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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
acorn [minsung] by eetjin
acorn [minsung]by del🌱 they/she✨
ever heard of stranger danger? but where's the fun in that? ---- updates often short chapters I wanted to make a story like this because minho gave jisung an acorn as a...
Humsafar..... by ditigaur3
#3 ditigaur3
Arnav got married to Priya , via arrange marriage . But even after marriage Aman is still in love with hus ex Komal . Will this marriage work ? Priya left , as Komal ca...
Unbreakable [Completed] by thearchersays
Unbreakable [Completed]by Sheeshu
Ashir Kamal worked for his boss Taimoor Murtaza Khan with complete loyalty. Gave his everything to his career. The same career that took his life. That's when his wife...
Her Fated Mate by Mintessla
Her Fated Mateby Josie Marie
A Bonus Book [5] in Her Destiny Series ||| ❝She was his strength and he was her heart.❞ ▫▫▫▫ ▫▫▫▫ ▫▫▫ Reeve is a she-wolf unlike any other. She's been through hell, s...
Smile and Silence by Ari_Crimson_M
Smile and Silenceby Ari (little bean)
Aileen Quin, Sia Campbell and Raine Lennox are three individual with each different personalities. But yet they are the bestest friends you can ever wish. Aileen Quin i...
Amazon Islands Book Club [Open] by WonderWritersTeam
Amazon Islands Book Club [Open]by Wonder Writers
Every writer is a warrior and a warrior works hard every day to get discovered. Are you that unknown warrior? Then join us on our islands to a journey that will hopefull...
Relationship Standards by BeLikeCoii
Relationship Standardsby Coii 🤤
Just The Average Necessities Every Couple Looks For...
The Genuine Love of Us  by Joissss
The Genuine Love of Us by JYCN
Heyce Roshes Virrey grow up in a poor family and that family was hurting her physically and mentally. Then one night she run away from the house where she grow up for th...
The Playlist of Jade [completed] by nerdintown
The Playlist of Jade [completed]by ëllīot
High School sucks. That's my motto for the mean time. Yeah, I have this thing where for a short period of time I have a motto for my life. My name is Jade Mensa and I li...
Istorya: Sigaw ng Puso by beautyofhope
Istorya: Sigaw ng Pusoby Aki Arcadia
"O kahit sa dating ako nalang."
The story of my marriage  by ollllllllllllla
The story of my marriage by ollllllllllllla
This story is basically telling my personal experience of marriage through the recent 6 years of my life . I'll be posting the next part once I finish writing it❤️
YOU by sh2716
YOUby sterlin henson
The most fragile, raw, emotional fragments of my soul. Hopefully I'm not the only one who can appreciate a good poem. Enjoy ;)
His Queen by KlaudiePatel
His Queenby Klaudie Patel
He was the king of vampires, and she was just a small town human girl. Or so they thought. [REST OF THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FIRST CHAPTER] [WARNING! Includes a LOT of vi...
Raw words, real feelings by ditje_22
Raw words, real feelingsby LaQueen
Things that many of us feel and don't manage to put in words. Mostly short poems and my very own quotes. Also some poems of which you'll only understand the true message...
Krishna Arjuna by lkjhmn1
Krishna Arjunaby lkjhmn1
A fan fiction of the five Pandavas and krishna...
Perfect Symphony by gracedtowrite
Perfect Symphonyby Faith Mwinzi
After a terrible date Beatrice Wandia gets to have a do over shortly after but after a slight misunderstanding things take a turn for the worse or do they? Beatrice Wan...
Being Genuine (Paths Of Paradise Sequel) by alice2096
Being Genuine (Paths Of Paradise Alice
Continuing from where we left off with Paths Of Paradise, this is the sequel: Being Genuine. (Read Paths Of Paradise first before reading this story so you know what's g...
R4R, C4C AND F4F!!! -->>>Open  by MentallyDatingSuga
R4R, C4C AND F4F!!! -->>>Open by 💕Gal💕
Read for read? Yep! Follow for follow? Definitely! Comment for comment? Sure! Don't worry this book has it all!!! Struggling to get someone to read your book don't worry...