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Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby A-Marlene-S
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC fanfiction) by Hologram09
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC f...by A
Ouran Academy is running as usual, until a strange new scholarship student comes along. One with golden hair and eyes, and an automail arm and leg...
RWBY x Neglected Greed male reader (Discontinued) by Mecha_Fenix
RWBY x Neglected Greed male reader...by Mecha_Fenix
Hi, I'm new in wattpad and this is my first fanfiction. If you guys can give me a tip or two i will appreciate it a lot The images and the characters do not belong to me...
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shots by KickBoxBanana
FMAB Characters X Reader One Shotsby kickboxbanana
The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters x Reader one shots. I will take requests for boys and girls! Have fun :3 Highest Ranking- #29 of 3.22k for xReader #20 for...
Alchemist/Exorcist (FMA: Brotherhood x Blue Exorcist) RinxEd) by ElizabethForslund
Alchemist/Exorcist (FMA: Brotherho...by Elizabeth Forslund
When a string of gruesome, ritualistic murders stumps the officers at Central command, they call in the experts-exorcists all the way from Japan-more specifically Yukio...
Daughter of Flame by Warpixie
Daughter of Flameby Warpixie
Angel Potter, commonly called Harry by the idiots of the magical society, decides to take a gamble with her fate and uses a circle she finds in her mother's journal in h...
Welcome to the Family by Fangirl9451
Welcome to the Familyby Alexa
Hohenhiem leaves, allowing the Father to move in on his unprotected family. The Father has a sit down with Trisha Elric, Hohenhiem's wife, and proceeds to lie right to h...
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Reader)  by MayaNotMia
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Rea...by MayaNotMia
(Y/N) is a thief, plain and simple. running around with one real limb, stealing what she can find and trying not to die. One day, two alchemists, Edward and Alphonse Elr...
Anime One-Shots Book 1 -Completed - by Rosella_Pisces
Anime One-Shots Book 1 -Completed -by K. S.Booth
I will do any One-Shot; I have not watched every anime. I own nothing except for my characters!
The Hawk's Son by AnimeAddict1059
The Hawk's Sonby Wisdom's Daughter
With rumors about a possible civil war with Ishval floating around, Riza had to make a choice. A choice between having a baby she made with Roy Mustang (who has no idea)...
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be In The Dungeon? by Oramudadora
Is It Wrong For An Alchemist To Be...by Oramudadora
Y/n L/n is sent into danmachi with the knowledge of alchemy from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. the anime Danmachi and Fullmetal Alchemist belong to their respective cre...
Various x Reader! by Anichibi_Fangirl
Various x Reader!by Anichibi
A series of random one shots and occasional two or three parters I make when I get bored.
Black Butler x Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover by prettiestpiano
Black Butler x Fullmetal Alchemist...by Bella
Ed and Al are transferred to the black butler world. How will our young alchemist get back?
Private OC Book  by ToshiroKazama-
Private OC Book by Dantekudo
This is where I will Create and Post my OC's for different variety of Anime! Only for those I Rp with!
Who Could Love a Monster by InsaneLion6058
Who Could Love a Monsterby ☕🍰🍷🍦
[COMPLETED] Envy's never felt.. Well anything, for anyone before. At least, that's how it was before a certain someone rescued this damsel in distress. Warning! For majo...
Harry Potter and The Fullmetal Alchemist [VERY Slow Updates] by AiswaryaLakshmi5
Harry Potter and The Fullmetal Alc...by NaLu_Crazy_Fan
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. This has been Edward's life motto. Yet now he w...
Unforgivable (Edward Elric x Reader) by DatKawaiiKat
Unforgivable (Edward Elric x Reade...by DatKawaiiKat
{Unedited} (Y/N) (L/N) is a state alchemist. No one knows her powers but her. She has a traumatic past that she wishes to forget. She shows no emotions. She promise him...
I Couldn't Let You Die by Envy_theJealous
I Couldn't Let You Dieby Envy_theJealous
An Envy x Reader short story {Complete}
Full Metal In Union by ISeeNow809
Full Metal In Unionby ISeeNow809
I'm sleep deprived and I know someone has already made something like this but I'm doing it anyways(ok turns out I'm gonna be asking this into a Union Academy book)