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Jae's Eddsworld Ask & Dare Book (Drawn Responses!) by bird-sigh0
Jae's Eddsworld Ask & Dare Book ( jae
Just what it says on the tin! I haven't made up my mind on what ships will be in this, or if there will be any at all, so it's up to you guys to push the narrative in th...
kaiju girls Q&A! (Now In Season 2!) by dabi-blueflames24
kaiju girls Q&A! (Now In Season 2!)by [~¥Sin of pride¥~]
asks and dares for the kaiju girls from my fanfics.
Sofia the First: Truth or Dare? by moretla
Sofia the First: Truth or Dare?by carved in your mind
✨NEW EPISODES OUT NOW!✨ Join the official gang of Sofia the First to their comedic and romantic journey through truths and dares! But here is the twist: YOU get to give...
Ask and Dare but with Roblox YouTubers! by Ame__ly
Ask and Dare but with Roblox Ame__ly
Yeah, it's only ask and dare with Roblox YouTubers you can read it or you can go and do something better :D ________ And I wanted to thank @Khalux for making a book cove...
Ask or Dare (Truth as well) by Jessfandomgirl
Ask or Dare (Truth as well)by DARK_SLAYER
Im new to this send me truths dares anything!!
Ask the Fazbear Crew! by SugarBear2703
Ask the Fazbear Crew!by Autumn Wright
Hello guys, Sugar Bear here. I wanted to make an ask and dare series with fnaf characters from 1 to 3. Instead of them being just text responses we'll get picture respon...
BATMM (Blaze and the Monster Machines) Ask And Dare by Moonaline
BATMM (Blaze and the Monster Moonaline
Title says it all! Ask and dare the gang! And me too, if you guys want! XD
Trolls Ask and Dare by sortiz327
Trolls Ask and Dareby sortiz327
Ask and Dare the trolls anything.
pj masks ask and dare by bossbot320
pj masks ask and dareby boss
Hello there you guys can dare the pj masks or the others to do anything or you can just ask them a question and they will tell you truthfully.
Ranting with the Sanses by FKathleen19
Ranting with the Sansesby FKathleen
Like the title said. You can ask thing if you want to either to the Sanses or me. Maybe I will make a bit of shipping here, but still, my usual ship.
Random Book by ItsNotRosemary
Random Bookby dead :[
Hello, and welcome to chaos! This is a book where you can request dare, questions, or challenges. If there isn't any, there will just be random stuff until get more requ...
Ask and Dare (V&7K) by GogglesBabe
Ask and Dare (V&7K)by Hugo
Got any questions for your fave couple? Crazy dares? Reactions?? Ask em here and you'll get em!! The gang from V&7K and RTA will answer and/or do reactions!! Featuring G...
pj masks power heroes ask n dare by bossbot320
pj masks power heroes ask n dareby boss
This is basically a sequel to my ask and dare book but this time this is taking place where the events of season 6 happened with the new heroes and the villains new look...
Ask and dare the multiverse by TheDragonOfBalance
Ask and dare the multiverseby TheDragonOfBalance
Just as the title says. Ask and dare our kidnapped- I mean honored guests as they arrive in a white empty void. Each chapter will have someone new to join in the asks an...
ask and dare shadamy and others by shadamy143
ask and dare shadamy and othersby Emix Writer, Artist
me:hey guys Enika here im making this because I want to and just ask or dare them shadow:you mean what they say we have to follow what they say amy:yes it will awesome s...
Ask / Dare : Yui and the Vampires {Book 1}  by Anime_HOTD50
Ask / Dare : Yui and the Anime_HOTD50
Yui Komori : Ask and Dare me Anything , I'll be happy to do any of your dares and questions !!! Yui Komori : Oh and you can give the Brothers Questions and Dares , if y...
Eeveelution Chaos by Iiiiiiiijjj
Eeveelution Chaosby IJ
One of many eeveelution ask and dare books. Lots of secrets to discover. A unique cast. And crazy reactions to most things. You could ask the group to make a cookie, and...
Ask and Dare Stevinel (Yes I said Stevinel, WHACCHA GONE DO ABOUT IT!)  by katlady1
Ask and Dare Stevinel (Yes I Katlady Klawson
{Completed} Warning: Includes mature things and fucked up stuff Any comments I don't like or any negative ones will be deleted Or I might delete the comment for other re...
Ask or Dare T.O.T.S.! by TorchTorque
Ask or Dare T.O.T.S.!by Stupid With Love
K.C.: Hello, dear readers! *smiles sincerely*Thank you for picking out this book! Pip: K.C., I'm not sure we should do this *scratches his neck* Freddy: Come on, Pipster...
Trolls World Tour Ask and Dares by RVengerOfficial
Trolls World Tour Ask and Daresby The guy who can do things XD
King Trollex and the gang have been asked for a legendary quest! It's not going out though. It's Staying In! Trollex and the gang are gonna do a Ask and Dare thingy. Enj...