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John Constantine and The Useless Magic Rock by PopTartKiddo
John Constantine and The Useless M...by Pop-Tart Kiddo
(I don't own Harry Potter nor Constantine, just the plot and occasional hand-drawn art) John Constantine- Exorcist, Demonologist, Mage, Magic wielder, Master of the Dark...
Aquiver -> J. Constantine by SaraDanii
Aquiver -> J. Constantineby ☆Sara☆
"The woman destined to die fell in love with the man that kills her." Constantine s01 I don't own Constantine or any of its characters. I only own my original...
COMING SOON: DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 7 by Lgrace333
COMING SOON: DC's Legends of Tomor...by Lgrace333
Everyone's favorite idiots are back!!!!!!!! The Legends thought that repairing time was hard, but this is just getting ridiculous. The Legends were perfectly happy trave...
Constantine: Our Favorite Jolly Englishman  by JustNightwinginIt
Constantine: Our Favorite Jolly En...by ᎶᎧᏝᎴᏋᏁ ᏰᎧᎩ
A collection of short stories about everyone's favorite asshole.. John Constantine.
Constantine's rose by Marsrich950
Constantine's roseby Richard Marshall
What happens when Constantine get's thrown into the RWBY universe?, stick around and let's see the events that unfold around the infamous Hellblazer.
SPELLCASTER [ZATANNA]by v i d e n o i r
Matt Murdock/John Constantine Song-Inspired-One-Shots by pilotmind
Matt Murdock/John Constantine Song...by matthew
Just some DC/Marvel crossover stuff. Matt x John is super cool to think about, so I wrote some one-shots inspired by songs that remind me of them. Songs so far: Mr. Brig...
Live Like Legends ➤ Arrowverse Children by Versfa
Live Like Legends ➤ Arrowverse Chi...by Versfa
When a mistake in the future causes the Flash to mess with the timeline again, it's up to the children of heroes and villians alike to fix it.
Don't Be Cruel (Matt Murdock x John Constantine Crossover AU) by pilotmind
Don't Be Cruel (Matt Murdock x Joh...by matthew
A Marvel/DC Comics crossover AU in which Matt Murdock and John Constantine are living in the 1950's and cross paths. Featuring Greaser!Matt and Punk!John, what happens w...
Constantine by PugsleyWugsley
Constantineby PugsleyWugsley
This my first story. Follow John Constantine as once again, He manages to get himself in and out of a bad situation. This time, with the help of Zatanna. Note: I do not...
Birds Fall For Flames (Hellcanary) - COMING 2021 by TimeBaguette
Birds Fall For Flames (Hellcanary)...by Rosie
After an incident where John Constantine, an exorcist, demonologist, warlock, and self-styled as "master of the dark arts" helped rescue Sara Lance a former me...
Legends of Tomorrow x Male Reader One shots/Random by Level5FreezerBurn
Legends of Tomorrow x Male Reader...by Raiju Clarkson
One shots and random of you and the Legends just messing around just be our lovable band of misfits and outcasts.
From Isolation To Home: The Adventures of The Hellblazer's Daughter  by Sdcwrites
From Isolation To Home: The Advent...by Lady Hellblazer
Separated from her mother, Her father a mystery to her. Maria Anne Martin has not exactly been dealt the easiest hand. Her mother being a psychic and her father the worl...
Back At It, A Constantine Story by PugsleyWugsley
Back At It, A Constantine Storyby PugsleyWugsley
Hey, everybody. It's been a while since I've written anything. But here's another Constantine story I cooked up. I've taken inspiration from different Hellblazer novels...
Magic Blazer by zeesjohn
Magic Blazerby hellblazer
Giovanni Zatara made a wish while he was dying. A protector for his daughter. A guide for her journey through the magical universe. The mightiest magician. But things...
Hellblazer and Hellfire by Sutoritaimu
Hellblazer and Hellfireby Kaiyou & Nero
A series of short/one-off chapters/stories involving Malkira (Hellfire) and Constantine (Hellblazer), tends to be set with Legends of Tomorrow, but not all. 1: After the...
Charmed DC AU and Original Crossover by Level5FreezerBurn
Charmed DC AU and Original Crossov...by Raiju Clarkson
A charmed DC AU and original crossover. There are five brothers the fifth is an Original character named Antone. Clark and Prue have returned from the dead. Both Book of...
The Power of Four  by Level5FreezerBurn
The Power of Four by Raiju Clarkson
After the death of their fourth brother Clark, Oliver, Barry, and their half brother John Constantine, the once quad force known as the Charmed Ones are now unbelievably...