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The linking Afton  by Plush_Shadowtrap
The linking Afton by The Plush_Trap twins
One day Bryan brings his father to work with him so he can introduce him to his friends, what no one knows is that his father is William Afton's brother. How will the an...
A New Adventure (Brypu) by DarkBlossom27
A New Adventure (Brypu)by SnowyDawnWzw .
Im not telling u anything sorry not sorry.
Torn between time (Finished) by MonsterCraft89
Torn between time (Finished)by MonsterCraft89
When a glitch in the portal causes Bryan's friends to see memories of his past and brings back painful and horrible memories for him causing questions to be asked about...
The Unknown Truth- On Pause, Maybe? by AlphaWolf1107
The Unknown Truth- On Pause, Maybe?by AlphaWolf1107
When Bryan gets hurt, and the animatronics see more than they were ever supposed to, what Unknown Truths will be discovered?
-William Afton Missing Secret Daughter- by dianadevil30849
-William Afton Missing Secret ༺DianaྉDawnྉAfton༻
One day at the Freddy land(aka yes molten and springtrap are there their not dead) bryan recently hired a teenager name Diana she wears a hoodie to cover her identity an...
the famous films Fnaf Theories  by coast_walker
the famous films Fnaf Theories by A-Panic-Party
Give the book a chance please some theroires about the famous films's fnaf seiries Please don't mind the spelling mistakes There will be some a/ns and some art. The ar...
Bryan's Stress [] TheFamousFilms AU by LunaWritesUndertale
Bryan's Stress [] TheFamousFilms AUby LunaWritesFandoms
This story takes place after the video "I'm not crazy" a AU where Bryan doesn't need to die but is in a worse state Contains a lot of Angst
Torn between Time (REMAKE/Halloween Special) by MonsterCraft89
Torn between Time (REMAKE/ MonsterCraft89
When a glitch in the portal causes Bryan's friends to see memories of his past and brings back painful and horrible memories for him causing questions to be asked about...
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A TheFamousFilms Fan-made Story) by GhostChildEmi
Bryan's From WHERE?!(A Emily Winter
What if Bryan was from a different world and had people he called FAMILY there? What if he came here to have a job like the Molten from his Universe had? What if Bryan...
The one who possesses the rose by Starnightgaming
The one who possesses the roseby Star💫
Bryan got the seductive rose now he out for power again, meeting old friends an worse... now follow Bryan to see if he turns back to his old self, to see his animatronic...
Bryan is a vampire  by Sammyswolfpack87
Bryan is a vampire by Samantha Muir
in this au bryan is a vampire but starts having problems controlling his thirst. And jon is the only one that knows his secret.....for now. this takes place in the theme...
Controlled~thefamousfilms au by blaisenotfound
Controlled~thefamousfilms auby Ψ𝚋𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚜𝚎Ψ
Bryan kept hearing voices in his office saying to him to join them,he did then everything changed..... *none of the characters in this belong to me*
Siren by Bubblespop2007
Sirenby Ender
He sings to draw males to him. But he's interested in two males. He decided to go as a human to find those two, and to see what the land is like, though he couldn't walk...
Doll (TheFamousFilms Fnaf 7) by SeasTheLunaBitty
Doll (TheFamousFilms Fnaf 7)by Dave Miller/William Afton_Fan...
This is about when Bryan Mendivil bought a Doll for Freddy Land.
Multi-Fandom Oneshots UwU by yEet_TvT
Multi-Fandom Oneshots UwUby ✨ ! N A T E ! ✨
UPDATED DESC: This is now a multifandom oneshot book I will probably doHarry Potter, Gravity Falls, The Famous Films, The Promised Neverland. I also take requests-
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Bryan's B.R.O.K.E.N by Non_Ya_Byisness
Bryan's B.R.O.K.E.Nby Non ya buisness
I have ideas and I don't have I ideas. I have been wanting to do a story about something like this and my stories that are on Hold I'll probably slowly update them or do...
What If Jakey Go To Freddy Land by Fronnie59
What If Jakey Go To Freddy Landby brakey4life
what if jakey Is find a job and he find a job name freddy land and he meet Bryan
Ask and Dare SpringHeart/Bryan by MonsterCraft89
Ask and Dare SpringHeart/Bryanby MonsterCraft89
This is my first try of making an Ask and Dare series. It will be focused around my FamousFilms Au. We're Bryan/Chris Afton died and became a Animortionic named SpringHe...
Secrets of Business Owners by NovaWolf64055
Secrets of Business Ownersby NovaWolf 64055
It's been years since any of us four have been to a Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria, and I know that they can feel the pull the place gives off to take the form of which we had...