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The Foreign Exchange Student || Johnten by ErosOnIce
The Foreign Exchange Student || ErosOnIce
Johnny has the wealthy, popular, and perfect life that everyone dreams of. One day, his life is suddenly turned upside down when Ten, a foreign exchange student, comes a...
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Dobby x Voldemort x Y/N love triangle by OliveRats
Dobby x Voldemort x Y/N love OliveRats
Hot Dobby and Voldemort hard choice love story 😻😽😿🙀
Mommy Knows Your Secret - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
Mommy Knows Your Secret - Shrunkby GT
14 year old Chris gets a big surprise when his Mom finds out about his little "secret" and decides to punish him. Hi! Little note: This video was inspired by t...
Babysitting Tickle by Armpittoes
Babysitting Tickleby Armpittoes
I babysit for my neighbors two little girls and I decide to have a little fun with them....
Barefoot Bystander to Ticklish Babysitter by demonoftheearth666
Barefoot Bystander to Ticklish DM123
Cover made by @BarefootPoetAdvocate. Credit to him for also giving the idea, outlining it, chapter names, and helping me with editing for this story. Christina is just...
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunkby GT
15 year old Trevor is at home, during an outbreak of the new, highly dangerous shrinking virus. Will he catch it? And if he does, will he survive?
My first foot worship by Monster_CK
My first foot worshipby Avery Vytel
This is a story about the first time i worshiped a girl's feet
Tickle Time by SocietyOfTicklers
Tickle Timeby Soles & Tickles
Brooklyn is 16 years old and loves having his body and bare feet tickled. He friend Cody loves tickling him playfully and today Brooklyn is to have his size 8 feet tortu...
The toe sucker  by Crispybacon1234
The toe sucker by Crispybacon1234
WARNING this book containes suicided, lime, and depression. This is not for the light hearted.
Haili Gets Tickled by Armpittoes
Haili Gets Tickledby Armpittoes
Haili likes to wear tank tops, flip flops and short shorts to school alot. Nothing against the dress code, just normal everyday wear. Except one of her teachers has been...
Tommy's Little Toes by drarrywhcre
Tommy's Little Toesby 𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐀
◜ OLF & ANNA ◝ - don't read if you don't ship them 😒.
short girl and skinny legend by CcPanPancC
short girl and skinny legendby Panda Lyric
this story was made in a group chat with my friends, its not meant to be serious though dont worry.
Tickling my feet: ideas for roleplays by malefeetticklee
Tickling my feet: ideas for malefeetticklee
Some ideas I have involving my feet getting tickled. My feet can be tickled, worshipped, rubbed, massaged, licked, smelled, sniffed, my toes can be sucked, all tools are...
The Interview - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
The Interview - Shrunkby GT
When a group of 30 interview candidates are put on the spot at a... unconventional - to say the least - interview, will they withstand the heat, or be crushed under the...
ー閲イ by klejthebaka
ー閲イby klejdi
its a face reveal yall and things like that [#75 in hey] [#66 in potato] [#52 in meow] [#1 in cucumber] [#206 in haha] [#10 in woof] [#16 in toes] [#41 in moo] [#75 in...
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YUCK, BUGS! | BNHA X READER by ilikecaprisuns
!! UNDER REVISION !! (Reader Insert) You are discouraged, lazy, frustrated, and would waste your life away as a nobody, but eventually, you want to be somebody.
Yes Daddy- Rohan x Reader by RohanIsMyDad
Yes Daddy- Rohan x Readerby Rohan free me
rohan has given up on life
Mr Samothy White Has A Toe Fetish by AllThingsBread68
Mr Samothy White Has A Toe Fetishby :0
Mr Samothy Get Just A Bit Too Horny For Toes, My Toes...
Forced Love by Kylorenswhore2157
Forced Loveby Adam Driver’s wife
Shrek (from the hit movie Shrek three) is a lonely, lonely orge...well was before a certain pup named Skye came along. What happens when people are killed and old enemie...