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Moved on by SvShri
Moved onby Bunny Krish
He left her with a strong note that she is never his type and he was spending his time with her just for fun sake. She was shattered when she learned that. She loved him...
Gimme Gimme Shock Therapy by IndyRoseWrites
Gimme Gimme Shock Therapyby Indy Rose
Carina Deluca's history comes to the surface. With a blast from the past and secrets exposed Frankie and Georgina created by me Characters owned by Shondaland / greys an...
Blueberry Scones (MxM) by Mel_Needs_Help
Blueberry Scones (MxM)by Mel
Wren Arroyo's wolf was broken. Born without a complete sense of smell, Wren knew he would never have that magical moment when true mates smell each other and meet, but h...
Kacchan can't know! by ForeverFanfictionB1
Kacchan can't know!by Orangeyougladididntputmyname
Midoriya thinks Bakugou will be disgusted if he finds out he's a little. Putting off little space has unforeseen side affects on Izuku's mental health though, and Bakugo...
2GETHER TILL THE END[BOOK-1]{Completed} by ParvinSiddj
2GETHER TILL THE END[BOOK-1]{ Yizhan&Brightwin
Bright, the rich CEO of Thailand was arranged to marry his father's friend's son Win,who was completing his University studies. Bright was a cold person while Win was a...
Twizzlers (MxMxM) by Mel_Needs_Help
Twizzlers (MxMxM)by Mel
Aaron Kingston believed in fate. No, he didn't just believe in it; he saw it. He saw the red strings of fate that connected soulmates to one another. He saw everyone's b...
The Man In The Suit by Tananzia
The Man In The Suitby Tananzia Daniana Aviano
You had fallen for John Wick, but he was married to a beautiful wonderful wife... Until you witness her kissing another man in the middle of the night. With John falling...
Quiet Kids with Wings ¿? Rinney, Brance, Briffin ¿? by Mui-Blake
Quiet Kids with Wings ¿? Rinney, Mui Blake ❤
Vance, Robin, and Griffin are the Scary and semi-popular kids, compared to Bruce, Finney, and Billy who are the quiet kids Chatfic, No Grabber, Modern, Insta, High Schoo...
Oath of Lies by CallenEvance
Oath of Liesby CallenEvance
"In that place... That is not home... A place where I am alone is not home." His father neglected him. Ron and Beaxrox abandoned him too. Choi Han left witho...
The Consequences of Falling In Love by Fizaxbieber
The Consequences of Falling In Loveby fiza
"That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to get saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the consequ...
Alterno Albetrio by GypsyMawMaw
Alterno Albetrioby Gypsy-MawMaw
It was been 6 weeks after Rory has said No to Logan's proposal and Yes to being a reporter on the campaign trail and a phone call changes her life. Rory comes to Logan'...
Always a Bad Girl  by coraleigh24
Always a Bad Girl by coraleigh24
"I'm so sorry," I say looking down at the mess. "Why are you apologizing you're the one with coffee all over your shirt." The mans voice made me fr...
MILES APART by UniqueNImperfect
MILES APARTby UniqueNImperfect
When things are too good, they aren't true. When love stories are too simple, they still need to brew. There's too much to lose, but nothing to gain. Too much heartbrea...
The Chaotic Wires of Love **COMPLETE** by mysticaltales11111
The Chaotic Wires of Love ** LifeDrama&SomeFictions
Arnav and Khushi were together for a while, in the story of their Lives.She had loved him with all her heart, and he had cared too.However, back then,time wasn't in thei...
It wont beat us by AustinFoster286
It wont beat usby Austin Foster
Eddie was always told as a kid he must remain strong and provide for his family and put himself last, when he finds a lump he finds it hard to ask for help
She Hates, But She Also Loves by DandelionTheDragon
She Hates, But She Also Lovesby Dandelion Daenarys
Highest ranking; #1 in #avenge and #1 in #hacking and #7 in #lgbt About a girl with quite a horrid past, who tries to avenge her mother. On the way she meets certain peo...
You Belong With Me (A Sequel to "What Once Was")  by seawrites5
You Belong With Me (A Sequel to " Sea🌊💛
"Yeah, but this time we're seniors." -Rizzo Does one really think Ainsley and Ryder would not get a second chance? In this book, Ainsley moves back from LA, af...
Robin & Reader (+lemon) (COMPLETE)  by AlexaJohnson748
Robin & Reader (+lemon) (COMPLETE) by BoyWondersGirl
No description available,sorry,not good at them. :/ Just read to find out what happens.
Hate that I love you | Jikook | COMPLETED by ChimmylovesCookie
Hate that I love you | Jikook | Chimmy (C.J. Collins)
Title inspired by Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo song *** Jimin and Jungkook were supposed to elope but Jimin never came and Jungkook is heartbroken. He left alone and never looked b...
Felinette Week One-shots by san-fics
Felinette Week One-shotsby san-fics
A collection of PV Felinette one-shots for Felinette Week 2022 Mon. (Nov 21): Sugar & Spice Tues. (Nov 22): Fortune & Failure Weds. (Nov 23): Lackluster & Lightning Thur...