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Us (It's You, Book 2) by chocolatesoup_
Us (It's You, Book 2)by Snow Flake
New chapter of Jimin and Taehyung's Love Story. Ready to be a witness of their true love? Book 1: It's You, by Reika_Rei and Chocolatesoup_
You Are Not Him - YoonKook/Taegi by Art2905
You Are Not Him - YoonKook/Taegiby Arti Chaudhary
One accident that changed everything...
Addicted  [ Yoongi centric ] by Gloss933
Addicted [ Yoongi centric ]by Yoonie_93
Min Yoongi is forced into an arranged marriage with none other than Jeon jungkook , even though yoongi has a little crush on him . But what happens when he comes to k...
A sick day [YOONKOOK] 💕 by CiggyP
A sick day [YOONKOOK] 💕by Ciggy
[Completed] : Short story ! Just a normal day in the dorms when everyone is out and there's only a sick and tired Yoongi and the concerned and playful maknae, Jungkook...
[Vmin]:Theo dõi by lambang2003
[Vmin]:Theo dõiby Lam Băng
Jimin luôn cảm thấy có ánh mắt nào đó theo dõi mình như muốn ăn tươi nuốt sống vậy. Điều kì lạ là cứ mỗi lần gần Taehyung là cảm giác đó biến mất và cậu dần ỷ lại vào ng...
Destined  ( yoongi centric ) by Gloss933
Destined ( yoongi centric )by Yoonie_93
Yoongi has 6 destined mates but none of them loves him rather hates him . Can yoongi make them to fall in love with him ?
The Truth Untold (Yoonkook)✔️ by -Midnightmusings
The Truth Untold (Yoonkook)✔️by -Midnightmusings
Yoongi falls for his sister's ex-boyfriend, Jungkook. Highest rankings #2 - Yoonkook
STEPBROTHER ENG.Vers ( MinyoongiXBtsOt6 )✔ by syugarmanies93
STEPBROTHER ENG.Vers ( MinyoongiXB...by Upil yoongi
Yoongi is an only child, but because his mother remarried... so now he has 6 half-siblings who fell for his charm. #bottomyoongi #topnamjoon #topseokjin #tophoseok #topj...
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x YoonKook by NurulisYoonie
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x YoonK...by NurulisYoonie
BTS x YoonKook [COMPLETED] "I'm a bunny. You are?" - JungKook "I'm... ummm... I'm a kitten..." - YoonGi "We'll keep this as our secret. Promise...
MY UNIVERSE ENG. Vers ( KOOKGA ) by syugarmanies93
MY UNIVERSE ENG. Vers ( KOOKGA )by Upil yoongi
When Jungkook doesn't want Yoongi, then what should Yoongi do? Should Yoongi move on to Taehyung? This Kookga! Dom!Jungkook Sub!Yoongi ⚠Don't plagiarize my story!! and...
Wedding Diaries - YoonKook by Art2905
Wedding Diaries - YoonKookby Arti Chaudhary
Merge between two rival companies forced two exes to work together...
Fandom ~ Yoonkook (Instagram story) by FelixsWifi
Fandom ~ Yoonkook (Instagram story)by Bappo Allergic To Lacto
Jungkook is a big fan of the famous rapper Yoongi (Agust D) Let's see what happens when Jungkook starts a fanpage c;
my love mine all mine |Yoonkook| by flowerr__14
my love mine all mine |Yoonkook|by yoongi⁷🍁
"what is love Hyung?" Jeongguk voice came out weaker than before "H-Huh?" "Please love me..... please spoil me with your.... love hyung-"...
euphoria // kookga by sope_everafter
euphoria // kookgaby JB🤘
Yoongi has a crush on his coworker, Jungkook. They've worked together for about two years now since Jungkook joined the music department in their company. Over the two y...
Criminal [Hopemin] by JongZeloLove
Criminal [Hopemin]by JongZeloLove
Jimin y Yoongi son hijos de unos empresarios millionarios, y están comprometidos por intereses familiares, pero Jimin está cansado de la vida que lleva. Una noche el des...
Wishes Come True (complete) by MinSeira
Wishes Come True (complete)by R
Pacar dan sahabatku, mereka berdua telah menghianatiku! saat terbakar cemburu, tiba-tiba saja aku bertemu seseorang yang sedang minggat dari rumahnya. setelah mengenal t...
JUNGKOOK IS DIFFERENT. by sereinnnvevo
"i heard i'm not supposed to like him, because he's different." YK // complete
Sidekick by Gloss933
Sidekickby Yoonie_93
Yoongi never thought he would go into a novel and more so he never thought he would penetrate a character which is more hated by the main protagonist.
Matchmaker ( yoongi centric / bottom yoongi ) by Gloss933
Matchmaker ( yoongi centric / bott...by Yoonie_93
" ... how cute !!! .... won't they make a cute couple , jennie ? " The pale one asked his best friend with a smile on his lips , who just rolled her...
Stepbrothers  : The Love  ( Book 1 ) by yuniikitten
Stepbrothers : The Love ( Book 1...by yuniikitten
Yoongi's mother is in love with a man who has 6 sons . Unknown to yoongi , that he and his mother is going to associate themselves with a dangerous family ,which is goin...