John Constantine an...
By PopTartKiddo
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(I don't own Harry Potter nor Constantine, just the plot and occasional hand-drawn art) John Constantine- Exorcist, Demonologist, Mage, Magic wielder, Master of the Dark Arts and an arrogant, smart-mouthed, chain-smoking prick. -And he has NO IDEA how he got here. Sure, he's had his fair share of realm shifting and world hopping, but that was planned stuff! Mostly... But now, in London, somehow stuck at 11 of all ages, with get this- A Wizarding Community! So instead of finding out how to get back home or what sent him there, John's just wondering how 'they' mixed up his magic for theirs, last thing he needs is to be sent off to some bloody boarding school with god knows how many dangers! (Most translations used via Google Translator, if you see an error do not be afraid to say so!) Rated T for John's smoking and foul mouth Most Impressive Ratings: 1# Hellblazer 11# Constantine 1# Hellblazer 121# Johnconstantine 9# Johnconstantine 2# Constantine 1# Constantine


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John Cons...
by PopTartKiddo