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Gaia's heir by natashadpeverett
Gaia's heirby Natasha Larson
unable to have a child of their own Lilly and james prey to anyone who will help them and get a surprising response, how will Dumbledore control a pawn whose backed by s...
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Trapped by a Bracelet • Book 1 by NellaJaySteel
Trapped by a Bracelet • Book 1by Mama Kathryn/Skylar
Every week the bracelet's demands changes. Every week more people leave in body bags. People that could otherwise defend themselves with their God given powers. Clouds k...
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Songs of the Sea by Xar_Sub_04
Songs of the Seaby Zareen Subha
A PERCY JACKSON FANFICTION *Disclaimer :- I DON'T OWN THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES OR CHARACTERS. RICK RIORDAN DOES* Well, Isabella Blake had a pretty normal life. That is...
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Wicked Hunger by DelShereeGladden
Wicked Hungerby DelSheree Gladden
“Save him and hurt him, don’t save him and hurt him. Pain, either way. Delicious pain. Hunger will be the only one that wins. Hunger always wins.” Vanessa and Zander Ro...
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I Wouldn't Mind by Goingmuffin
I Wouldn't Mindby I'monlysomeoneinmyhead
Percy is the son of Poseidon and Athena, a godling. He spends his days fighting and travelling until he discovers the island of Delos. There, he meets and saves a young...
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Eleen by IndexMazo
Eleenby J.Maglonzo
((slow updates))
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Awakening Storm by 4nw6u5
Awakening Stormby Im a guy
A Baron's weak son is mysteriously healed from his unnatural fevers that he's had all his life and all he remembers is a beautiful young face with softly glowing eyes. W...
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Of Half-Bloods and Monsters by AccursedV
Of Half-Bloods and Monstersby vandell vatel
Attacked by monsters, learning that your world is not what it seems, and finding out that myths are real, were not high on this kids bucket list.
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A New Hope by BethataZenfil
A New Hopeby Bethata Zenfil
You know how there are many different stories of how the world came to be? What if the real story is one that no one even knows? A young girl not only learns the story b...
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Kidnapped by my mate.(book One) by crazygirl200o
Kidnapped by my mate.(book One)by scp
(Completed)Christina lives with a horrible mother who doesn't care about her, she gets bullied at school, and she has no friends. Perfect life right? Well she meets a va...
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the lost apocalypse by Lauren20060308
the lost apocalypseby Laura 333
I ran away from all, I knew found a new family found a new hope but now it's changed In an apocalyptic setting, a girl with powers was thrown into a new world then wha...
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The Godling by MyNameIsSuperb
The Godlingby The Murderous Chicken
Nicky Godling is not a normal girl, she has powers and abilities that no human had ever seen. She starts college just as the earth starts to wake, in the worst way possi...
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The Godling by bunker21j42
The Godlingby bunker21j42
In a world where the immortal gods have passed on, their ancient power spills into the godlings, children born with the ancient fire in their veins.
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If the Gods Were Trying by AquamarineUnicorn
If the Gods Were Tryingby Ms. DramaQueen
Alaina never wanted her best friend to die in a car accident. She also never wanted to be sent to a boarding school because she "blew up the school". All these...
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Killing Garmin: Book 1 Of The Godling Series by Madiarc
Killing Garmin: Book 1 Of The Godl...by Madiarc
Picture this. You've been raised by drunks, have had one friend your whole life, and your boyfriend just broke up with you. That's just life. Everyone experiences someth...
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SON OF ZEUS by demigod_tribute12
SON OF ZEUSby demigod_tribute12
As time went on, the greek god Zeus grew more and more power hungry. After a long think he captured every single Greek God, despite their struggles he overpowered them a...
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#2 Godling by Kiwileigh
#2 Godlingby Kiera Anderson
This is the 2nd book in the Forbidden Child series.
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Godling - The One Man Pantheon by AuthorVandersteen
Godling - The One Man Pantheonby Author Vandersteen
He's got the power to channel the amazing abilities of the Greek Gods and heroes, making him the greatest super hero of his time and a One Man Pantheon. These are the ta...
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The Magic School Bus: The Divine War of Mesoterra by Hikami
The Magic School Bus: The Divine W...by Hikami
The Magic School Bus kids are godlings, and Ms. Frizzle has to train them to use their power so they can fight the evil gods, and become gods who will protect the world...
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