek is life.
ᔕᕼᖇᗴK: ᗪᖇᗩᘜOᑎᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ Oᘜᖇᗴᔕ by BraedimusSupreme
ᔕᕼᖇᗴK: ᗪᖇᗩᘜOᑎᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ Oᘜᖇᗴᔕby Braedey95 2.0
Shrek, a reclusive and lone ogre, has his life interrupted when fairy tale creatures invade his homeland and his privacy. So he, alongside a humanoid Nightfury dragon b...
horse cock hard shlong💪🏼🥺🚫🗣⁉️ by IdekWhyIDoThis000
horse cock hard shlong💪🏼🥺🚫🗣⁉️by IdekWhyIDoThis000
if u wanna read about shlong s and how i'm addicted to my little pony porn, as well as how great horse cocks are... ur in the right place😍 i fucked my dead hamster and...
Shrek x Obama fanfic  by icantthinkofaname457
Shrek x Obama fanfic by Urmom
Shrek The Third: The Would Be King & I [Book 3] by TashaFarthing
Shrek The Third: The Would Be 🌸TashaLeigh🌸
~Sequel to Shrek 2: Happily 'N'Ever After [Book 2]~ Uncle Connor: Now remember: No nagging, bragging, sweating, fretting, slipping, tripping, slurping, burping, twitteri...
"That lemon tree looks pretty seggsy~" Seggsy times ensue
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Somewhere Ogre the Rainbow [-[A Compilation of Shrek Oneshots]-] by JusttheThiccPerson
Somewhere Ogre the Rainbow [-[A Shrek’s Pube Barber
[Cover by @lexarkk !] {smutty} -Shrek x Reader -Shrek x Fiona -Shrek x Donkey -Threesome -Foursome {slice of life} -Parties -Living together -Falling in love ""...
The Other Princess (Prince Charming x OC) by TimBurtonsNightmare
The Other Princess (Prince Angel
Once upon a time, there lived a kingdom far, far away. A king and queen had two baby girls, but both had different curses. Fiona becomes an ogre in the night as her curs...
Shrek x Dora by wafflecountry
Shrek x Doraby Cheerio
Shrek is living with Fiona and his uGlY kids. Shrek is not satisfied with his life anymore. Until one day, everything changes.
anything for you  by yeahyeahmcClennan
anything for you by julia
I wake up to somebody's face above mine. My vision is blurry and I can barely make out a thing. "She's coming around" I hear. I don't know the voice "wh...
Shronkey ( Shrek x Donkey) by shrekismygod1
Shronkey ( Shrek x Donkey)by shrekismygod1
This is a true story of Two Lovers and the difficulties they face so they can get their very own Happily ever after.
Small Town | Baylen Levine  by ilovecandles
Small Town | Baylen Levine by okay
Audrey lives in a small town, and the talk of that town is the YouTuber 'Baylen Levine'. Adults in the town talking about him being a nuisance, the kids and teenagers wa...
Finn Wolfhard smut by IneedatishDolans
Finn Wolfhard smutby karley marley
If you wanna bust a fat nut then read :)
Barry B Benson x Shrek x Jungkook BTS by justsapphic
Barry B Benson x Shrek x nitroglycerin
Authors Note: I'm writing this on 4 hours of sleep please spare me
The Wall (Shrek x Trump) by Shrump_666
The Wall (Shrek x Trump)by Donald Trump x Shrek <3
Idk this is a really trashy story why did I write this lol
my love for shrek❤️ by _claudiawg
my love for shrek❤️by :D
this is the best and only creation I have ever made read this to get clear skin<3 some of yall wildin in the comments 😩
Musicals, musicals everywhere! by 666LadyInRed
Musicals, musicals everywhere!by 666LadyInRed
Musical memes!!! I don't own the memes.
Shrek x Reader  by FatSock69
Shrek x Reader by Moist bussy
Shrek and you have known each other since you were both children. You one day realize that you love and and he admits he loves you! But a tragic accident could change ev...