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Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Book by AwesomeAshely23
Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Bookby AwesomeAshely23
What the title says ~~Requests are open~~ <3
Origins of Olympus Season 1 and 2 oneshots pt 2 by _White_Angel_Fox
Origins of Olympus Season 1 and Jada
So this is a part 2 since I reached max chapters!
Ask and Dare by IronTooth43
Ask and Dareby nope
Ask and dare sleepy boi, lusty boi, pride boi,and smol angry boi.
Ask and Dare with a little twist  by IronTooth43
Ask and Dare with a little twist by nope
This will mainly focus on the twins. They will be loopy or adorable 80% time
Superhero Academy  by IronTooth43
Superhero Academy by nope
ask and dare the Short, Icey, Booming, and Tin boi
Ask or Dare Origins of Olympus season 2 by _White_Angel_Fox
Ask or Dare Origins of Olympus Jada
So I haven't seen anyone do this but if you have then let me know and I will credit them. This will mainly focus on Riccaro and Solis but you can ask or dare whoever you...
Origins, SDS, CPG, Demon Slayer etc. One-Shots by Cartofi_Deprimat
Origins, SDS, CPG, Demon Slayer Cartofi
If I have motivation and ideas then stories shall be done. Request are open! Anything that is Origins or side series to. Like Genesis and SDS. None of these characters b...
The Daughter Of The Sin Of Wrath by The-Ace-Shipper
The Daughter Of The Sin Of Wrathby TheAce
It was a just a normal night, but then Richie came home drunk and the next thing Michael know is that he was. In Richie bed the next morning naked. Also this is edited b...
Celestial High T and D by GM_YeetChild
Celestial High T and Dby HangyWulf
So, I have seen a lot of people make Ask or Dare books. I have decided to create one myself to: 1.) keep myself on Wattpad more 2.) it seemed fun so I wanted to try 3.)...
David x Mario  by GalaxyTheWriter
David x Mario by Galaxy
Soo it's 1:27 in the morning and now I'm writing this how my life works (Thank you Hangry_Reads For making this I hope I spelt your name right) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|~~|~~~~~...
FTO Oneshots by AngelBeeAKAFloria
FTO Oneshotsby AngelBeeAKAFloria
Okie so this is going to be a lot like my SNO oneshots book in that you can ask for whatever you want and I'll do my best. Just make sure its FTO related!
Origins Stuff by InspiredJelly
Origins Stuffby Jelly
Part of writing is building stories based on an idea that already exists, but making it unique and original. This is what I seek through this book. Feel free to request...
Filotimo (Origins of Olympus Fanfic) by NinjagoMLP_Dreamer
Filotimo (Origins of Olympus Dream
φιλότιμο (fi-lo-tee-mo) - comes from the Greek root words "filos," meaning friend, and "timi," meaning honor - is the concept of putting others (or t...
Fairy Tail Origins One Shots by JayDarke
Fairy Tail Origins One Shotsby Jay
One shots for the YouTube series Fairy Tail Origins. I'm going to attempt at least one chapter with every character at least in it.
Eternal Night and Dangerous Tides by Ashl0390
Eternal Night and Dangerous Tidesby Ashl0390
It's an FTO au that you'll just have to read to find out about it
Brypu (Origins Of Olympus ship) by Wolfzun
Brypu (Origins Of Olympus ship)by Wolfzun
As you probably know, River has been following Bryan a lot lately, because he is in love with Bryan a lot and I mean A LOT. But River is taking it a bit to far... Inpu a...
Origins of Olympus S2 One-Shots by AvianKing
Origins of Olympus S2 One-Shotsby Toris/Mitch King
One shot book for Origins of Olympus, specifically Season 2~ Disclaimer: there's a lot of characters and I want to avoid writing them OOC best I can but I occasionally f...
Origins Oneshot Book2 by WPChezzyPasta
Origins Oneshot Book2by WPChezzyPasta
Welcome to the second book! Hopefully a fresh start and not putting these ⚠️! I hope whoever reads this book won't be uncomfortable, and hopefully like it! 💖💛💙