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Gacha Characters by RosePrime01987
Gacha Charactersby RosePrime01987
GachaLife, Gachaverse, GachaStudio, etc
First Love ! ( Gachaworld X Reader ) by Writeryukino
First Love ! ( Gachaworld X Yukino
okay let's be honest i am not really good at writing but i did my best . As the heading suggest just a another book about fanfictions of gacha world . Just few simple s...
MY GACHA EDITS ;) by moonlight_phosphor
MY GACHA EDITS ;)by moonlight_colored_phosphor
do I decided to make an edit book 👀 I'll also put art in here sometimes
Please do not witch-hunt or harass the people shown in this book. This book is purely for fun, NOT to cyber bully people. If you see a picture that you own and you would...
Gacha Stuff by agmillss
Gacha Stuffby 𝚊𝚐𝚘𝚖𝚗𝚒
Yeehaw, I got tired of posting artificial art in my Arts & Tags book so here we are 🤠
Random Gacha Stories by RosePrime01987
Random Gacha Storiesby RosePrime01987
These are Gacha stories. BUT I do not own my online friend's OC it's his NOT MINE.
My Gacha Club Book by XSmoke_And_MirrorsX
My Gacha Club Bookby LGBTQ+ Royalty
This is the same as the gacha life books except it's gacha club! This is technically the fourth book in the series except it's gacha club Started 18th August 2020 Till P...
My Gacha Life Book by XSmoke_And_MirrorsX
My Gacha Life Bookby LGBTQ+ Royalty
This book includes my ocs and other people's ocs! Cover By My Amazing Friend @HeySDJ This book includes my past ocs and ones I use now Started - 14th November 2018 Finis...
Funny things in Gacha world ! by Writeryukino
Funny things in Gacha world !by Yukino
this book is full of gacha randomness !😇😉
Gacha World:A New Adventure! by CyaNeoLen
Gacha World:A New Adventure!by CyaNeoLen
This is just a fan-made sequel storyline to the game "Gacha World" so expect to see some familiar terms or names,but also expect this story to have new stuff s...
Error's Gacha Life by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Error's Gacha Lifeby 3KainNyah
Error, the forced god of destruction, forced by Fate to keep the balance. A 'merciless murderer' hated by everyone. After being ambushed by the creator and beaten wideou...
Gacha Dares by featherdude
Gacha Daresby 🥑Avocado Man🥑
🙈Caution this book is fucking old so my humor makes absolutely no sense and it still doesn't to this day🙈Meh, Just a book where Them Gacha Characters Get dared and wel...
My Gacha Life Book 3 by XSmoke_And_MirrorsX
My Gacha Life Book 3by LGBTQ+ Royalty
This is literally the same as the last two books if you couldn't read This is the one thing that will never be replaced I hope you will enjoy this book of completely ran...
My OCs by Hayami_Minato
My OCsby Angellica Teoh Sin Pei
My characters are from Beyblade Burst, Tenkai Knights and other francises. Make sure to be careful of that Vietnamese website my friend and I told you about.
Gachalife book by youtube-fnaf
Gachalife bookby Writer-Chan
I will be doing showing off my skills (which is nonexistent since I am a beginner) at making comics and designing characters! let's see how this goes ╥﹏╥
SlendyTubbies: The Weird GachaVerse Adventure by LittleTinyWorld2005
SlendyTubbies: The Weird LittleTinyWorld2005
With: Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa Laa Po White Tubbie (Walten) Ron Yeti Claw Tubbie Newborns Shadow Tubbie
My Gacha Studio Story's  by Rossome9000
My Gacha Studio Story's by I_NEED_HOLY_WATER
I do hated child and insane asylums so yeah if you like that then here you go
PotatoeGacha's GachaLife Book! by PotatoeGacha
PotatoeGacha's GachaLife Book!by PotatoeGacha
#gacha #gachaverse #gachalife #potatoe