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My Gacha Chapters! by RosePrime01987
My Gacha Chapters!by RosePrime01987
This book is gonna be full of chapters. Yes mostly they are gonna be spaced out from page to page i know that but I'm still doing it! These are also kinda based off of...
Gacha World: The Guide | DISCONTINUED - Last chapter for info by TwiWoo
Gacha World: The Guide | cori
ガチャワールド:ガイド (Gachawārudo: Gaido/Japanese) The Guide to Gacha World is filled with all the information you need to know! Includes: ♢All 5 and 6 stars ♢Easter Eggs ♢Promo...
gacha world headcannons and shit by Ravenheart211
gacha world headcannons and shitby ima steal ur nico nico kneeca...
This book is stupid and i want to die Warning: -swearing -some mature themes -dumb jokes
Gacha World Headcanons 3 by Lavosee
Gacha World Headcanons 3by ♡Im gonna cry♡
Book Three Trigger Warning: I do mention abuse or murder in some of these HC's, I will put a (TW: Blank) if it includes it.
First Love ! ( Gachaworld X Reader ) by Writeryukino
First Love ! ( Gachaworld X Yukino
okay let's be honest i am not really good at writing but i did my best . As the heading suggest just a another book about fanfictions of gacha world . Just few simple s...
Gacha World Comic (And Others) by LeMaster01
Gacha World Comic (And Others)by LeMaster01
The products of my procrastination, hope you like Most common characters I use: 1. Cykopath 2. Phantom 3. Kuku 4. Scythe Ripper 5. Magy (I don't ship MaKo, I ship CykoPh...
Gacha World Headcanons 4 by Lavosee
Gacha World Headcanons 4by ♡Im gonna cry♡
Yeah I can't believe there's a 4th one either.
Gacha x Reader {Request Closed!} by Kagero999
Gacha x Reader {Request Closed!}by Kagero999
Come on, I know you want it. Another Gacha World x Reader because...why not?
Cyko x Phantom by kaylien090
Cyko x Phantomby Rose Scarlet
Yaoi, sex, love, and a dungeon?!? Trials of love put to the test, threats, other love interests?! What more do you need??
Random Gacha Stories by RosePrime01987
Random Gacha Storiesby RosePrime01987
These are Gacha stories. BUT I do not own my online friend's OC it's his NOT MINE.
Gacha World:A New Adventure! by CyaNeoLen
Gacha World:A New Adventure!by CyaNeoLen
This is just a fan-made sequel storyline to the game "Gacha World" so expect to see some familiar terms or names,but also expect this story to have new stuff s...
Funny things in Gacha world ! by Writeryukino
Funny things in Gacha world !by Yukino
this book is full of gacha randomness !😇😉
Gacha World/Memories x Male reader one shots (Lemons included) by boi-ontheweb
Gacha World/Memories x Male boi-ontheweb
Well, someone's gotta make it. Just make requests and stuff. I do not own anything related to Lunime inc.
Gacha Randomness and Art by thelonesomedevil
Gacha Randomness and Artby thelonesomedevil
Notice: - Will contain gay and lesbian ships - May contains OCs - May contain NSFW - Steal my art and/or edits and I will find out where you live and kill you
My Gacha Club Book by XSmoke_And_MirrorsX
My Gacha Club Bookby LGBTQ+ Royalty
This is the same as the gacha life books except it's gacha club! This is technically the fourth book in the series except it's gacha club Started 18th August 2020 Till P...
shitposts by Sal_Sushi
shitpostsby ุ
Edit (25 November 2018) : since I don't plan on publishing a new book, this book will be for any shitposts and not just Lunime. Edit (14 September 2019): actually no, ba...
Gacha Randomness by Czarinellaru
Gacha Randomnessby S.E.C.R.E.T
This book contains mainly 5-6 star gachas (sry 3-4 stars), swearing, craziness, and a whole lot of randomness... WARNING: A tons of swearing, Sorry it just makes them be...
Gacha Dares by featherdude
Gacha Daresby 🥑Avocado Man🥑
🙈Caution this book is fucking old so my humor makes absolutely no sense and it still doesn't to this day🙈Meh, Just a book where Them Gacha Characters Get dared and wel...
Gacha World x Reader by user06655650
Gacha World x Readerby no
Idk what to do know hope you like my trash