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Pantheons University by fantasyadelit
Pantheons Universityby fantasyadelit
Origins of Olympus Season 2. Set in a University au. Bryan changed a bit for other's it's good. Well for Bryan it wasn't, he made a promise to not fall inlove though be...
Xylo in Fairy Tail Origins by MikeThePolishGuy
Xylo in Fairy Tail Originsby Filip Wojtal
Everything went good with gods plan. Xylo give Sword of Hades to Brick He slash Xylo with it to send him to Tartaros Xylo with his father will imprison Titans Completely...
Two -was- in one by iliketrainsijustdook
Two -was- in oneby iliketrainsijustdook
This is a origins of Olympus Minecraft role play AU.... this is what I was thinking about so I typed it all :3.... Like my last book I like to wright short stories so it...
A Reunion Between A Lost Pair by SparklingSpxder
A Reunion Between A Lost Pairby SpxrklingSpxder
After Ritchie left Michael in that cave, things generally went downhill in the real world. This is the story of Michael returning from the depths of his cave and acclima...
Mitchie Oneshots by Rdw656
Mitchie Oneshotsby Rdw656
This book is completely dedicated to Mitchie, so any requests must be that ship only. You can make requests for any series. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this.
This is a book that I have decided to create! I have SO many ideas and I need a place to put them. Plus I think some certain people may like the ships included! Personal...
Worlds Collide by Ava_Sama
Worlds Collideby Nightkill_Shipper
Everything was normal in FTO, SNO and OoO Until each of them had found 3 stone figures Will they ever find a way back to the're demension? Will they fought the villain...
Origins One-Shots by 2kae217
Origins One-Shotsby 2kae217
This is a book for one-shots from Origins of Olympus, Supernatural Origins, and Fairytale Origins Season 4. Requests are welcome!!
100 baby daycare crossover with origins of olympus by LilEmmaFoxy
100 baby daycare crossover with ☾☆𝐸𝓂𝓂𝒶𝐻𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓃☆☾
(Makes sense after part 3) When Michael's dad comes to daycare to keep on him, he found out he was getting soda. He got very angry at Austin and Bri but didn't do anythi...
Aphrodite's Curse by MoonSpirit22402
Aphrodite's Curseby TheycallmeSatan
Michael is confused. First, he sat in the huge library waiting for something to happen. Then, he's suddenly alive again. And last, he'd realized he'd developed a crush...
Just a hunch  by Deck-Of-Cards
Just a hunch by Autumn or something
After considering these three lucky people his family, Austin was finally happy for the first time in years. But after the disappearance of his 'mom' Michael, he snapped...
Always Together Forever (Disconnected And Up For Adoption) by Eclipesia_Night
Always Together Forever ( Eclipesia
All is not ok at the pizzaria. Bryan missing. Thought to be dead to the police. But will that stop the animatronics from finding their friend? Find out here. Art work mi...
Shattered by Erin529
Shatteredby Jason Afton
In this AU, Bryan is suffering from a broken heart because of the seductive rose and a lot of other things. This AU also is not meant to follow the events in the actual...
Cousins in Magic (Origins of Olympus fanfic) by Camille_and_Fritz
Cousins in Magic (Origins of Camille 🧶(and Fritz 🏵)
(This is a fanfic! I had this idea be A near-death experience can bring answers to questions you've never asked. Bryan found that out when a bomb the titans had planted...
Im In Love With The Son Of Aphrodite (Brypu) by tragix_
Im In Love With The Son Of Kam☠️
Inpu meets bryan one day after him wondering into the Egyptian side of the camp. They became great friends and both developed secret crushes on each other. Find out what...
Godswap Au by GlitchyEx3
Godswap Auby Gl!tch Undertale
It's an Origins of Olympus au. Everyone's godly parent is different. It's started in my Fan art book. I haven't even figured out everyone's godly parent yet. If anyone h...
Multiverse Madness: A FamousFilms Fanfiction by 2kae217
Multiverse Madness: A 2kae217
Bryan has messed with the portal, but this time, it wasn't himself that came in, but someone...or something....else that came out. Read to find out!
Breaking Point by FireFox_Studios_26
Breaking Pointby FireFox Studios
Bryan had finally had enough of everything. He was tired of the names, the bulling, everything. He went into work one day and heard something that would change things dr...