FTO Mario Oneshots
By AngelBeeAKAFloria
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**Permanent Hiatus** This is based off a MC series called Fairytail Origins and MarioMania's portrayal of it. My story does have Mario's character acting OOC in that he's a lot sweeter than you think kind of way. I would like everyone to keep in mind that this is fanfiction, it is not real and this is just something I did for fun. I will say that some of the oneshots are going to be very short but they all take place in the same world and some of them will be directly connected to one another. Alrighty then, I hope you enjoy! Oh also I don't know who plays Kit so I couldn't include her in the tags but this story does include her. One other thing, in this one shot book, Mario is shipped with Daveed and there will be chapters reflecting that. If you don't like it, that's fine, but please don't leave hate. Its just what I decided to do for this particular book. 9/22/19 #1 MarioMania 10/5/19 #1 fairytailorigins 10/5/19 #1 Kaykrae 10/6/19 #1 3amgaming 10/24/19 #1 gingernutt 10/26/19 #1 thefamousfilms


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FTO Mario...
by AngelBeeAKAFloria