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Origins, SDS, CPG, Demon Slayer etc. One-Shots by Cartofi_Deprimat
Origins, SDS, CPG, Demon Slayer et...by Cartofi
If I have motivation and ideas then stories shall be done. Request are open! Anything that is Origins or side series to. Like Genesis and SDS. None of these characters b...
FTO, SNO, OOO, SDS, and Lukos Hill one-shots  by Phoenix_Fire11
FTO, SNO, OOO, SDS, and Lukos Hill...by PhoenixFire11
Just a book of one-shots! Requests are always welcome unless told otherwise. NO SMUT OR LEMONS I will let you know at the beginning of a chapter if requests are not welc...
ask or dare!!! by Colorfulpalet
ask or dare!!!by Colorfulpalet
Hello so in this book many michael's will be send to fairy tail origins and they will be ansering questions and dares from you! ¤▪︎...
Superhero Academy  by IronTooth43
Superhero Academy by nope
ask and dare the Short, Icey, Booming, and Tin boi
The Daughter Of The Sin Of Wrath by The-Ace-Shipper
The Daughter Of The Sin Of Wrathby TheAce
It was a just a normal night, but then Richie came home drunk and the next thing Michael know is that he was. In Richie bed the next morning naked. Also this is edited b...
SNO Oneshots by AngelBeeAKAFloria
SNO Oneshotsby AngelBeeAKAFloria
Hey guys! I know that I have a lot of stories going on right now but I also got a lot of ideas that don't fit with those stories. So here's my new one-shot book for Supe...
Wings and Trees by AngelBeeAKAFloria
Wings and Treesby AngelBeeAKAFloria
5 months since he had met Lukas, his baby brother. 2 years since he had lost Maya, his baby sister. 3 years since he had last seen HIM. And no he didn't mean the devil...
A Universal Switch (FTO and OoO Crossover) by GM_YeetChild
A Universal Switch (FTO and OoO Cr...by HangyWulf
This is Book 2 of Different Dimensions! I said there was going to be a book two, and here it is! This one will be longer than Book 1 for sure since I have alot more idea...
Mermaid Origins by Blue-wolves23
Mermaid Originsby Blue Wolf
Where the origin crew is in a mermaid filled world. Where humans and mermaids are not supposed to interact. This is Mermaid Origins.
Eternal Night and Dangerous Tides by Ashl0390
Eternal Night and Dangerous Tidesby Ashl0390
It's an FTO au that you'll just have to read to find out about it
Origins Oneshot Book2 by WPChezzyPasta
Origins Oneshot Book2by WPChezzyPasta
Welcome to the second book! Hopefully a fresh start and not putting these ⚠️! I hope whoever reads this book won't be uncomfortable, and hopefully like it! 💖💛💙
Fan Art Book by Eli_FlyingDog
Fan Art Bookby The Woof
My fan art for fanfics, minecraft role play series, etc.
Forced to hurt  by Ashl0390
Forced to hurt by Ashl0390
Cover by LuckyLve it's an FTO au Some chapters will be shorter than others by both small amounts and large amounts Read the warnings in the first part as they are very...
Oneshot Origins! by CrystalWyvern03
Oneshot Origins!by Jade_Wolf Blades
Welcome... to OneShot Origins! I take request here and put my own ideas here.
Fairy Tail Origins Ask Or Dare! (Season 2) by Klance2020
Fairy Tail Origins Ask Or Dare! (S...by ✩ 𝒫𝒶𝓃𝒹𝒶𝐹𝒶𝒾𝓇𝓎𝟤𝟥 ✩
This is season 2 of my ask or dare book!! Hope you enjoy!!! (Cover-Mine) (Art-Mine)
The Prophecy  by Unicorns522671
The Prophecy by Alice20o1
After all the madness happened at camp Lee decided to go to a real school for the first time. The teacher announced a field trip to Divinus Magia. While there she fell i...
Different Dimensions (FTO/OOO Fanfic) by GM_YeetChild
Different Dimensions (FTO/OOO Fanf...by HangyWulf
In FTO, Mario, Daveed and Brandon were training when a mysterious green portal appears out of nowhere. After getting closer to it, a giant shadow hand grabs Mario from t...
Origins by DustyWolf_
Originsby DustyWolf_
Well, for the warning - my english is bad Im gonna put here some origins stuff, like fanarts, gacha videos Im gonna probably focus more on dream team If you want, you ca...