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 Love In The Midst Of The Storm (Squad Series #1) by SilentLover1326
Love In The Midst Of The Storm ( i_amJustA_SilentLover
Yra Zianah Guiliani is your typical badgirl with a high standards She's playful , she loves ruin everyone's peace Until she met Raven Nathaniel, the probinsyanong hamp...
Midnights Blood Series: The Bridge Between Us by Lapithapon
Midnights Blood Series: The Sunset
What will you do when you woke up one day seeing your crush again that died a decade ago and the boy you know is different to the boy you once knew, and this time that b...
🌷The Duke and The Widow🌷  by Truth_Nostalgia
🌷The Duke and The Widow🌷 by Nostalgia
A widow had found herself in trouble with the palace when her son ran into the Duke Nicholas Howard, the cold and handsome bachelor of the Kingdom of Leuedai. The Duke f...
MISTY (Filipino Fantasy Novel) by Gregor_io
MISTY (Filipino Fantasy Novel)by Gregor_io
In the mountain valleys of upper Luzon lies a remote village, misty from the steady rain that seem to never end. After graduating from senior high school, Narra, a girl...
GIRL IN SUNSET by merxuii
Brianna Esmeralda, a senior high girl, isn't interested in love despite having many admirers. She declines their advances because she is academically focused-studies com...
Her Greatest Downfall by gelyenbalm
Her Greatest Downfallby A
Raise Acelle Davis was a daughter of the governor in the city. She wasn't an ideal daughter, she's a hardheaded partygirl in town, her doings start affecting her father...
Evergreen  by ironwood_
Evergreen by Ironwood Tori
" 'You're my leaf' in to I'm not his leaf anymore," -Fiona Shin
Nectar Behind the Clouds by ejaydiwas
Nectar Behind the Cloudsby Noel Diwas
Mikha, a lonely boy living in the city, meets Jiro when he visits his grandmother in the province. The two boys develop a close friendship during the summer and discover...
Probinsyana Girl (Calinog Series #1) by BladePen
Probinsyana Girl (Calinog Series BladePen
A young woman who lives in the province of Iloilo. Her Father owns a flower farm in their area. Dahil sa probinsya siya nakatira ay nasanay na si Airian sa mga gawaing p...
PROBINSYANANG MAIDby Elein Zyzy Zyrishie
@eleinzyzy [Language Used:Taglish and Cebuano] Zyrile is a simple but strong girl. She has gone through a lot of hardships. Nakatira siya sa probinsya kasama ang in...
Purchased a Grave, Good for Two by buskeecilel
Purchased a Grave, Good for Twoby Elvish Hobby
John was a man passed his prime age working on a worn-out bookstore around the street of their small town, after his divorce from his wife, everything became dull and m...
Our last summer  by dleaac
Our last summer by dlea
A province girl who fell in Love to a guy from manila during summer time!.
Guilty Pleasure 04: Under Pleasure by Geminicekie
Guilty Pleasure 04: Under Pleasureby Geminicekie
WARNING: SPG| R-18| MATURED CONTENT GUILTY COLLABORATION SERIES 04 Zelicah Monette Monteverde was forced to temporarily take over the business of his infirm father since...
Being The Bad Boy's Tutor (TEEN SERIES #2)ONGOING by TeenSummers
Being The Bad Boy's Tutor (TEEN Cristy Jean Caro
She had a secret boyfriend. But her boyfriend cheated on her. Sa isang gabi nagsimulang magbago ang lahat. Pagising nalang niya nasa pinakaayawan niyang lugar na siya na...
The October Crisis by lovelibertyqc
The October Crisisby LovelibertyQc
They say that Canada is a wonderful country, where everyone is polite and nice. They say that Canada is a country where everyone is friends and where everyone is equal...
The Province Girl In Section Ruby by empty_notebook
The Province Girl In Section Rubyby Roxiee🦋❤️
Lynn Lesly Ocampo,a probinsyana girl who always been confused at the mystery of her family,will do anything to solve it even if she have to be the only girl on the most...
Out of the Woods by withluvdei
Out of the Woodsby dei
"Slow burn but with so much pinning like there's a whole forest."
The Place Where It All Starts (Sitio Series #1) by ashanifies
The Place Where It All Starts ( ˗ˏˋ avocado ´ˎ˗
She severely dislikes that place the most. The place that she once called home. Where her comfort zone is. Where she found herself yet it is likewise where she lost ever...
Fooling Game (Galvez Series # 1) by Lechicin
Fooling Game (Galvez Series # 1)by Chinicchi
Galvez Series # 1 Zillah Haven is the daughter of Senator Galves who didn't take the career path for public service since she surmises that serving others don't literal...