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Take my hand... by jungk00kie_jeon
Take my hand...by kez
Jungkook is a little, he's lonely and self conscious. All he wants is a life he can enjoy, instead of being scared of what's to come. All he wants is a caregiver which w...
Malena's CEO's  by Fade_away45
Malena's CEO's by Fade_away45
Two CEO's and one assistant... that sounds normal right? Malena Emerson, needed urgently a job after being forced to quit her job as a barista, due to it closing down. ...
Their Little by smilemore954
Their Littleby smilemore954
Seventeen-year-old Louis lived his whole life believing he wasn't a little because he was well past the average age that most littles tend to slip into their first heads...
Helping Lena  by Fade_away45
Helping Lena by Fade_away45
20 year old, Lena, working at a library tries to navigate her way through something she wishfully wants to indulge in. But with no proper help, she struggles in which d...
Being Little is Not so Bad by Woah_A_Username
Being Little is Not so Badby Woah_A_Username
Zozana and Arianna have been trying to find a little for the past 4 centuries. They have had a few throughout the years but none that felt right. When they come across L...
Slip by YellowMadame13
Slipby Azalea
Avalanche never had it easy. And storm comes.
You, Me, and Riley by tiabia630
You, Me, and Rileyby tiabia630
Riley is a little, Hayden and Dana are caretakers; it doesn't take long for them to find that they are a perfect match for each other. Follow them as they figure out jus...
The Alpha's Little by Deedeenjames
The Alpha's Littleby ❤Deedee❤
Everyone from my mafia new wife,Mine books this book isn't like them. Cover made by @GoldenPaper_Planes "Soooooooo I have 3 mates?" I asked tilting my head to...
Babygirl (Completed)  by SimplyAshhh
Babygirl (Completed) by SimplyAsh
Ali is a sweet kind 18 year old girl who lives in an orphanage. She is always getting bullied by the other girls and even by the matron. She is a little childish making...
Trouble Maker  by CGV_taetae
Trouble Maker by LilLoki
Taehyung suffers a terrible injury to his head and comes back different. How will the members deal with the new Taehyung. (Little Space) Started:2/2/18 Ended:
The Wolf And The Little Taekook by Skylarkk77
The Wolf And The Little Taekookby taekook love
Jeon Jungkook is a mafia leader but he has a secret no one not even his family knows. He was a little because of his Traumatic past life with his evil father who thankfu...
The Pure Innocent Girl by heyitsmekelsie
The Pure Innocent Girlby heyitsmekelsie
A 14 year old girl called Naomi was in a car crash but what happened was really rare, she banged her head to hard, that she lost all her memories and also she headspace...
BTS Kidnapped Into Headspace by Issywritesss
BTS Kidnapped Into Headspaceby AglitterIss
'Wh-where am I? Who a-are you?" I say on the verge of tears "Shhh Y/N it's ok, we love you" Y/N is a 17-year-old girl living with her abusive dad but lit...
【Imagines】 by crybabyyukii
【Imagines】by (✿ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)◞♡
Generally this is from the P.O.V. of a little, and I tried to make this super gender neutral- BUT, if it isn't, please let me know !! ...
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3 by bbengineergurl
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3by BBengineergurl
My first story! This is an age regression story about a couple, Haley and Kelly, who meet a homeless young woman named Eve. Eve has been living in the alley behind thei...
Safe with us by alicemayamery123
Safe with usby alicemayamery123
Wanda and Natasha are well known for the Avengers but also their company, in which they do mostly file work. Isla Deran is a 18 year old intern who has recently gotten i...
Not My Daddy by noonetooimportant
Not My Daddyby noonetooimportant
I'm a neko..I work as a stripper in my daddy's club...hes scary but I cant do anything..I dont wanna get hit or beat..like the passed baby boys.. but I dont need fo worr...
My Sunflower by apolloschaoschild
My Sunflowerby apolloschaoschild
Will didn't have a great childhood, living part time in an abusive household with his mother and step father and part time with his real father. Split custody sucked for...
Livin' life in the Daycare by TannerV21
Livin' life in the Daycareby Tanner V
‼️‼️Credit for cover image goes to my girlfriend ReneeMagics‼️‼️ Starting off on a poor yet normal life, Tanner V, a young adult who lives alone with his pet cat, seekin...
The Youngest Royal by myohmyers724
The Youngest Royalby Emerald_agereg
After a life of foster homes and hiding, Estrella has a chance to have a family. Will she accept her 'little' classification? Follow the royal family as they navigate th...