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[Vkook] Hệ thống, mau giúp nam phụ giảm cân! by Burlight123
[Vkook] Hệ thống, mau giúp nam phụ...by Nappa Cabbage
Khẩu nghiệp trên mạng, Jeon Jungkook sau một đêm bị biến thành một nam phụ béo ị. Mất hết vẻ đẹp trai, tự trọng bị người ta dẫm đạp, nhiệm vụ của cậu ở thế giới này là p...
Perfect Match | SOPE by sopemoni
Perfect Match | SOPEby <sope3
❝The only thing I could think about was having his lips on mine, a sin that I was prepared to commit for all eternity.❞ People don't need to worry about finding love any...
FATE | SOPE by BorahaeSOPE
FATE | SOPEby 🥟🥢
"Do you believe in soulmates?" He asked. "Are you trying to subtly flirt with me?" The other asked. Hoseok's family was very different from the other...
Your Melody | SOPE by BorahaeSOPE
Your Melody | SOPEby 🥟🥢
A few months after the tragic lost of his older sister, Hoseok's family decide to move to Seoul and move on. His first day there, he hears a beautiful melody that leads...
Just say the word | SOPE by IPurpleKoya
Just say the word | SOPEby 🏳️‍🌈⛓Yoongi⛓🏳️‍🌈
Yoongi is in a relationship with Jimin that's falling apart but one night in a drunk sour mood Yoongi summons a demon that will do anything he asks him to. First few cha...
Chat - Yoonseok✔ by moonsibble
Chat - Yoonseok✔by 🌙
(TEXTING FANFICTION) (COMPLETED) Sunshine_Hottie: My dick is so hard Yoongums: To find... In which Hoseok decides to DM Yoongi and Yoongi decides to roast him back. a...
[V-trans] Namjin | Burst by flyhighandshine
[V-trans] Namjin | Burstby Rui
Định mệnh gắn kết cặp bạn đời với nhau vĩnh cửu. Đáng tiếc thay, lại có kẻ không bằng lòng với sự sắp đặt này. author : noxmae translator : flyhighandshine cover designe...
drunken conversations | myg + jhs by stalkerkun
drunken conversations | myg + jhsby ✨
min yoongi always tells the truth when he's drunk and jung hoseok happens to always be there to hear it. ©2017 christelle (stalkerkun)
Accidental Add(Sope) by Thatkpopgirl5
Accidental Add(Sope)by Thatkpopgirl5
Everything started with one wrong number. He's an aspiring rapper and the other is a underground dancer. He's at war with the world and the other one loves everything...
Perfect|HopeGa by ImMayG
Perfect|HopeGaby Dayni Galindo
Jung Hoseok es conocido por no durar con un sumiso mas de tres noches, por eso cuando muestra interes en el el mejor amigo del dueño de Magic Shop, este le dice que se a...
Graphite Smudges | YoonSeok by SILVERKOOK
Graphite Smudges | YoonSeokby ☁️
"It's amazing how you can preserve someone's beauty with just the flick of your wrist and some smudges of graphite."
Loving You by UniqueBeat
Loving Youby Beat~
- دوست داشتنت،دومین کار خوبی بود که تاحالا انجام دادم. + اولیش چی بود؟ - پیدا کردنت...
amoris stellarum | sope by sopemoni
amoris stellarum | sopeby <sope3
❝Yoongi, you can't just hug every person you see! That's weird.❞ ❝What's so weird about hugging? I give hugs to Kookie and Jiminie all the time!❞ Yoongi is a star desper...
The Break Up - Yoonseok✔ by moonsibble
The Break Up - Yoonseok✔by 🌙
(TEXTING FANFICTION) (COMPLETED) Sunseokie: I need a friend.... In which Hoseok goes over a very bad breakup and all he needs is a friend. But what if that turns into s...
Perfect Match: After Hours | SOPE by sopemoni
Perfect Match: After Hours | SOPEby <sope3
* UNOFFICIAL SEQUEL OF PERFECT MATCH * ❝If something happens to you, I swear I will drag you from wherever you are and force you back to Earth because there's no way in...
Yoonseok family history by lil_savage_meow_suk
Yoonseok family historyby Jhobi_min
shall we see how the jung's family doing? . . . . . top hoseok bottom yoongi
"樹海"   {Hopega} by _Yxxns_01
"樹海" {Hopega}by 《🍃..Yxxns..🍃》
YoonGi y HoSeok quieren estar juntos siempre. -Hopega
SOPE | Shall I Know by yooniesweets_
SOPE | Shall I Knowby m.yg + j.hs
Once you turn 18 you have the option of finding out when or how you die, once you're 20 it's mandatory. No one knows where the answers come from but they always come tru...
one day | myg + jhs by stalkerkun
one day | myg + jhsby ✨
one day , hoseok will come to love himself as much as how he loves yoongi. one day , yoongi will stop hurting himself , he promised. similar to how he kept his promises...
Angel or devil by AlecBlythehill18
Angel or devilby Chicken Noodle Sope
Una maldición ha encerrado a un ángel y un demonio dentro de un collar de rubíes. El amor verdadero es lo único que puede liberarles... (Taekook, Sope, Yoonmin...)