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The daughter of Hades (Disneys)  by Iwanabeaghoststory
The daughter of Hades (Disneys) by no-one
A story about a girl who is the daughter of the king of the underworld himself, Hades. Follow her trough her life and her problems with her incredibly over protective ho...
SWEETNESS - Descendents by itz4fun
SWEETNESS - Descendentsby itz4fun
Ella is the daughter of Hades, but she doesn't know that. She's been living in Auradon her whole life. She's dating Prince Ben and is best friends with Audrey. She is ha...
The Water Demigod by LaceyStrode5
The Water Demigodby Artist Monkee
Male Megara x oc Nixie is the daughter of Poseidon, and the cousin of Hercules. She's not known by many, mostly because of how her story goes. I won't spoil it, but you'...
Go the Distance- Hercules x reader *Completed* by disney_reader
Go the Distance- Hercules x reader...by Disney_Reader
Hercules only wanted to be a hero. The good guy to every ending fairy tale. The only thing on his mind was to rejoin with his father, Zeus. Part of the heroes. Until he...
Amara's Twisted Wonderland by ViaDavis742
Amara's Twisted Wonderlandby Via
{Various x Oc} Amara, boy do people love her she's everything someone would want to be. Beautiful, charismatic, kind, caring, smart, strong, and independent. People...
she's alright {benny rodriguez} by coreysbabyy
she's alright {benny rodriguez}by j u l i a
You're leaving us? You're a part of the group! Hell, we can't even play well without you. -You'll make it. It'll be just like before I came, right? Nah, it can't just go...
The Heavenly Demon by Alastor6376
The Heavenly Demonby The Wanted Samurai
The heavenly demon. The almighty one who is heaven's equal,Ruler of darkness and madness and the son of Artemis.
It All Started With A Group Chat by ParisCarrasquillo
It All Started With A Group Chatby Lonershipper
Percy was betrayed by the camp, his only true friends stayed by him. Over time Leo fingered out how to make a monster free phone and gifted to Percy as a birthday presen...
Hurts Like Hell | John Laurens by stale_cracker_crumb
Hurts Like Hell | John Laurensby depressed thot
Antoinette De Lafayette is the little sister to Marquis De Lafayette. Their parents were murdered, when someone set their France home on fire and killed their parents. O...
Record of Ragnarok x Reader by Kuno0014
Record of Ragnarok x Readerby Mistress_Shadow
Y/n is half human and half god, she along side with Brunhilde to save humankind by fighting the gods to win. No matter what it take to stop the gods they had to win to s...
Shrek: Once Upon A True Love's Kiss [Book 1] by TashaFarthing
Shrek: Once Upon A True Love's Kis...by 🌸TashaLeigh🌸
We all have those weird dreams where we fight dragons, dream of a 'happily ever after'...or in my cousin Alice's case; make friends with a unicorn that literally poops e...
Blow us all away ~Philip Hamilton x reader~ ON HOLD by juliainthesky
Blow us all away ~Philip Hamilton...by Julia 🤧💞
Started July of 2018~ You have just started high school at a rich prep school only higher end families go to. You aren't a snob or anything, you just got a scholarship...
Coffee (Lams) by thisaccount-isdead
Coffee (Lams)by dead account
"Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?"-Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2 Hamilton wants the d(ark roast) *rereads this...
my pretty boy (benny rodriguez x y/n) by yessirr1234
my pretty boy (benny rodriguez x y...by boss bitch
you just moved into a new town with your little brother, scotty(smalls).. and little do you know this new town would be where you find your bestest friends.. and even a...
Welcome To A Hellish Heaven {completed} by codyfernswaifu
Welcome To A Hellish Heaven {compl...by little black writer gal
Y/N, unknowing demigod daughter of the great God Zeus and a mortal woman has went her whole life by her mother's side. Protecting and watching over her, as her mother pa...
Not A Princess (Sequel to Princess Of The Underworld) by -buzzbuzz
Not A Princess (Sequel to Princess...by blakes
"It's good to be bad" When Hadey feels as though no one likes her for the real her, she heads back home to the Isle, where Ben is kidnapped. Now it's up to...
Shuumatsu No Valkyrie        Heroes vs Dioses by SpinoDaioh2
Shuumatsu No Valkyrie Heroe...by Tobas
Solo unas pequeñas ideas que se me ocurrieron, de como podrian ser los enfrentamientos si cambiamos a los peleadores que ya conocemos por los heroes de one punch man. NO...
Survival Of The Fittest [Jamilams] by CasualMonarchy
Survival Of The Fittest [Jamilams]by King
*Warning* self harm cursing **the cover art is not mine** Hamilton has been excepted into kings college where he meets conflict and fate... After a hard life on the Car...
Guardians of the Realm by AmethysttMoon
Guardians of the Realmby Amethyst Moon
One school. 8 guardians. An army of warriors. And one jaw-dropping adventure. Due to a massive dilemma concerning the fate of the Enchanted Everealm and evil's potential...