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WORLD UPON OUR SHOULDERS, henry mills¹ by -starklings
❝ don't carry the world upon your shoulders. ❞ [ World Upon Our Shoulders ] [ Once Upon A Time ] [ Book One in the Avery Mendel Saga ] [ Season One - Two ] [ OC x Henry...
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Phineas and Ferb SMUT* by somethingcreepy
Phineas and Ferb SMUT*by Satanic VV itch
The Avengers Endgame of Phineas and Ferb Fan Fic
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Heartfelt Conditions//Lee Jong Suk [Fanfic] by parkjiminle
Heartfelt Conditions//Lee Jong parkjiminle
Two actors meet once again after being slightly acquainted with one another. As rising actors, both are about to star as main leads in a comedy-romance drama where both...
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Just Like Before.. [Pinocchio] by Yanalxver15
Just Like Before.. [Pinocchio]by @Silly_Yana
Rated #1 in LeeJongSuk :) Seo Y/n. The little sister of Seo Beomju and a classmate of Choi Dal Po. After 8 years that passed by she finds herself being a reporter, a hea...
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The Price of Freedom ➸ Captain Swan by voidestiel
The Price of Freedom ➸ Captain Swanby r h
Princess Emma has been betrothed since her birth to Prince Charles, a man she had never even met. A month before her 20th birthday, the day of the wedding, she sneaks o...
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♥Best Korean Drama Quotes♥ by KrystalDya
♥Best Korean Drama Quotes♥by Dya
These are the K-Drama quotes from the best dramas of all the time!! 《☆Enjoy☆》 |I Do Not Own Anything|
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Dark Disney  by lighthedark
Dark Disney by Azi
The real and horrifying stories behind the classics. ©
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Once Upon A Time On Instagram by ouatthelittlemermaid
Once Upon A Time On Instagramby ouatthelittlemermaid
You get to see all of your favourite ouat characters on Instagram Also read my other story called "Peter Pan and Ariel OUAT fan fiction"
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Love Upon Hate by TheOutsidersArtist
Love Upon Hateby TheDeathRunnerTrials
Olivia is one of the nicest girls in town. She's also the most fierce and bravest. But there is one person she can't stand. That person is our favorite Lampwick. When th...
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Once Upon a Time Oneshots by goodnight56
Once Upon a Time Oneshotsby Ashley
Male and female oneshots everyday. Yup consists of the whole cast. Requests are open.
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Unhappily Never After (Neverland Archives II) (ON HOLD) by Literacy101
Unhappily Never After (Neverland Eon, Queen of Epicury
"Tell me, Gwen," Peter says, looking at me with his impossible green eyes. "Are you afraid of the dark?" "No." I say, and I'm lying. But he...
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cursed oneshots by Clairvoyantdoc
cursed oneshotsby sinnamon
hella cursed, one shots. Includes smut!! Dont like? Dont read If you would like to suggest a chapter idea comment or let me know
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LampWick ~ Boyfriend scenarios/Preferences/Imagines & One-Shots by ushio4000
LampWick ~ Boyfriend scenarios/ ushio4000
The Movie Pinocchio. I fell in love with this and a character named LampWick, I knew Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays him so that's also why I made this and not that many pe...
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Thomas Sangester Imagines by newtxtmrcure
Thomas Sangester Imaginesby TMR Fan♥️
Read the title.
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KDrama OST Lyrics (Book 1) by Winterrring
KDrama OST Lyrics (Book 1)by Doraemon
KDrama OST Lyrics (Book 1) for K-Drama Lovers ♥.♥ Credits: KPOP LYRICS (App) Kdrama 49 Days A Korean Odyssey Another Miss Oh Because This Is My Life Big Black Knight Boy...
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Welcome Home (A sisters grimm/ Puckabrina fan fiction) Not on hiatus anymore! by DeannaAndAngelina
Welcome Home (A sisters grimm/ DeannaAndAngelina
When Puck comes back after few years of being away with Uncle Jake, how will Sabrina react? Will old feeling start to stir? Will anybody confess? Is anyone gonna apologi...
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I'm Married to the  person who have Pinocchio Syndrome by Shinning_eisha
I'm Married to the person who Eisha Lights
A girl who have a Disorder that we call Pinocchio Syndrome.Sinong mag aakala na may mag mamahal pa sa katulad nyang may Pinocchio Syndrome.
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
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Disney Conspiracy Theories by NikitaBranch
Disney Conspiracy Theoriesby Nikita Branch
Disney theories that crossover to various other movies in the animated canon. And... that's about it.
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Process Code: Binary 16 by strawberryichigo15
Process Code: Binary 16by Tragedy Collins
All Pinlock's father wants is to breathe emotion into his android child with the help of a legendary chip called the rune-chip. A mix of forgotten magic and technology...
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