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✔️ FAKE BRIDE || YOONGI by MyKnight_V
✔️ FAKE BRIDE || YOONGIby My KnightV
When you're working as a waitress on a celebrity wedding only for a day just to gain money for your college ends up you being the bride of the famous producer.
StepBrothers by jkkookus
StepBrothersby jkkookus
they aren't even related to you, just have fun. {Mature Content}
The Pianist || MYG || ✔ by chimchimicorn
The Pianist || MYG || ✔by ᵀᴮᴼᴺᴱ•
World famous pianist Min Yoongis life fell to ruins after the death of his wife. . Despite his guilt, he couldn't keep away from the piano, but could not bare to touch...
Just A Few Numbers Away by MinDara94
Just A Few Numbers Awayby Min-Min
A soulmate system wherein when a person reaches the age of 21, faint numbers will be seen on people's wrist showing how near or far their destined soulmate is. Ongoing A...
Texting Suga. || Text 5 || ✔ by chimchimicorn
Texting Suga. || Text 5 || ✔by ᵀᴮᴼᴺᴱ•
Asking for your stuff back changes things ©chimchimicorn
My Love is a Star (BTS Suga Fanfiction) by Kalliopey
My Love is a Star (BTS Suga Fanfic...by Kalliopey
Every girl would dream of dating their favorite celebrity or idol as they call it. And if it does come true, is it really a dream worth living? Read on and find out for...
Stars by -taera-
Starsby ⚜️
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rule #1: Never fall in love with human. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Min Yoongi
A one night stand changed y/n and Min Yoongi's life forever, especially when one of them was about to debut in a kpop boy band. Some of the later chapters won't make sen...
Play With Me | myg by kimchiifriedrice
Play With Me | mygby Klaudia
In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕
My Playboy || Completed by Suga_Kim
My Playboy || Completedby Kim 🐢
"You will never see me as anything other than a playboy, right?" Started: 12/27/16 Ended: 03/26/17 Highest Rank: #2 in fanfiction (01/04/17) Credits for the cu...
Scandal (Book 1) || jjk‌ ✔ by aengelic
Scandal (Book 1) || jjk‌ ✔by 𝓋𝑒𝑒
Meet Han Areum, the president and creator of the journalism club in her college. Having parents as journalists, the girl naturally inherited their passion. As days passe...
[TaeGi] Sếp ơi, cậu Min lại đi muộn nữa rồi! by lexington93
[TaeGi] Sếp ơi, cậu Min lại đi muộ...by Lex
Tên truyện: Sếp ơi, cậu Min lại đi muộn nữa rồi! Writer: Lex Cp: Kim Taehyung - Min Yoongi Thể loại: Hài, Hường, Ngọt ngào, Có ngược. Bá đạo lạnh lùng công x Tưng tửng đ...
DMS | yoonkook  by -minygguk
DMS | yoonkook by 𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒. 🤍
❝I just want to stay by your side, so I can enjoy our moments together.❞ in which Min Yoongi is famous and Jeon Jungkook is a photographer and a owner of a fan-page dedi...
You Scare Me || You Book One || MYG || ✔️ by chimchimicorn
You Scare Me || You Book One || MY...by ᵀᴮᴼᴺᴱ•
Out of all of her brothers friends, Min Yoongi was the most terrifying. Ever since she was young, she was scared of him, but she didn't know why - she had never even spo...
PINK HAIR // YOONMIN// by parkyoongi1234
PINK HAIR // YOONMIN//by Chan_jay_Min
Age isn't just a number, it's a definition.
Forced | BTS Kim Seok Jin ☑ by _MinSuga-infires
Forced | BTS Kim Seok Jin ☑by _MinSuga-Infires♥️
[ Completed ♥️ 23 August 2017 ] #50 in Fanfics 1.6.18 •Book 1• Imagine being forced to marry your bias, sounds spectacular doesn't it? For Kim Ji Su, being told that...
im anya ; eighth member of bts [completed] by princelyhwang
im anya ; eighth member of bts [co...by Claire Marie
Im Anya, aka Nana, ARMY's angel and BigHit's sweetheart, is the eighth, third youngest, and only female member of Bangtan Sonyeondan. The following is a documentation of...
Kings don't kneel by ___W4TTP4DN0OB___
Kings don't kneelby WattpadNoob
Mafia King... Min Fricken Yoongi. Everyone knows him and is scared of him. Except me of course.
Sober | myg. by silverspoongi
Sober | myg.by m ;
"The only thing between me and another bottle is you." START - 180206 FINISH - 180420 Highest #164 in Fanfiction completed.
Who Are You | Min Yoongi  by _taepot
Who Are You | Min Yoongi by _taepot
"Tell me Y/N how does it feel to be the most known killer in Seoul and successfully fake her own death?" ‼️D i s c l a m e r ‼️ Conta...