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Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby A-Marlene-S
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry FMAB fanfic) by tAt783
Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry tAt783
It's about 6:00 pm and I'm just casually sitting in my room reading an automail book with a warm coffee in my hand... It was only this morning I caught a train to Rese...
Sister of the Fullmetal Alchemist *FMA Brotherhood Fanfic* {Completed!} by DaughteroftheRedKing
Sister of the Fullmetal Caitlin
When Mustang told Ed and Al to go to an orphanage to pick up a young girl with incredible alchemic powers, they didnt realise just how important in their lives she was g...
The Homunculus hero by therando5
The Homunculus heroby a lunatic
izuku was framed of stealing UA files and sent to prison where he makes some new friends and power boost. I hope you like its my first fanfic.
Crimson Karma Alchemist- Edward Elric X Reader by hetalia-UK
Crimson Karma Alchemist- Edward CaptainKarma
Psst....yeah you, should check out my story. May be to your fancy 😁 -I don't own the characters or the pictures- Beware there may be typos
Sharingan Alchemist - Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover story by Midnight_Lilac
Sharingan Alchemist - Naruto and Midnight_Lilac
Everyone knows of the Uchiha massacre. Everyone knows that the only survivors were Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke, his younger brother......but also Uchiha Misaki who u...
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric X Reader} by forever_content
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Lil Girl
(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her...
RWBY x Neglected Greed male reader (Discontinued) by Mecha_Fenix
RWBY x Neglected Greed male Mecha_Fenix
Hi, I'm new in wattpad and this is my first fanfiction. If you guys can give me a tip or two i will appreciate it a lot The images and the characters do not belong to me...
Scar by ArtemisEverdeen
Scarby ArtemisEverdeen
This is for all my Scar fan-girls out there because I KNOW I'm not alone! Hope y'all enjoy this!
Character x Male!Reader by Choco_Bananas
Character x Male!Readerby Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Coming this (insert whatever season it is right now): A radically awesome one shot series about you! *Points at reader* But wait! There's more! Not only are you, well...
FMA x Reader Oneshots by Ouran_Galaxies
FMA x Reader Oneshotsby Spooky Hoe❤️
Different one shots with your fave FMA characters! I will take requests and I will include smut.
Flamed Out (Roy Mustang X Oc) by Bohannon_
Flamed Out (Roy Mustang X Oc)by Bohannon
An au. Hunter Devlin was stationed at Fort Briggs for most of her military career. What will happen when Roy Mustang, a long time, close friend of hers do once he finds...
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
Soldier Keep On Marching On by Minecraftian1213
Soldier Keep On Marching Onby Simp
We've all read the stories about a teenager falling into a fictional world. So let's do it again with an adult who's lost it all. Aiden Wilson, mother of two, is taken b...
Broken ✔ by strawberryichigo15
Broken ✔by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 1 Edward has been missing for almost a year. The only thing Roy had was Ed's pocket watch and the horrible memory that Al was gone. When they finally find...
Roy mustang X reader by deathsdaughter124
Roy mustang X readerby MistKitten
This is a Roy mustangxreader so enjoy
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X Reader)  by MayaNotMia
Heart In The Armor (Alphonse X MayaNotMia
(Y/N) is a thief, plain and simple. running around with one real limb, stealing what she can find and trying not to die. One day, two alchemists, Edward and Alphonse Elr...
Anime x Reader One Shots by Melynie
Anime x Reader One Shotsby Achingly Obsessed
Requests are [closed]. These are also on my deviantART, AO3, tumblr, and Quotev. Please feel free to point out any mistakes or inconsistencies, as I try my best to keep...
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24 Minutes┆Within Perspectives #1 by avery_aldini
24 Minutes┆Within Perspectives #1by —· `エイブリィ`
24分┆❛You're to watch your own anime show together, cinema-form!❜ Thrown in a cinema to watch their own anime shows, many characters from each series or - let's say unive...
Always There (FMA: Edward Elric X Reader)  by xcutiepiexx
Always There (FMA: Edward Elric xcutiepiexx
Running from your past isn't a great way to face it. Luckily, you have someone that's always there for you But what if that's isn't enough to save you? Ed (shrimp) X Re...